Monday, February 28, 2011

Scooby-doo birthday party

Last week we celebrated Bear's 6th birthday!
We had a HUGE party with all his friends.
A Scooby-doo birthday party
For two hours my house was packed with 29 (+/-) kids.
And a couple of parents too :D

Superman was gone picking up pizza for the first 15 minutes that kids were arriving.
That was a little overwhelming for me.
I was trying to answer the door, make name tags, and keep an eye on the kids that were already there.

I am so grateful that there were a few parents that stuck around to help out.
Supermans Uncle and Auntie, and my friend Emily.
Moral support, extra authority figures, and hands.
Made the whole party go that much smoother :D

The kids ate pizza, made masks, watched Scooby-doo goes to hollywood, 
opened presents, and had donuts.
Shaggy even showed up!
All within two hours.

That is what Bear said,
and I hope his friends thought so too.

In two years we'll do it all again.
That'll give me just enough time to recuperate.

And hopefully next time I'll remember to do my hair and make-up.
Lol, it wasn't until half way through Bear's party that I realized I had forgotten.
I hope I didn't look too scary......


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bear will laugh really hard over this someday....

For now I am laughing, lol!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And Bear does...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All in all...

So my engagement story, 
At least I think so anyway.

I'd rather tell that story over my wedding story every time.

Of course only the first main part about it,
everything else is just in the past and really doesn't matter.

I love my family and my in law family.
That is why it is easy for them to offend me and to make me mad.
The important thing is that I get over it really fast,
even though sometimes it isn't fast enough,
and sometimes it's not quite before I say something I regret.

Just the same, I hope they know I love them!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

And Lyon says...

We'd eaten dinner, Lyon didn't want it.
I can't say as I blame him, it was leftover tai food,
and to be honest I didn't really want to share.
So he and Bear had toast, that is what they said they wanted.
Fenix ate the tai food.

Later that night Lyon was wanting a snack,
he wanted an apple.
Superman asked me to cut it into pieces,
so I washed it and was going to cut it when Lyon grabbed it and ran off with it.
Stopping only at the top of the stairs to look at Superman and I and say,
"Ha ha ha, suckers!!!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

The story continues...

Most stories get better and better, this one doesn't.

We all know that one of the first steps after getting engaged is to tell the people you love the good news.
Generally the people you love will share in your joy, unless of course they believe you are making 
a huge mistake.

As it happens Phil and I were not making a huge mistake in getting married,
we were making a huge mistake in not eloping immediately.

I do not recall the telling of my family very clearly.
I think I basically told the members of my family casually and individually as I saw them.
I think that had we all been together there would have been some kind of standing ovation.
Like when I announced to my family that I was pregnant the first time.
(Or maybe that was when I told my Mom I was engaged....)
Yes, nearly a standing ovation with applause and everything!!!
My Dad told me,
"Oh, don't get married!"
You did Dad, don't deny it!
But as the father of the bride he was the only one who can get away with saying that.

Phil's family on the other hand....

(Now Graves family please DO NOT take this in the wrong way.)
....absolutely suck at receiving good news.

We gathered you all together, 
so lost in our bliss we hardly noticed your skeptical frowns at first.
It didn't take me long, it took Phil longer.

I started to notice that no one was smiling,
no one looked excited,
no one even jumped or whooped for joy.

I don't know why.
Perhaps because you didn't know me well.

Perhaps because Phil is the oldest and the first.
Inexperience being the culprit.

Whatever the case, as Phil told our story and the only comment was,
 Nate's asking if the diamond was even real (It is.),

I hid my face, holding back my tears.
I was so horrified, wondering what kind of family I was marrying in to.
(Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorrry, sorry.  It is just part of the true story!)

When we left, Phil and I were both heartbroken.
Why we didn't plan for our own private wedding then and there I don't really know....
Phil came home with me to my apartment, he slept on my couch that night.
He wasn't about to go home to his uncaring mean family.

You have to understand that an engagement is very big news,
much like the news of a first grand baby.
It calls for celebration,

We got nothing.

