Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And Bear says...

We were watching the princess and the frog.
At the very end when the blond girl (Charlotte) is trying to decide to kiss the frog or not, her hair is pulled back into a huge puff.

Bear noticed, He said,
"Is she wearing a bump-it or something?"


What is the deal with being jealous?
I don't get it.
Somebody tells you they have something really exciting going on and our first reaction is to say,
"I'm so jealous!"
And it seems like its what that person wants to hear.

Alright I'm sure this isn't true for everyone.
I have in the past enjoyed telling others of my fortunes and then reveling in their jealousy, but that was when I was a stupid and selfish teenager. I've grown up a lot since then, and now I feel really bad when people tell me they are jealous of something I'm doing or have. I feel like I need to apologize for something I have worked really hard for or have simply had the fortune of receiving. Like there needs to be some excuse.
Then to make matters worse I tell people I am jealous of their good news.
I don't really feel jealous, usually I am really excited that they have such an exciting whatever happening, and yet I feel the need to tell them I am jealous.

Well, enough!
No more!

I'm not going to do it anymore. It feels wrong to say and I don't like saying it.

Jealous is very much the wrong word

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And Bear says...

"Mom, is there going to be sun on Sunday?"


I have a problem.
Its called, "I can't wake up!"
I love being awake in the early morning hours. I love the alone time, I love that my kids should be asleep for a few hours while I sit and read blogs, exercise, sit and enjoy a good book, all without them pulling me in all different directions begging me to do everything for them. Its just not the same at night. After the kids are in bed, I like to get ready to go to bed myself. It takes me so long to unwind and relax enough to fall asleep that if I don't start early I will be up, unable to sleep all night.
So what is my problem?
When it comes morning time, I can't wake up!!!
I really prefer to wake-up at 4:30 AM, that is when Phil wakes up.
If he can do it, I ought to be able to do it, but unless Phil drags me out of bed and turns a cold shower on me (he has never done that by the way) there is no waking me up.
I've tried planning on a later in the morning hour. Like 6 AM, but I still can't seem to drag myself out of bed.
Why is this so hard for me?
I have the want, I have the need, so why not!!!
Phil says that most people can't wake-up that early and so I shouldn't feel bad. But I do feel bad, I feel frustrated, I feel like so what if most people can't, I want to be the one that CAN!
There is really no excuse, none whatsoever.
And I am left with the problem of "I can't wake-up!"

Monday, March 29, 2010

And Bear Says...

"Mom, amn't I going to paint now?"

Lol, I just love that he said "amn't" instead of aren't ;D

Lyon, go to bed!

This is Lyon.
This is what he is saying,
Lyon:Mom, Mom, MooooooM!
Me: What!
Lyon: Can I take a picture of you?
Me:No! Go to bed!

He took a picture anyway, this is how it turned out.
A close up of my blurry face.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Waiting for the food at Smashburger.

No Bear is not drinking Smashburger fry sauce ;D
(Although it was good enough to)

How I managed to fit in a picture before gobbling down my Smashburger
I simply don't remember,
But that burger was heavenly!
And those Smashburger rosemary olive oil french fries...
Remember that part on When Harry met Sally...
Harry and Sally are in a restaurant...
Oh Yes!!!
The fries are orgasmic!

Napkins are optional, because once you start,
you won't want to stop to wipe your hands and face.
Its just plain ole' good food!
Food that cry's out to you:
Eat Me!

I wasn't paid to write this, I wasn't given free food.
Phil dragged me there one Saturday afternoon for lunch.
Yes dragged.
I didn't want to go.
I am not really a burger person.
Unless it is the burger that Phil and I make at home.
Oh I am so glad Phil dragged me there.
Now I want to go every chance we can!
Its that good!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

And Rose says...

I was reading a book and realized the story was very similar to another that I had written my self. I was a little frustrated about this, but then remembering the author of the book was a really talented writer I decided:

"This could be a good thing because maybe, just maybe great minds think alike. And if this author has a great mind then maybe mine is great too!"

Is nothing sacred?

Easter is coming up, so I recently bought a few things like Easter buckets and candy for my kids for Easter morning. Well, I hid them in my closet thinking the boys wouldn't see them. Unfortunaley it didn't take them long to find what I had hidden.
I noticed it was really quiet and went looking for Bear and Lyon, I found them in my closet eating the jelly beans. When they saw me, Lyon held up the Easter toy I got for Fenix and said,
"Look this is a present for Sissy!"
I guess my closet is NOT the ideal hiding spot.

