Friday, April 30, 2010

And Lyon says...

"Waaaaaaaa!!! My shoes are not working!"

He was having troubles getting his sandals on, lol ;D

Bright and Beautiful spring dress, review

(Look at me!)

I have the brightest most beautiful dress.
Turquoise with flowers, I am in love!

eShakti has beautiful, unique, affordable clothing on their site.
The first thing I look at when I go to an online clothing website is prices. I want to know, before I fall in love with something, if I can even afford the prices that are listed. I found eShakti to have affordable prices. The dress I have was about $50, affordable yes! And is it worth the $50? Without a doubt, yes!!
Not only is my dress affordable, and beautiful, it fits me perfectly. If fits me perfectly because it was custom made just for me. eShakti gives you the option to custom select your size. I don't mean S, M, or L, I mean you put in your measurements. Your waist, bust, height. Oh yeah!
Not only can you have your clothes made just for you, you can really, really have them make it just for you! By changing the length, sleeves, or neck line or a number of other options.
Say you don't want a dresses shown sleeve, you can request that a dress with just a strap, or with long sleeves, have long sleeves, cap sleeves, half sleeves instead. You can request that your dress be above your knee, below you knee, or long. It really would be that length on you because you would have entered your height. They will know exactly how long to make it so it reaches your specified length!

My only frustration with eShakti is I couldn't find any pictures of models wearing the clothing. That usually gives me an idea of how a dress will fold and move along with me when I wear it.
Though that is hardly something to complain about.

I will certainly be looking to eShakti for my future clothing purchases.
They have more than just dresses ;D

eShakti gave me my dress for free to do this review.
However, I wouldn't do such a review if I did not whole heartedly love the product.
I also wouldn't do the review if I wouldn't have bought the product my self.
Clearly I did the review, so clearly I love!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And Bear says...

"Mom, could I go to an Irish step dancing school?"

Thanks for that Sesame Street.

I scream for Fenix!

I shared a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone with Fenix. She would take a lick and then smack her lips and suck in her cheeks, lol! So funny and cute :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And Lyon says...

I told Lyon to sing a song while he played his bongo drums.
He said,
"I can't, I don't know how, owny da mage mmmoofers [imagination movers] know how"

No spanking, please!

I was out for a walk and I saw a mother and her twin boys (for those of you that I know I can tell you I did not know this woman so don't worry I am not talking about you), the twins were probably 2 and were running ahead of their Mom, despite her repeated calls for them to stop. Finally she jogs to catch up to them and in anger grabs one of them spanking his bottom several times and yelling directly into his face. She was horrified that he could have run into the street and gotten hit by a car, and she was so angry about it, because she was scared. I know this because that is what she was yelling in his face. She wasn't trying to abuse the poor child, but her actions were abusive. It was scary, and mean, and unreasonable. The child had to have only been 2, what did the woman expect...

I am not judging or criticizing, I know how easy it is to act like she did when your child is flirting with danger. Its so frustrating because not only do children not understand that you are angry because you are scared for them and don't want them to be or get hurt, but also that you are scared because you love them to much to see them hurt.

The difficult thing to understand is why we would spank and hurt (because lets face it, spanking hurts!) our children when what we are spanking them for is a result of us not wanting them to be hurt! It isn't rational, it is pointless, it is heartbreaking.

Why would we act like that?

When we do, I think we deserve a big fat spanking right on our own bum!
Maybe that'd teach us.
Really, if we had to go through the same punishments that we give out to our kids, when we give them out to our kids, would we still want to do so?
I just saying.....

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets not spank our children! The only thing it will succeed in teaching them, is that you can hurt them =(
Your children should feel safe, happy, secure, and loved when in your arms.

(me and my baby Fenix :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Bear says...

"Huh mom, bubbles can make you look funny when you put them on you. You could even like put a moooo-statch, or a.......beard, he he he."

Monday, April 26, 2010

And Lyon says...

Lyon: Mom, Bear is cool.

Me: Oh really, why?

