Monday, December 22, 2008

Stars and Sprite

This is the treat that we are taking around to all our neighbors. Along with the story that is posted below. If you can't tell the sprite represents the Christmas tree and the starbursts is the tree topper.

The Christmas ornament By Phil and Rose Graves

She sat atop a fragrant Christmas tree decorated with lights, bows and ornaments of all kinds, she felt especially special as she crowned the treetop. The star looked around, could she have cried she would have, for joy wrapped itself around her as she admired her surroundings. She could see outside the front window as frozen flakes began to fall. They decorated the landscape covering it with sparkling white. It was Christmas Eve and she had been watching as the house filled with loved ones.
Relatives! Cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents too, the house filled quickly and more and more gifts were piled underneath the tree. The star glittered and glowed as she watched the love that filled the house. The family gathered together in front of the tree and sang Christmas carols while sipping hot wassail. The star thought it was the most wonderful thing she had seen, warm and inviting in every way. Soon every one drifted off to find their beds and go to sleep.
The crystal star sat atop her perch and watched the snow outside. One by one the houses of the neighborhood turned down their lights and went to sleep.
Christmas morning arrived, dawn crept outside and brilliant light was cast across the freshly fallen snow. The house began to stir. First the star watched as children began to peek around the corner to see the sight of the presents under the tree. Next were the parents, groggy and still tired, excitement evident on their faces as they watched the children’s faces shine in anticipation. The family gathered and gifts were passed around. The star watched thrills of joy crowning her. The gifts were opened and at first the smiles and joy were palpable, but it wasn’t long before cries of joy were replaced by tears of anger. Yells overtook the joy and the poor star watched in dismay as what had started out to be a joyous occasion became a room full of apology and despair. The children were unhappy with what they had received. The grownups were not thrilled with what they had either. Disappointment at their children’s reactions to the gifts they had lovingly picked out. Smiles were replaced with frowns. The joy that had filled the once bright star’s heart was fast retreating. The star now sat atop the Christmas tree no longer glowing, no longer entranced by what had been beauty all around. At last as the family left the room stomping out and frustrated. The poor stars heart broke; at this she shattered into a million dimly glittering pieces, which fell unnoticed to the floor.
My Dear Friends and loved ones, Too often we get carried away with what it is we want to receive or even what it is we want to give to others and we forget that the true purpose of Christmas isn’t about gifts at all. Christmas is about remembering Christ and the love he has for us. The Savior came to earth selflessly with no thought for himself or his own glory. He tenderly suffered all pain and affliction because of his great love for each and every one of us. Is it really too much to ask to give that love back to him and to all mankind. Maybe it is? Perhaps we could start with our families and neighbors, simply loving each other and expecting nothing in return.
Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas this year: The pure love of Christ for all mankind.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


The start of a new year is always exciting. Fresh and full of surprises. Here is a taste of the surprises and excitement we have experienced this past year: )

January: Bear was enrolled in a kiddie gym with his cousin Aiden. They went once a week, it was always Bears favorite thing that he did during the week.

February: We celebrated Bears third Birthday! (has it really been that long, Wow)

March: We purchased our first house! We wasted no time putting in a fence, the grass and flowers come later.

April: We moved into our new house!

Phil and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! I love him so much and I know he loves me! We totally complete each other ;)

June: Our Yard was completly put in and we started our very first garden :D

July: We celebrated Lyons 1st Birthday! We also enjoyed a trip to Indiana and Ohio where we visited family and did some site seeing.

August: We celebrated my birthday :) We also enjoyed watching the olympics, Michael Phelps has become a household name for us. Bear loves to see him on commercials, it always cracks Phil and I up when he starts yelling "Thats Michael Phelps!"

September: My dear Grandmother passed away :( Phil and I left the kids with his parents while we drove out to San diego for her funeral.
On a better note, Phil got a much better job as a Purchasing Agent for USSynthetic. We are so thrilled about this, it has been wonderful and he loves it!

October: I found out that I am pregnant with our third child and she/he is due in June 2009!

November: We celebrated my True Love, Phillilps, Birthday! And we enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family :D

December: The boys have loved playing in the snow! I can't wait to take them sledding even if I only get to watch, just watching their expressions as they zoom down a snowy hill is worth every second in the freezing cold :D
We hope you all have a very merry Christmas, and an adventurous and wonderful year in 2009!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It has been a long time since I have actually looked forward to Thanksgiving dinner. It was about 7 years ago that it started, I went to CA for the holiday and was anticipating an amazing dinner. Well I was very disappointed. Anyone who knows me really well knows that my favorite food is in fact salad. I must have a salad with every meal. That was what my Mom did as I grew up and well I liked it, a lot! My Mother is an excellent cook and I had grown accustomed to eating good and healthy food especially for Thanksgiving. Well the years have past quickly and each year my disappointment grew either from an ill prepared meal made from inexperienced hands or from a lack of a good salad. Not to mention the conversation that should follow dinner, has been less than appealing. Well this year dinner was planned to be with my family. We had all of my brothers and sisters except one and we had my cousin and her family and one of my aunties. It was a full house and it was wonderful! We all participated in making the food, I brought the salad :D My brother in law made the turkey. He makes some good food, I'll tell you that. The Turkey was amazing, cooked to perfection. My cousin brought the cranberry sauce, it was delectable. I have never had good cranberry sauce until then. The mashed potatoes and stuffing were also amazing thanks to my sister and her husband again. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again! The conversations had after dinner were also fun and memorable just the way I like it. My only regret is that I didn't get seconds, I was so full so fast and then the food was gone and I was out of luck :( Oh well I enjoyed it while it lasted and hope for perfect Thanksgivings to be thankful for in the future.