After this I am left wondering if they will be as convinced of the Easter Bunny,
seeing as they found what the Easter Bunny is supposed to be bringing on Easter Sunday....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

And Lyon says...

After I scolded my boys for taking their clothes off their hangers
Lyon says to me,
"Mom, I sorry for pulling my clothes off the hangs"

Toll Booth Exact Coin (posted by Phil;)

Remember THIS post? Well,
At another toll booth we knew the toll was $1 we had it so we went to the "Exact Coin" lane were, to our surprise there was nothing to take our dollar there was just a basket contraption for coins.

(google image)

We sat there for quite some time debating the situation, fold the dollar, give the three quarters we had, what to do, what to do. So we decided what can we do, and we drove on through.

Well a little over a month later what shows up in our mail but a notice from the Car Rental Agency saying we had been charged $11.
$1 for the toll and $10 for an administration fee. So the moral of the story, come prepared with plenty of coins and bills for paying tolls while on vacation.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Bear Says...

All of you Latter-Day Saints will really be able to appreciate this one,

"Mom, do [LDS] missionaries have guns?"

Lol! No!

Apple sauce

One of my boys (AKA Bear)
got himself some applesauce.
He took one bite and left it on a small table
within Fenix's reach.
Like a moth to a flame I tell you.
One minute she was on the other side of the house,
I turned around once and there she was
in all her glory
spoon feeding the floor,
her legs,
and her mouth.
Well of course I grabbed my camera!
Seriously look how cute she is...

Sadly she tried to pull herself up to standing and I snapped this picture just as she slipped on the applesauce.
Poor thing.
I will give her credit for shaking it off and resuming trying to eat the applesauce.
Though by then I'd put my camera down

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Lyon says...

He comes up behind me and starts tapping me on the shoulder.
I turn around and ask him "What?"
He says,
"Mom, I like bugs.."


Well yesterday did not get better.
I thought it might.
I was able to fit in a shower and a workout without the kids flying in to temper tantrums.
I was in such a good mood because of this that I decided that I would take the kids to the park.
It was nice and sunny outside and we hadn't been to the park in a long time so why not.
Well, I quickly remembered why not.
I suppose its possible I am a glutton for punishment, but what can I do....
The park is located nearly a mile from my house. An easy walk for me alone, but with three kids well it took us 45 minutes. Bear wanted to ride his scooter, so naturally so did Lyon. I strapped on their helmets got Fenix set up in her stroller and we were off. I tried so hard to be patient. I really did, but when Lyon stopped for the hundredth time to get a closer look at a rock or a stick it was all I could do not to fly into a temper tantrum myself. Poor Lyon just wants to explore. He had a hard time steering his scooter and went at the slowest crawl possible. Somehow we managed to make it to the park. Only to find some huge strange dog running around ownerless. At that point I was ready to start bawling. I didn't. Instead I sat down and told Lyon over and over again to please not chase after the dog. It was a strange dog after all who knows what it was capable of. I don't know if it was a "nice" dog, but any dog without an owner says to me, "I must not be nice".
Anyway we finally headed home. Unfortunately I chose the worst possible time to do so. The way home passes an elementary school. School had just gotten out as we headed past it. The swarm of cars, kids, kids on bikes, kids on scooters, kids on skateboards was overwhelming to say the least. Bear got way ahead of me, while I alternately pulled Lyon on his scooter and carried his scooter while he walked beside me. It took us an eternity to get home. But we did manage to do so unscathed.
Of course, Sissy Fenix cried the whole walk home and when I got her out of her stroller I realized why. She was completely soaked, poor baby. So I took her soaked jammy and diaper off and let her crawl around naked for a few minutes to "air out" I thought I'd just check my email real quick. As I sat entranced by my computer I was content letting the horror of our trip to the park fade into the past, only to be shaken from my reverie by a big wet fart. Not mine, oh no, somewhere down below me. I glanced up, and mind you I'd only been on the computer for five minutes, and then looked down and there sat Fenix, in a puddle of poop. The day was apparently bound to be a poopy one. (At least the puddle was on my kitchen floor and not the carpet) Not only was she sitting in this puddle of poop she was playing in it. It was all over a cup that she had and all over her arms. And on top of that she began to be curious as to the nature of this wet stuff around her and started dipping her finger in it. Luckily I stopped her before it ended up in her mouth. I Cried out to Bear to please go get the wipes, while I picked up Fenix and moved her out of the puddle. I set her on another spot on my kitchen floor where she tried to crawl from to have a better view of her puddle. I was trying to clean up the puddle while she crawled around the kitchen leaving butt prints of poo along the way. Now there is something that I never thought I'd be talking about, poopy butt prints.