Once upon a time
we got married.

We were young
and far to harried.

Being the love
of each others lives.

We ignored the wounds,
 you cut with your knives.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So there we were...

So there we were, Phil had proposed marriage, and I had accepted.
Fast forward to that evening.
Well by the time we finished flying around the heavens it was evening.
And getting later by the second, as is usually the case...

I had pretty much lost the opportunity to look hot on our date and settled for putting in contacts, 
and changing my clothes.

We then raced down to Springville hoping to catch Phil's mom before she left for work.
We missed her, tried to catch up with her before she went into work and missed her again.

So we gave up on sharing the news and headed up to the basketball game.
Michael Jordan, thousands of screaming fans, and a whole lot of awkward proposals 
on the basketball court at half time (strangers) later,
and we were heading to a movie.
Pictures of pictures, yeah they suck and they are reversed notice Michaels number 23.

Phil's work had given him tickets to see Daredevil at the Jordan Commons theatre,
so we decided it would be fun to go seeing as it didn't start until after the game was over.
Not long after though.

We raced from the then Delta Center to Jordan Commons only stopping at a Taco Bell,
(It was Taco Bell wasn't it?)
for dinner, which we ate in the theatre.

Taco Bell.
After that glorious proposal?
Yeah, I didn't care.
Food was food.

We ate our food enjoyed the movie and relaxed.
Our spirits were high and happy,
they wouldn't stay that way.

Though tomorrow will tell why....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not only was he creative and romantic, he was smart about it too.

The man knew to bring a camera.
Important moment to record? 
He thought so.


If he asked me again today after all we've been through and knowing each other better than we did then,
I would still say yes.
I hope he would still ask me......
and be every bit as romantic as he was the first time.

I love you Phil :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best story EVER!!!

Eight years ago I was 19 years old.
I was living in my own apartment.
I was working at the Hogi Yogi,
"taste it love it crave it"....
I was attending my first semester of college.
I had a very sweet boyfriend.

It happened to be a bright and sunny day that day,
just like today.

My then boyfriend Phil had made plans for us to go to a Jazz basketball game that night.
The Jazz would be playing the Wizards, 
Michael Jordan would be playing and it would be his last time to play the Jazz.
I was excited to have a chance to watch this master of the game play.

Because I didn't own a car and the Hogi Yogi was located around 5 miles from my apartment
my darling dearest took me to work and then planned to give me a ride home.
He wasn't working that day and told me he had plans to go and have his car brakes looked at.

I told him to pick me up at two o'clock.
Fortunately (for him) at some point during my shift my boss told me I was actually to work until three o'clock.

I grabbed the phone and called Phil as soon as I heard, which was not long before two o'clock.
I asked him where he was, he said he was still in Springville.
I breathed a sigh of relief, good he wouldn't have to wait an hour for me.
I told him to wait until three to pick me up, 
I told him he'd need to take me straight home so I could shower, change, and do my hair and makeup.
You know, so I looked good for our date.

At right about three o'clock Phil pulled up, instead of waiting in his car he came in to wash his hands.
Surly dirty from working on his brakes.
"Did you get your brakes figured out?" I asked.
"I looked at them." he left it at that.
Later I found out that what he meant was that he had looked at the brake pedal so as not to be lying.

We headed south toward my apartment, though Phil took the freeway which I thought was a little odd.
We approached the freeway exit to my apartment and Phil passed it.
I thought maybe he was just distracted,
"Oh!  You missed it," I said, "well, just take the next one."
But he passed that one too.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see."

The man got off on the least likely exit,
an exit to nowhere basically.
We drove out to the middle of huge fields and nothingness near the shores of the local lake.

I had no idea what we were doing, I thought maybe he was going to propose, maybe he'd get down on his knees in the middle of  a field and tell me he'd give me the whole world. 
(while motioning to the surrounding mountains, earth, and sky) 
Or something equally as cheesy.
I really thought that!

Much to my surprise he didn't.
Instead he pulled into a small local airport.