Lyon: Cause he'SAWSOME! [awesome]

*A letter to my 12 year old self *

(Rose Graves age 12)

Rose, Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is life.
Life is hard, it only gets harder as you walk through it. What was once a wide straight barren path, will begin to climb into a slope and grow narrow, and rocky. At times you will walk along treacherous drops, scale sheer cliff faces, and face the elements which will make it harder. You will have no choice but to face these challenges, and in doing so you will become stronger, smarter, confident, and filled with joy. For as you walk this most difficult and dangerous path you will be surrounded by inconceivable beauty, utmost exhilaration, and overwhelming happiness. However, in order to see these wonders you must look up from your task, take time to rest and regain your strength. In stopping and looking around you will find what makes life worth living, you will regain your spent strength,
you will find the will to continue onward and upward.
Life is worth living, life can be filled with joy, you just have to work hard and then find time to rest and enjoy it, to look at the beauty that surrounds you.
Only then can you fully appreciate it. Only then will you want to live it!
Good luck, be strong
I'll be rooting for you

(Rose Graves age 26, and family)

I am participating in this, In my daughters eyes, project.
Find out more about it here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

And Bear says...

Bear: Mom, I just saw a flah outside!
Me: A flah?
Bear: Yeah!
Me: What's a flah?
Bear: You know, its got white wings and a body you can't see....Its like bisible (invisible)

Do you know what he is talking about?
A moth, lol!

Why not learn self defense?

I just finished reading Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult, basically about a battered wife. Anyway it got me to thinking. How do you think a "beating his wife kind of husband" would feel if his wife could fight. I am not talking like how the character, Jennifer Lopez, does in the movie "Enough" where she actually plans to fight back and kill her husband.

I am talking like Charlies Angels,

Or Jane smith, in Mr and Mrs smith kind of fight.

But without the gun ;)

You know ninja style blocking, kicking, and hy yah! (sp?)

Let me paint a word picture of what might go down.

Husband gets mad and goes to back hand his wife while she is preparing dinner.
Wife grabs husbands fist mid swing and flips him over onto his back.
She lets him go and continues preping the meal.
Husband gets back up and goes to grab wife and teach her a lesson.
Wife smoothly dodges as husband smacks his stomach into the corner of the countertop, knocking the wind out of him.
Husband rests for a minute and then turns to wife again to try to punch her.
Again she catches his hand mid punch jumps up over his shoulders smoothley bringing his arm with her letting go just before it can break.
Wife looks at husband gasping in pain and says
I could go all day long, do you really want to mess with me?

Ha ha ha ha!

I'm just sayin.....

PS-I'm not a battered wife, this was simply the thoughts that came to mind after reading about a woman who was being beaten by the man she loves. She stays with him and keeps taking it because she loves him so much, and I just thought, suppose she could fight back...
Also, in no way do I approve of, or condone violent behavior.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And Bear says...

"Huh mom, baseballs and yo-yo's are some of the oldest things."


Wait, what happened?

During the day I don't watch my, as Bear calls them, "Mommy shows".
During the day my kids watch PBS, you know, Sesame street, Arther, Martha speaks, Electric company.... I don't usually watch these shows with them as I am usually busy doing other things, laundry, dishes, reading, writing.... Anyway every now and then part of a show will capture my attention.
For example the other day on Electric company, some of the characters are stuck somewhere in outer space..... I know I don't have time to sit down and watch to see what happens, so I do the next best thing,

I say,
"So what is going to happen Bear?"
"How are they going to get out?"

He'll tell me, and then my curiosity appeased, I will go on with my work.
Thank goodness he is paying attention and has already seen the episode a half dozen times,
other wise where would I be....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And Lyon says...