Oh dear, the adventure continues, what will happen next......

I must say that as I write this this morning I am laughing very hard, so no worries all is well ;D

Monday, March 22, 2010

And Bear Says...

"Mom, I want to be a writer when I grow up."

Monday mournings

Its Monday morning.
Eight AM.
Its already started out to be a crappy day.
I am really really hoping that from this point on, this day will go forward awesomely.
I woke-up to one little boy asking if it was alright if he could get in the shower because he had an accident last night (he peed his bed). I told him to go ahead. The next thing I knew my second little boy was by my bed side yelling at me. I couldn't understand what he was saying. So in my half asleep state I tried to guess what he needed, every guess was wrong, and every guess made my little boy madder. He yelled and cried, and screamed.
Yes, this is exactly the way that I want to wake-up in the morning. Already being told that I am a bad Mom, not good enough, and already feeling guilty for not waking up before my kids did. If I had I would have been prepared for this onslaught of "Momomomomomomomomomomomom, MOOOOOOM!"
As it was I was completely caught off guard.
When I finally figured out what my little boy wanted it was too late. He needed to go to the bathroom, but the other little boy was already in there. In his yelling at me angry state the little boy pooped his pants and was thoroughly upset about it. So I put him in my shower. So both boys were taking showers. It took five minutes for all the hot water to be gone. All because we didn't turn our water heaters temp up high enough when we got home from our vacation in Florida. So there stood my little boy shiver shaking, freezing cold, and with poop still running down his legs.
Moral of this story:
-Wake-up before your kids and you will have a better day.
-Ingrain in your child's head that there are two bathrooms (if there are multiple bathrooms in your house, if not I feel for that, I grew up in a one bathroom house) and that if someone is in one then they should use the other.
-Make sure your water heater is turned up high enough that you don't run out of hot water ten minutes after turning it on, or five minutes after two people have turned it on.

PS-I received an award from this lovely lady's blog last week and I wanted to say thank you very much ;D

Rose (me) and Lyon

I actually found a picture of me with one of my kids (Lyon)
How awesomely cute are we ;D

BWS tips button

Go link up ;D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Toll booth

If you are from Utah like I am, you don't encounter a lot of toll booths in your day to day driving.

But if your are from an area where toll booths are common place, well....

While visiting Florida driving on the local highways and biways, we encountered many toll booths. Its a bit annoying. I can't imagine having to always be sure that I have enough money for toll booths. Can you imagine having to say,
"Whoops,I don't have money for the toll booths so..."


At one toll booth we had our money all ready to pay, but the toll booth guy told us the car in front of us had paid our toll. It wasn't until we drove away in a bit of shock that we realized that we should have paid for the car behind us. How awesome would it have been to pay for the car behind you, and them paying for the car behind them, and so on.... I think that would have been awesome, but we didn't think of it fast enough. (maybe that was what the person ahead of us had in mind and we went and ruined it) Oh well, next time we travel we will be sure to pay for the car behind us when we come to a toll. We could use more simple anonymous kindness in the world, don't you think ;D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

And Lyon says...

This was all said in a matter of minutes. I had a hard time keeping up with what he was saying. And this is really how he said it, lol!

"Mom, what dis here for,
Mom, I like dis,
Mom, Taytay's guy did,
Mom, I need sit on couch now,
Mom, we going to Monday,
Mom, which one is Bear's gog [dog]?
Mom, Mom!
After we go in food so we can get Bear's gog.....
And where's my gog?
And I will get my gog too."

That's where it went...

A while back I bought some elastic from the fabric store so I could make some head bands for Fenix. I left it at the foot of my bed for a while not having the time to work on the craft. Finally I was ready to get to work on it, I went into my room to get the elastic and couldn't find it. I was really frustrated thinking that I must have moved it and forgotten. I looked everywhere I could think that I might have put it and couldn't find it. Finally I gave up and figured it would turn up eventually.
Well a month or so passed and I had all but forgotten about the elastic. That is until I went out into my yard to pick up a few toys the boys had left outside that I didn't want to get lost in the recent snow that was falling.
Well, I found more than just a few toys. I found that darned elastic. Though to my boys it was a rope tied to their fort.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And Bear says...