I was like, what are we doing???
My sister called me right about that time and asked what I was up to.
I told her I wasn't sure what was going on, that Phil had taken me to an airport and that I had to go.
She squealed in delight, saying something about how 
she knew what he was planning, and then we hung up.
With me wondering what on earth she was on about.

My sweet darling led me out of the car and up to a young man who was a friend of his and who would be our pilot on a very small airplane.
I think it was a four seater.....

We climbed aboard and readied ourselves for take off.

I loved every single second.

I thought it was the best Valentines day surprise ever!

Up in the sky
flying through the icy air
the sun shining down on us.

It was glorious.

As we flew around I gazed excitedly out the window.
Like a little kid looking through a display at a candy store.
I was in heaven.

Not long into our flight I heard the pilot say something.
We were all wearing these giant head sets so we could actually hear each other.

I looked up at him and noticed he was motioning for us to look out the window on "that" side.
I glanced over unsure what I would see,
there far below us in a brown and barren field were...
Large white block letters covered the field in a message.


it said.

I gasped!
Looking out all of the other windows at other planes flying in the area I wondered,
"Ah how sweet, someone did that for someone!"

I glanced over at Phil to see what he thought of this spectacular scene to find him looking at me expectantly saying,
"And Rose says?"

Suddenly it all fell over me, my mind comprehending his meaning.
"Someone" didn't do this for "someone".
Someone did this for ME,
Phil did this for me!!!

I laughed out loud! 

I don't remember if I said anything because to me the answer was so totally yes.
I remember reaching for the box that Phil had pulled out of his pocket,
I knew there would be a ring in it, I didn't know what it would look like.
I grabbed for it and opened it, it was the exact perfect ring I had wanted.
I pulled it out of the box and slipped it on my ring finger, perfect fit.
Such was my excitement it didn't occur to me to let him put it on me as has been tradition.

I am sure I hugged and kissed him and told him yes over and over again,
"Si, Si, me gusta, ME GUSTA!!!"

Of course the story doesn't end there,
stay tuned as the story continues tomorrow.
Even though this has been the best part.....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eat, for the love of food, just EAT!!!

Sometimes my kids are good eaters, 
sometimes they are not.

Right now Fenix is a good eater,
she'll eat just about anything.

Lyon and Bear 
not so much.

I made stir fry.
I love stir fry.
They don't.

I thought it tasted pretty good.....

Lyon tells me rice is his favorite when I tell him I am making some,
but when it comes time to eat it he clearly changes his mind.

I also asked him if he likes broccoli, 
he said that yes he loves "bwokwy".

It must be he loves to look at it, 
because it sat untouched on his plate.

I ate,
Fenix ate,
Superman ate,
Bear all but ran from the table refusing to eat,
and Lyon sat at the table, when he left, his plate was only played in, uneaten.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I can hardly

I am pretty sure this was in the middle of summer.
I look forward to that time of year again....
....As for now, I spent my morning shoveling snow off my driveway....
....And my afternoon swimming at the pool.....
....The indoor pool, but still....

Monday, February 7, 2011

And Lyon says...

It's 5:00PM and Lyon is standing in our front room looking out the window.
I come to sit and stare with him.
As he gazes out the window he says to me with all his child confidence,
"Grandpa is coming over, cause I told him to, 
he is on his way and he'll be here soon.
Yep, any minute........"

Grandpa never said he'd come, and I am pretty sure he isn't on his way, but Lyon is certain he will and is.

He pauses for a few minutes before adding,
"And Stephanie is coming over too."
(Stephanie is his Auntie, Supermans sister)

Poor boy, he's in for a tough lesson on disappointment,
unless of course he ends up being right, or forgets.......
I'm okay with either scenario.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday......

Nearly every morning it is the same thing.
"Mom, can we go to Ben's house?"
That'd be Lyon asking.
I'll tell Lyon,
"No one is at Ben's house."
But he insists that Grandpa is there.
(Ben is Lyon's uncle, Supermans brother, and "Ben's house" is how my children let me know which Grandpa's house they are talking about.)