He was wearing his swim shorts and following Bear around trying to hand Bear his swim shorts and saying to him,

"Bear do you want to put on your babeing suit?"

then yelling,


Downhearted sometimes, but still just fine ;D

After the concern expressed after THIS post I felt it necessary to explain the reason for the downheartedness. I am fine, all is well. Sometimes I go through moments of downheartedness, but I quickly bounce back to a state of blissful happiness, so no worries.
That particular moment I happened to be surrounded by a completely torn apart messy house. I don't deal with disaster well, especially when it comes in the form of dirty dishes, unswept or un-vacumed floors, and toys everywhere.
The fact that my boys were making yet another mess, was just too much to handle, thus my downheartedness. Fortunately I was able to resist the urge to scream at my boys, and then break down in tears. I saw just how much fun they were having and knew it wasn't worth ruining. I remember being a kid, moments that I remember fondly are the ones uninhibited by angry adults. This is what I try really hard to remember when my boys are doing something that yes is destructive, but also harmless. As long as they are happy and laughing about it.
So please, no worries, all is well.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And Lyon says...

He brought Fenix some pants because he said she needed some, then he got her a "hat" which was acutally a bow, he got her socks, and a jacket, then he said,

"Mom, its wate (late) we need to go!"

Me:oh really where are we going?

"To wootah"

Me: Utah?

"Yeah, wootah"

Me: Hmmmm.....

What's with the "And ________ says".....

When my husband (Superman) asked me to marry him,
(best proposal story ever, by the way, someday I'll post it)

He said to me,
"And Rose says?"
He was trying to bring me from my shocked state and get me to answer him.

It was very sweet and I loved the line.
He actually said this to me often when we were dating.

When I was trying to think up a title for the posts, that were quotes, I thought,
What better way of describing it than those three perfect words Superman spoke to me on that fateful day.
So that's where the line title comes from.
In case you were wondering. ;D

Monday, April 19, 2010


I didn't realize when I married my husband that I was marrying SUPERMAN.
I knew he possessed many amazing qualities, and that he was unbendingly strong, incredibly smart, and heroically patient. But I didn't make the connection.
Its true though, he is Superman.
He has never actually come out and admitted it to me, but I know, I know.
Its soooo obvious, now that I realize it.

He works so hard to financially support our family.
Not only does he work very hard all week long, he comes home some nights and goes downstairs to work on our basement (which we are in the process of finishing). Even on his day off he is downstairs working, or out in the yard working, or helping me with my work.
That is strength.

When I am writing something and can't quite word it right, who comes to the rescue? Superman!
When I can't figure out how something works, who comes to the rescue?
He can find a solution to almost any problem we face. He teaches our children, he shows them by example, he lets them try.
That is intelligence.

He is always there to lend a helping hand. Whether it be me, his brothers, sister, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends. He is dependable. You can rely on him. And he never gets irritated about it. He is happy to help, always! He never gets mad at me. If I have a bad day, he listens and sympathizes. When I get mad at him he is kind and patient, he doesn't yell back at me.
That is patience.

He constantly amazes me.
He IS Superman.
That is a fact!

Friday, April 16, 2010

And Lyon says...

"Mom. Dad is s'posed to make me a beach."

Did you know this Dad?

Branded WINNER! :D

Drumroll please......
The winner of Keary Taylor's book


chosen by, is....

Lucky # 12

*Chrissy* said...

Congratulations Chrissy!!!

"Pink" is NOT my favorite color

For the last few day's conjunctivitis has been making its rounds through my children. First Bear had it. He woke up confused that he couldn't open his eye. I made the diagnosis. He refused to let me put any drops in his eyes, so he suffered through it for a few days and now its gone. Next to get it was Lyon. He woke up unable to open his eyes, just as Bear finally could. I didn't try to put drops in Lyon's eyes because after trying to put them in Bear's I noticed that they were expired so I threw them away. Lyon suffered through it for a few days and now its gone. Fenix was next on the conjunctivitis list, hers being the worst. Poor baby :( Fortunately I am breastfeeding her and breast milk just so happens to be a natural remedy for conjunctivitis. Having it worse than her brothers she is getting past it just fine. Through this whole very contagious conjunctivitis, I have been VERY careful so as not to get it myself. I've been washing my hands thousands of times a day, I've avoided touching my eyes, or letting my kids touch my face. And yet regardless of my attempts to keep it away from me, I woke up this morning with that gritty feeling in my eye. I've got conjunctivitis! =( My kids have survived it just fine, going about their business of learning and playing as normal. My problem is that I have poor eyesight and wear contacts to aid my vision. I have glasses, but they are currently broken. So with the conjunctivitis taking over my eyes there is no way I am going to attempt to put contacts in, OUCH! So I am walking around unfocused. Its not fun. I am not happy about it, and if it doesn't go away by tomorrow, I will miss out on some really fun activities that I planned to go to. I can't really drive around without vision, not to mention the fact that conjunctivitis is very contagious, so how can I risk exposing other people? Also, like I want people to see my eyes in this ugly condition.
Maybe if I sit down and have a really good cry about it my tears will help wash the inflammation away.
I must say though, that the circumstances are pretty funny, what are the chances that my glasses would be broken at the same time that I really really need them, lol! I've worn glasses for fifteen years and have only once had them break to the point that I couldn't wear them.
So I'll laugh because its just too coincidentally funny. Plus it makes this easier to deal with. ;D