"Mom, I really think you're going to have another baby, and its going to be a boy."

Luck o'the Irish

I'm not worried about wearing green today.
I carry my own green luck with me in the palm of my hand.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Lyon says...

Having noticed Mac-enzy sitting on the counter, and noticing the display on her screen.

Lyon exclaims,
"Mom, that out a space! That MY out a space!"

Having three little ones (not twins or triplets)...

Its funny because I have had several people ask me how it is with three kids, in the last two weeks. I thought I ought to make a blog post on the subject.
Note that my kids are 5, almost 3, and 9 months. The below details what I have found to be true with my own kids.

Okay so here goes, no holding back:

Three kids is immeasurably harder than two! You have your first baby and you think its hard until you have your second and you realize that NOW its hard. Then just when you think you have it all figured out you have your third and suddenly life as you know it ends.
With two you at least have two hands to hold each with, with three your arms are already full with the baby so you just hope and pray that the first two will listen to you and for the love of life hold onto your pockets and not let go when you cross the street!

Of course if your kids are older than mine were when your baby is born it is possible that that could make things easier. A five year old is probably capable of getting you things if you are stuck on the couch nursing the baby, or realize too late that you need a wipe after you've already taken off baby's poopy diaper and are stuck holding legs and arms out of the mess and cannot reach a wipe. A three year old would probably want to be a little mama/papa and try to nurse (yep my sons did try to nurse my baby) and cuddle with baby, possibly keeping them from trying to act like a baby themself (my 2 yo still acted like a baby he would start blah blah blahing and whaaa whaaa whaaaing, and still does). A five year old is probably old enough to carry your diaper bag when you forget to grab it before picking up the baby in the car seat. And a three year old can probably put baby's pacifier in baby's mouth when it falls out while you are driving and can't do a thing about it.
So maybe having three will just give the older two something to do and you'll just have to referee ;D But then again I could be wrong. There could be more than just the helpfulness....
They could resent the baby for taking all your time and energy. They could gather around you telling you to put down the baby and play with THEM! They could show no mercy for the lack of sleep you've gotten and come bouncing wide awake into your room to wake you up. They may entertain themselves when they are bored by teasing the baby, giving baby choking hazards, carry baby around the house dropping him/her along the way. They could wake baby up from a much needed nap, taking away your much needed break.
At some point you may go stark raving mad and decide you are leaving and never coming back only to change your mind when you think, "but if I'm gone who will feed the baby?"
Yes, I will admit that this has happened to me a few times.

And don't even get me started on how much harder it gets when you get sick and still have to tend to three children rather than stay in bed all day trying to get better. Of course you can't really do that anyway if you have kids, but you can't ask a baby to just watch some TV so you can rest.

So that in a nutshell, is what its like to have three little ones (not twins or triplets I am certain that would be much harder) Still, having 3 is so so so so hard, but I don't regret it for a second, I love each of my children and can't imagine life without them. They are each unique and precious in their own way. They each love each other and are each a strength to one another. This is as much true of two as it is three and four and five.......

Monday, March 15, 2010

And Bear says...

Bear: Huh Mom, cowboys go and gold find.
Bear:Mom, why do cowboys gold find?

Ahem...building guns....

I hate guns.
Hate them hate them hate them!!!!
My boys are boys.
They want to play with guns.
They want to play "cowboys" with guns.
They have an uncle with his air-soft gun (I don't really know if that's what its called)
This uncle will let my 5 year old shoot the air-soft gun up in the air as long as he doesn't tell his Mom (Me).
Well young uncle he told.........
And what has this done to my 5 year old? Its made him think guns are just that much cooler :(
I'm not happy about it.
At all.
I hate guns!
I don't like what they represent, which to me is killing.
Some people see protection, some see hunting animals.
I see killing.
And it makes me sick.

Now having said that, I must admit that today I helped my boys make cardboard guns.
Bear was practically bawling because he wanted to play "cowboy" but he doesn't have a gun like his cousins. He wanted to look in my closet for something he could use to make a gun with creatively (I told him to use his imagination and pretend something was a gun and be creative).

I hate guns!!!!

