Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adell meet Mac-enzy ;D

I am in heaven.....
Or at least pretty darned close ;D
Yesterday my new friend arrived, her name is Mac-enzy.
She is gorgeous.
I can tell we are at the beginning of an incredible friendship.
But before I go on too long about how great Mac-enzy is let me introduce you to Adell.

This is Adell.

She is old.
I think the image of a turtle on her front is appropriate.
She has far surpassed any expected lifespan.
Honestly she is probably 150 computer years old.
I'm pretty certain she has been exhibiting signs of senility for a while now.
She can't seem to remember most of what I tell her and she is very, very, very slow to act when I give her instructions on what to do next.

Now that you've met Adell, let me introduce you to

This is Mac-enzy.

Isn't she a beauty.
She is fast, smart as can be, enormous, and unbelievably capable.
She picks up very quickly on what it is I want done and is able to carry out
all tasks without problem.
She doesn't take my time or my energy.
And I don't take my frustration out on her.

Mac-enzy meet Adell.

I hate to say it,
But Mac-enzy is way better then Adell.
But Adell will forever be my first.
We'll always have at least that. ;D


The Boob Nazi said...

Sigh. I want a new computer!

blueviolet said...

I'm so incredibly JEALOUS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My netbook is named Baby Blue! I told Gary I want a blue Jetta so I can call it Mama Blue.

Stopping by from SITS.

Julie said...

Hilarious! I want a Mac. I'm jealous. I guess Compaq-ueena is going to have to do for now!