PS-the Branded giveaway ends today at noon, when I will announce the winner.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

And Bear says...

He said this after watching Dinosaur Train:

"Mom can we go to the park and dig up tra-ran-sauras bones? Cause they found thousands of bones in Utah and I think there's one more scovery (discovery)."

Lets go to the movies and watch some previews, coming attractions, or trailer!

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Don't you just love watching the previews/coming attractions/trailers in theatres. I love not only watching them, but listening to the chatter of other people after the preview/coming attraction/trailer is shown and the screen is quiet for a second before the next preview/coming attraction/trailer starts.
You hear things like,

"Oh that looks good, I want to see that......"
"That looks so lame..."
"Oh my gosh! They're making that into a movie...."
"Whoa, she/he has been in a lot of movies lately..."
"Holy crap, that looks freaky..."
"I am NOT going to see that..."

And that could just be several peoples thoughts after seeing
the same preview/coming attraction/trailer!
I don't know why, but listening to this is one of my favorite things about going to the movies.
Its the reason I hate to be late to a movie.
I don't want to miss the previews/coming attraction/trailer, or what ever the heck they are supposed to be called.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And Rose says...

"It would be really nice if when a stranger is trying to get my attention they referred to me as 'young lady' or 'Miss' instead of Ma'am. I really hate that word, Ma'am..."

Pourin my poor little heart out...

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Do you ever say something and have it taken the wrong way.
This has happened to me too many times.
Usually when texting, or when leaving a comment on a blog/status/tweet.

Its getting frustrating.

I say; blah blah blah Lol ;D
they say; uh, the nerve!
I say: huh?
They say: you jerk
I explain......

Do you get the picture?

The problem is too often I attempt to be short and concise when leaving a message.
I often have a good amount to say, but not wanting to carry on for a half hour I try to narrow that half hour down to a line or maybe two.
This leads to misunderstandings.
Too often the person on the receiving side of my quips is offended because I was so rude and unfeeling with my, lol's and winking smily's ;D
They mistake my lighthearted kind banter and knowing winks as mocking, harsh, raucous, and I know what you are really not saying, unbelieving winks.
And when I am misunderstood in that way, I want to shout out,
"whoa nelly!"
Calm down!
I'm teasing, I understand too well, or I just wanted you to know its okay to smile about the hard stuff sometimes.

Moral of this story: If you should receive an offensive quip from me, remember that you got it from ME and I would NEVER try to leave a mean message, EVER!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And Lyon says...

Lyon managed to spill milk all over the kitchen table and his chair. I noticed and set about cleaning it up. Lyon runs up to me (wearing his bathing suit) as I am wiping up the last of the milk and starts crying at me,

"No! I want to swim in the milk!"

aerating your lawn

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I always swore I would never aerate my lawn when I had one. I've always hated the stupid dirt clods scattered across the grass that kids seem to think of as an invitation to chuck at other people. I remember to well playing outside at recess when the fields had just been aerated, what a nightmare! I'll tell you the dirt clods hurt a whole lot more than snowballs

Anyway, I always swore that I would never have those darned dirt clods, that closely resemble chunks of pooh, on my lawn. That was until I had a lawn of my own. I wanted and want my lawn to be well taken care of, green, and weed free. So I've done a lot of research, and studying, and I've read a lot of books on the subject of caring for a lawn. Through that study I have realized the importance of aerating a lawn. So as much as I hate to have those dirt clods on my lawn, I've gone ahead and gotten my lawn aerated.