But do I really want to make a huge issue of this with my kids and absolutely forbid them to play "cowboys" with guns. Wouldn't that just make guns that much more intriguing for them. I decided it probably would and because I will never buy them a real toy cowboy or sheriff gun I decided a cardboard pretend gun would be alright. We got creative and cut them out with a few set backs here and there. I had a hard time figuring out just the right shape. Then after I cut them out I let the boys color them. It didn't take long for them to start with the sound effects, but it only lasted a few minutes before they lost interest.
I am willing to bet that had I refused to even let them pretend to play "cowboys" with guns they would have carried on about it all day long.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

WARNING, this post talks about female anatomy, you've been warned!!!!!

So the other day I was blog hopping, and I came across THIS blog,
with THIS post.
With THIS link.
I went and read the article.
(you should too, read the WHOLE thing)
And may I say,
Good Grief!!!
Ladies, why would you ever?
Messing with your breasts I can understand.
But a Vagina!!!!
Maybe if it was medically necessary,
But when is it EVER medically necessary to bleach your vagina?!!!

You do know that the people who come up with the idea that vaginas are ugly and smell bad are straight women and gay men, or someone looking to make a buck on your insecurity.

Fortunately, intelligently smart straight women don't buy it.

'nuff said.

Friday, March 12, 2010

And Lyon says...

"Mom, I don't like my booooogers."

A real Snow Family

(from left to right:snow Sissy,snow Lyon, snow Bear, snow Me, snow Phil)

(Bear and snowbear)
It snowed a good amount of snow. I decided, since we probably wouldn't get another chance, that we needed to go outside and build snowmen. (seeing as we haven't yet this winter) The snow was perfect for building snowmen. We finished a whole family of snowmen and a snow fort before any of the boys started crying that they were cold. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And Bear says...

Bear: Mom are eggs healthy?
Me: Yeah.
Bear: But they are healthier if you eat rawton [raw] eggs with the shell.
Me: Who told you that?
Bear: You know The Beauty and the Beast movie, that guy who's the bad guy.
Me: Lol!

Did ya know...

I have a problem.
I don't get out very often, and when I do I rarely have to fill up the cars gas tank. Seriously, I maybe have to do this a couple times a year at the most. So those rare occasions that the task of filling the gas tank is upon me I have a tendency to forget which side of the car the gas pump needs to be on. In this day and age a lot of fuel stations (like Costco and Sams club) have made it possible to pull the pump across to the other side of your car should you have pulled in with the tank on the other side of your car.
Personally I prefer to have the tank on the same side as the pump. It just makes life that much easier, but if I can't remember which side the tank is on its pretty much hit and miss.
Until now....
Not too long ago I had the car and my husband asked me to fill the tank. I groaned out loud when I pulled up to the gas station, and because I had one of my brothers with me I explained to him how I hated trying to figure out which side of the car the fuel tank is on.
He being the car expert that he is pointed out a small arrow that is next to the fuel gage on the dashboard. He explained that that arrow tells you which side of the car the fuel tank is on.

(can you see the arrow next to the picture of the fuel pump)

So now I'll always know.
Genius, pure genius!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And Bear says...

"Huh Mom, all predadators [predators] are dangerous. Like turtles with their snappy things will snap your finger off."

What a good Dad! :D

Spider Bear, Spider Bear....

The villain has stolen the Princesses puppy Pluto.

Spider Bear to the rescue!

Stop Villain!
Surrender the puppy to the Princess!

Ha, ha, Spider Bear is victorious once again!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And Bear says...

I was talking to Bears Grandpa on the phone, hanging up I said,
"K, we'll talk to you later."
Bear turns to me and says,
"Will we really talk to him later?"

Adell meet Mac-enzy ;D

I am in heaven.....
Or at least pretty darned close ;D
Yesterday my new friend arrived, her name is Mac-enzy.
She is gorgeous.
I can tell we are at the beginning of an incredible friendship.
But before I go on too long about how great Mac-enzy is let me introduce you to Adell.

This is Adell.

She is old.
I think the image of a turtle on her front is appropriate.
She has far surpassed any expected lifespan.
Honestly she is probably 150 computer years old.
I'm pretty certain she has been exhibiting signs of senility for a while now.
She can't seem to remember most of what I tell her and she is very, very, very slow to act when I give her instructions on what to do next.

Now that you've met Adell, let me introduce you to

This is Mac-enzy.

