Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grey's Anatomy...

So there I am watching Grey's Anatomy on my ipad.
(This was last year)
I like the show.
No I don't think Grey's Anatomy is a good show to be watching.
Yes, I think it is a waste of precious time.
And yet.....
I watch Grey's Anatomy.
I'm not perfect, but I am working on it.
Anyway there I am watching some sort of drama unfold when:
Suddenly the show stops and up pops:

Out of the Country

You appear to be outside the United 
States or its territories.  Due to 
international rights agreements, we
only offer this video to viewers
located within the United States and
its territories.



Well first of all I was in my bedroom.
My bedroom is located in Utah.
Pretty sure that is still considered the United States and its territories.
Isn't it?

Maybe it was a sign,
A sign that even technology isn't perfect.

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