Luckily the dirt clods actually don't last all that long, or I just haven't noticed them much because its snowed like four or five times since the aerating was done. Whatever the case I haven't had any thrown at me, and I'm grateful.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

I can't even remember who said this, Bear or Lyon.

(talking about a garbage can)
"...because when it comes to stinky its a little bit stinky..."

Noise anyone?

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Right now my boys are throwing every toy they can get their hands on down the stairs. I see them doing it, I hear their laughter, I know they are having a whole lot of fun. Although the disciplinary side of me tells me to tell them to, Stop Now!, I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I have lost the will to be the heavy, maybe I am just too downhearted right now to give a darn, maybe I'm to tired to put up a fight. Or maybe I am enjoying the fact that they are having a whole lot of fun. Besides, why mess up a perfectly good memory.

Friday, April 9, 2010

And Bear says...

Bear: Huh Mom, Your older than me and Lyon.
Me: A lot older.
Bear: Huh, but Dad is a lot older than you.

A few days later he tells me:

"Huh Mom, I'm almost your age."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Branded by Keary Taylor Giveaway

Jessica Baily is a young, lonely, tired woman. She works taking care of a lakeside vacation home for a couple that has never come to vacation there. She hasn't seen or talked to her family in years, she has very few friends and she doesn't date. She isn't going to school, and she has a serious addiction to Dr Pepper.
So what is so great about Jessica Baily, you may ask, she has a secret.

When I read Branded I couldn't put it down. This is how I know if a book is good or not.
Really, when you spend every waking moment trying to squeeze in a just a little bit more of a book, or rather than waiting for the waking moments, you skip sleeping, just so you can read it.
Its got to be good.

Would you like the chance to win a copy of this book?

Not just any normal copy, this is for a copy that has been signed by the author, Keary Taylor.
This is a first edition, signed by the author, copy.

Seriously, someday this book, that you could win, might be really valuable.

So, if you would like the chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.

I'll announce the winner on Friday the 16 of April, that's in one week.

Winner will be chosen at random.

And Lyon says...

"Mom, I wanna give you a five......and a knuckle"

Caught red handed

For weeks I have been walking into my boys closet and finding their drawers pulled out of their dressers and on the floor. The contents from in the drawers having been pulled out all over the closet floor. I kept scolding my boys for making such big messes and telling them that they knew better.
Well, turns our it hasn't been my boys pulling out their drawers and emptying the contents.
Turns out its a game my little baby girl likes to play.
She got caught, red handed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And Bear says...

"Mom, I was having a ice brain when I was eating my ice cream"

"Mom, I'm NOT eating all the cheese."-Lyon

We were going to have taco salad for dinner.
I set the cheese on the table after I grated it.
Lyon attacked.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And Lyon says...

Me: Come on boys.

Lyon: Mom, we are not boys.

Me: What are you?

Lyon: I Yi-yon [Lyon], that Bear.


Not me, not mine!
Though after yesterday's post I can see how someone might think there was a baby located somewhere inside me, but there is not. Let me say that again to clarify, I'm not pregnant.
Anyway there is still a baby in need of a shower. A lot of babies actually. Soooooo.........

I'm getting involved with something awesome, a baby shower.
Want to learn more?
You know you do!

Read me write

Dear Smashburger,
Our fist time together was nothing short of magical. The tastes, the mouthfuls, the absolutely amazing flavors. I'll never forget it.
Our second time together wasn't quite as memorable. I thought for just a second that perhaps I had been mistaken about the wonder of our first time, but as I thought it through I knew that wasn't true. And because I knew that it had been blissful the first time, I gave you another chance. I mean maybe you were just having an off day that second time.
Now that I have had you three times I am wondering if perhaps I just got lucky that first time. I'm sorry, this third time has only managed to side step disaster. