Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And Lyon says...

"If bad guys come we'll have to turn into super heroes again."
Said completely and totally seriously. While he ate a bowl of cereal for a snack.

"Time is of the essence"

It seems that time is always of the essence.
Action should not be delayed, tasks should be finished when they are supposed to be finished.
One should not be late.

I'm always late.
I'm late to wake up in the morning,
I'm almost late getting Bear to school in the morning.
I'm often late picking him up from school, 
and of course I am late to church nearly every Sunday.

I am not actually trying to be late, 
but it'd be easy to think that.

The problem is the surprises.
Like on Sunday when I am surprised to find that my 
"church bag" is not all ready to go.
In the morning when Lyon comes running into my room screaming in terror,
And then jumps into my bed shaking more than a frozen leaf on a windy day.

This was this morning, he came in so terrified, and so upset I almost believed he really saw a ghost.
I asked him about the ghost, 
"What was it doing?"
"He walked through the wall!"  
He manages to answer through his tears. 
"What did he look like?"
"Like my swimming practice."
"Yeah, but he was this many (holds up ten fingers) colors."
I didn't know what to say to that as I stifled my laughter.

And then the conversation was over because, 

And then of course,
when it's time to go and pick up Bear from school there is usually some disaster to tend to 
just as I am walking out the door.
Some one needs to go to the bathroom,
someone needs different shoes,
someone doesn't want to go.

And the result is usually tardiness,
rushing rushing to avoid being tardy.

And all these surprises, and all the rushing that accompany them,
well it's just plain exhausting.

So give me a break would ya,
the next time I keep you waiting,
because I can probably guarantee I have a good excuse ;D

Monday, March 28, 2011

And Lyon says...

One morning while I am trying to wake Bear up Lyon comes up behind me and says,

"How bout I use my boice (voice)
my boice is like a cuckoo clock, watch."
Now yelling as loud as he can in Bear's ear,

Lol, that didn't get Bear to wake-up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grey's Anatomy...

So there I am watching Grey's Anatomy on my ipad.
(This was last year)
I like the show.
No I don't think Grey's Anatomy is a good show to be watching.
Yes, I think it is a waste of precious time.
And yet.....
I watch Grey's Anatomy.
I'm not perfect, but I am working on it.
Anyway there I am watching some sort of drama unfold when:
Suddenly the show stops and up pops:

Out of the Country

You appear to be outside the United 
States or its territories.  Due to 
international rights agreements, we
only offer this video to viewers
located within the United States and
its territories.



Well first of all I was in my bedroom.
My bedroom is located in Utah.
Pretty sure that is still considered the United States and its territories.
Isn't it?

Maybe it was a sign,
A sign that even technology isn't perfect.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Imagine all the people....

When I married Superman, 
I knew his family came with him.
Because all of his family lived in the same general area
it had been tradition to go and visit each set of grandparents every Sunday. 
We did this faithfully every Sunday for many years.
The last couple of years however,
we've been dwindling in our faithful visiting.
Life has gotten busy
Children have gotten older and rowdier
And we've stopped going.
When such change occurs, 
something usually comes along acting as a reminder of the importance of such things.
In the last little bit, a lot of people have died.
Not just in Japan,
not just around the world,
but right close to the people I know and love.
A friends young husband (28 years old).

Witnessing and knowing this
my life is changed
for the better

Visiting family has again become a priority.
And not just on Sunday.

I imagine there is a heaven
and that it is family's together forever.

And because we love one another
we are living life in peace.

I imagine we all share everything
everyone has what they need.

And because I'm a believer,
believing faithfully......
I know that I'm not a dreamer
because these things will be.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We waited at the park...

      It was a glorious day.
I took my kids to the park.

This boy waited forever for a spin around chair.

This girl waited forever for a swing.                                                                 

And this boy:
Made me wait forever for him to just get down from the edge of the really high pseudo-rock.
(That'd be a wrestling suit he's got on, in case you were wondering.)

It was glorious.

Monday, March 14, 2011

BYU, You Tube, and an ipad 2

On Saturday night we tuned in to watch BYU play SDSU for the third time.
We were excited and hoped for a really good game.
Bear was really into it.
He'd been wearing his basketball clothes all day.
(Though his jersey was a Jazz jersey and not a BYU jersey.)

We have a miniature basketball hoop that he was shooting hoops at while he waited for the game to start and then continued to do so during the commercials.

As excited as he was, 
he was frustrated with BYU from the very beginning.
Because they didn't score the first points,
and because they just couldn't seem to ever catch up.

He started crying with disappointment almost immediately.

I happened to have Supermans ipad 2 and remembering that it has the capability to video,
I took the opportunity to do so.
I probably recorded ten minutes or so in total.
The You Tube video only shows two and a half minutes of that.

Not only did I record with the ipad 2, I also edited using imovie.
I can work with it really well on my computer, but am not yet used to navigating it on the ipad 2.
So I did the best I could.
Which was only okay.
Had I edited on my computer I would have cut my own comments out of the video, lol!

So after I posted the video to You Tube
Superman insisted it was news worthy.
He sent the link to several news stations and people.

In one day we have had over a thousand views of the You Tube video,
that number has now grown to almost 2 thousand!

Alright it's not a million, but still.
2 thousand is a lot!

Although I think the video is soooo funny, I hesitate to tell Bear that he was on the news.
I don't want him to be embarrassed.

Just the same when we watch their next game I am sure BYU will win and I will be sure to get video of Bear excited and cheering instead of crying, lol!

And I'll record it with the ipad 2,
because he doesn't realize that I am recording him.
Lol, on Saturday he thought I was just playing around on it.
That is why he looks at it and asks to play angry birds.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


If BYU had pulled through to win I never would post this video.

My motto being to never give up on you team and all...

But since BYU did lose and I think that this is funny well...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I can't wait...

I can't wait for the blistering heat of the summer to cook away all this sadness.  The refreshing scent of flowers to wrap around and hold us tight.  The sound of children's laughter carried by the wind reminding us of simple, happy, fun.  For now the memories will suffice. I'll look forward with anticipation, while holding my family closely and praying for us and them dear to me.  


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organizing Shoe-shoes

We all know organization is important.
Especially when it comes to shoes.

I don't know what the thinking was here,
but it was important.
And Fenix got the job done.

Thanks for 
organizing the shoes 
baby girl.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chest pain

Oh the horror, the anguish, the heart ache, that is chest pain.
For me on Friday it was chest pain due to a heart attack.
No, not a myocardial infarction.
But a heart attack none the less.
I can handle the chest pain,
I've had years of experience training me to do so.
But this sort of chest pain/heart attack you just can't ever be ready for.

So what happened, are you ready?

It was a nice sunny afternoon.
I had taken my boys swimming, and then to Grandma's house to play for a bit.
We were on our way home.
I had a party to go to so I needed to get home and shower off all of the pool water.
That darned chlorine always makes me itchy.

So there I was alone with my children,
driving home on the I-15 freeway.

Now maybe if there wasn't so much road construction going on,
or maybe if it wasn't Friday afternoon,
(The traffic was bumper to bumper, but still going fast)
I wouldn't have had as big of a problem.

As it was I had just past the last AF exit.
And that is when it happened.

I noticed that Lyon had taken off his seatbelt.

I am driving between 55 and 60 MPH.
There isn't an adequate shoulder to pull over on,
plus if I did manage to pull over on the shoulder,
I'd never be able to safely merge back onto the freeway.

I was horrified, I couldn't do anything!!!
I kept my eyes on the road,
desperately trying not to panic.

I instructed Lyon to put his seatbelt back on.
I thought he had it!
He pulled the seat belt across his lap,
I could hear it knocking into the buckle.
And thinking he had it I passed the PG exit.

Only to witness Lyon giving up on the seat belt.

I took deep breaths,
we could make it to the Lindon exit,
surly we'd be okay.

But then,
Bear decided to take control of the situation.
He climbed out of his own seatbelt.
He climbed over to Lyon's side of the car,
and strapped that seatbelt on.
Then quickly climbed back into his own seat and strapped on his own seatbelt.
This action of course caused me to suffer yet more chest pain,
and another HEART ATTACK!!!!

As we sailed past the Lindon exit all was well in my car again.
Heart attacks fading quickly and quietly into the past,
only to resurface each time I revisit this memory.

Drive safely everybody.
Seat belts buckled!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Breakfast of champions

This morning I made eggs and toast for breakfast.
Normally I like to make scrambled eggs, 
but lately Bear likes them sunny side up so he can dip his toast in the egg yolk.

So I crack three eggs into the pan and set about cooking them.
Mean while Bear is toasting the toast.
He looks over at the eggs and says,

Yes!  I get a face!
(or something to that effect)

I'm like, what???

Then I look at the pan with the eggs and I get it.

I wish it were a smile :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Decorating tips

Decorating tip number one:
Don't get frustrated.

Decorating tip number two:
 Keep a positive attitude, and smile.

Decorating tip number three:

Check out your color small scale before you go large scale.

Decorating tip number four:

It's all about the accessories.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids hygiene

Well I can't say that I haven't taught my kids about hygiene.

I have taught my kids about good oral hygiene.
I have taught my kids the importance of using soap when they bathe.
I have taught my kids about wearing clean clothes.
I have taught my kids to wash their hands frequently.

So when I tell you this story you must keep in mind that it's really my own fault.

It's 3:30 in the afternoon.
I am hosting cub scouts at my house.
Fenix is normally taking a nap at this time, but has opted for an early waking.
Bear is playing on my ipad instead of watching TV downstairs.
Lyon is alone downstairs, unsupervised, watching TV.
My hands are full keeping Fenix out of trouble and staying in the general vicinity of the scouts so as to have "two leaders deep" for the scouts and leaders protection....

Anyway, at some point I hear water running.
Alarms go off in my head.
Lyon is alone downstairs and he likes to play in water.
Visions of flooding fill my mind.
I hustle downstairs to find Lyon standing on a step ladder at the bathroom sink.
He is dumping a cup of water on his chest.
He is butt naked.

What the??!!

Turns out the kid is just trying to wash up after he accidentally pooped his pants.
Probably using the method I used to rinse my kids off 
the last time we went swimming and the shower didn't work.
(We were at an indoor pool and you are supposed to rinse off before you go into the pool.  I was in the family changing bathroom which had a toilet, shower, and a sink.  the floor was full of drains.  Because the shower didn't work I used my hands as a cup and got warm water from the sink to splash on them.)

Lyon is not in the habit of pooping his pants, that day in particular he had just had way too many oranges and couldn't make it to the toilet in time.

So he's got poop all over his backside and he thinks that he can wash up by 
dumping cups of water down his front side.

Oh boy.

I don't have drains in the floor in our bathroom.
To say that there was a big mess is an understatement.
So what do I do?
I've got scouts going on upstairs, 
I've got Fenix in my arms,
there just isn't enough of me to go around.

I do the best I can.

I put Lyon in the bath,
I throw a towel on the floor,
I run back upstairs to tend to the scouts.
After a minute I go back down stairs.

Back and forth, back and forth.

I don't blame Lyon.
I taught my kid good hygiene,
he was just trying to get clean.

So yes, I blame myself, in a good way.
He could have been sitting in a pile of &*IT,
on the carpet.

I'd much rather clean water off the bathroom floor, lol!