Nearly every single morning.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday......
Lyon wants to go see Grandpa.
Grandpa is awesome and Lyon wants to play with him.
Because Grandpa will play with him,
while everyone else tells him, "Not now, in a minute, just a second."
Grandpa almost always says,
"Come on Lyon lets play something."

What ever they play Lyon gets a whole lot of attention, 
and he LOVES it!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday......

"Please let's go to Ben's house!"

This morning I couldn't take telling him 50,000 times why we couldn't.

So I asked Lyon if he wanted to call Grandpa and ask him what he was doing.
Lyon wholeheartedly said,

So he calls Grandpa.
Basically, Grandpa tells Lyon that he is off to work.
Lyon says he wants to go to Grandpa's house so Ben can chase him.
Grandpa says he is at work.
Lyon says he is coming over to his house.
Grandpa talks for a few minutes and Lyon stops listening.
He practically hangs up on Grandpa because he says,
"Grandpa isn't home."
Grandpa tells Lyon bye.
Lyon hangs up and for a minute is disappointed.

I'm sad he is disappointed, but relieved that today's situation has been resolved.
My relief lasts only a few seconds because....
A few seconds later....
Lyon says,
"Okay lets go see Grandpa."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mom Craziness...

Well it's a sunny day, Lyon has been begging to ride his bike, and the sidewalks are clear of snow.

That was the reasoning.

Now maybe if we weren't actually trying to go somewhere 
such an adventure would have been fine, fun, stress free.

As it was, not only were we going to get Bear from school, 
we were running late.

It wasn't the calm smiley walk, with Lyon riding blissfully along by my side
while Fenix happily enjoyed sitting in her stroller, 
that I thought it would be.

Naturally Lyon needed to stop at every interesting thing,
and crash in the worst places,
and get ahead of me and turn the wrong way.
While I called out to him (yelled) for him to please wait.
Or to please, GO!
And of course Fenix whined every chance she got, and cried most of the way home.
We were bundled up, we weren't the least bit cold.
and yet we were miserable.

It was Mom Craziness that led me to believe this outing would go smoothly.
It was Mom Craziness that made me forget the stress and pain involved.
It was Mom Craziness that made me think this would be fun.

Mom Craziness leads us to forget the pain and hard ships of pregnancy and childbirth,
and the pain and hard ships of doing just about anything with kids involved.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, and I wouldn't give them up for the world,
but I do wish my Mom Craziness would get out of my way so I can
think more practically.
Good Greif!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Full house...

I was watching Full House.
You know, Full House the TV show.
Fenix was watching Full House with me.

Together we watched as "Michelle" was sad about something,
she hugged "Uncle Jesse's" leg and held on tight with a frown on her face
as "Uncle Jesse" walked out of "Michelle's" room with her sitting on his foot.

You know the way you can do that with little ones.
Well, Fenix had to try this out.
She climbed on my foot and then laughed and laughed as I walked around with her.

It made me wonder how the directors of Full House managed
to keep "Michelle" from smiling or laughing.

Fenix only frowns when I stop.....

Well, it has been quite a while since we saw that episode of Full House,
but Fenix still insists that she ride on my foot around the house.

It may be hard to have kids underfoot, but mines on my foot.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And Rose says...

Today I am thankful for blinds and curtains. 
More specifically, for the blinds in my bedrooms and bathroom 
and for the curtains my new neighbors have covering
 their living room windows. 
 There is just something unsettling about walking into my bedroom 
and feeling like I am walking into some one elses living room, 
I really need to figure out some kind of landscaping outdoor screen. 
Trees, perhaps really tall bushes......
I don't know.... 
So I can comfortably let some light in once in a while.

Yeah, I can totally pull off the mouth guard look.


Today one of my children broke my heart.

I tried to mend it,  

but it just wasn't the same. 

 So I made a new heart.

Stronger, brighter, perhaps even lovelier and sweeter.

That is what is important,
not letting a broken heart be your damaged heart.
When your heart is broken,
make a new one and make it better than the last.
Stronger, brighter, perhaps even lovelier and sweeter.