Isn't she a beauty.
She is fast, smart as can be, enormous, and unbelievably capable.
She picks up very quickly on what it is I want done and is able to carry out
all tasks without problem.
She doesn't take my time or my energy.
And I don't take my frustration out on her.

Mac-enzy meet Adell.

I hate to say it,
But Mac-enzy is way better then Adell.
But Adell will forever be my first.
We'll always have at least that. ;D

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you a wasterooooo.....

There is no telling how long the water was on for.
I go in the bathroom and there is the sink filled to the brink with hot water.
The water was still running, only kept from spilling over the side of the sink, and flooding the bathroom because of that overflow drain that most sinks have, and its no wonder why.

Why was the water on in the first place?


His name is Bear and

Is his car
it drowned in the water
because my silly little boy needed to wash it.

I'll give him credit for his creative way of drying said drowned car.

Friday, March 5, 2010


In case you didn't know Fenix is my third child.
Anyone who has at least three children knows how difficult this can be.
That being said I must tell you,
Bear has been an amazing help.
He gets me diapers when I am changing Fenix, goes to find her when I am busy with Lyon and need to be sure she is okay.
He entertains her while I cook, clean, etc...
He gets her toys, and gives her Cheerios.
He is a fantastic big brother.
Now that being said I must say,
sometimes his "help" just plain cracks me up.
One day I asked him if he could please get me some clothes for Sissy Fenix.
This is what he brought me:

A skirt,
and shoes that are too big for her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunshine :D

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day......"
"Sunshine on my shoulder's makes me happy..."
"I'm gonna soak up the sun..."

When I was pregnant with Lyon I was attending school (college), I miss school.
Anyway, I always had to bring a snack just to make it through the few hours I spent on campus. I liked to go outside on nice days between classes and sit in the sunshine while eating an apple. It was sometimes the best part of my day. I was usually extremely stressed out being home tending to kids all day, so to be able to escape to school was heaven. And then made even better when I found time to enjoy the sunshine. Sometimes I find myself longing for those days........... But we gotta keep moving forward so......
Its getting to be that time of year where I long for the sun, don't we all, I am starting to wish I lived in a tropical location. Even though I just got back from Florida, to be frank I am glad I don't live there, far too moist.
But still sunshine, I miss you.
When warm sunshiny days return, I will wholeheartedly
embrace them with a bright sunny smile. :D

There is a hidden sunshine video above ... did you find it ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lyon's Yellow Crayon

Mom will you put dis [yellow crayon] on ma ear?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pants from the D.I. (Deseret Industries)

I've only one pair of pants that I feel comfortable wearing, and they are maternity pants.
I love them.
Best maternity pants EVER!
There is one problem. I am not pregnant, so....
I am passing them on to my sister who is pregnant and in desperate need of pants. How can I deny her the best maternity pants EVER!? Plus I love her and want to share.
But this act of Charity will deprive me of my only pair of pants [that fit]
I decided a trip to the D.I. (Deseret Industries) was necessary. So last Saturday morning I hitched up the not so old pontiac and headed on out to the D.I.
It took me only a few minutes of shuffling through racks of jeans to find three pairs of pants. I took them to the dressing room. I tried the first pair and was shocked at how well they fit me. They may have been made specifically for me. The next two pair were the same thing. They are PERFECT. They have been broken in all ready. I am sure that at one point they were each their previous owners favorite pants. They are each comfortable, pretty, and well made.
And dang I look hot in them! [so says my husband]
I have never found a pair of brand new pants that I love like I love these.
(except the above noted maternity pants)
And the best part, I only paid $22.00 for them all together and they are all name brand. :D
Thank goodness for D.I. (Deseret industries)

Monday, March 1, 2010

And Rose says...

"The last place you look for something will always be where you find it.
I mean why would you keep looking for something that you've already found."

From Womb to Rose G.

Deep breath in and now release
The moment is coming fast
The tension is high about to take flight
But the moment has not yet passed

The months of strength have lasted so long
And they've reached their end
The end of that, the beginning of this
A new long journey to tend

It gathers around and clothes you in hope
And now tears roll down your cheek
You've waited so long and struggled so much
Emotions have reached their peak

Though held in place unable to move you are
So close, so close, not so far
You are being held in careful hands
He lovingly keeps an eye on your star

Your heart beats faster with a boom, boom, boom

But hush.....
An infant cry fills the room

Congratulations on your darling baby girl, may she fill your world with sunshine and warmth.