Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Imagine all the people....

When I married Superman, 
I knew his family came with him.
Because all of his family lived in the same general area
it had been tradition to go and visit each set of grandparents every Sunday. 
We did this faithfully every Sunday for many years.
The last couple of years however,
we've been dwindling in our faithful visiting.
Life has gotten busy
Children have gotten older and rowdier
And we've stopped going.
When such change occurs, 
something usually comes along acting as a reminder of the importance of such things.
In the last little bit, a lot of people have died.
Not just in Japan,
not just around the world,
but right close to the people I know and love.
A friends young husband (28 years old).

Witnessing and knowing this
my life is changed
for the better

Visiting family has again become a priority.
And not just on Sunday.

I imagine there is a heaven
and that it is family's together forever.

And because we love one another
we are living life in peace.

I imagine we all share everything
everyone has what they need.

And because I'm a believer,
believing faithfully......
I know that I'm not a dreamer
because these things will be.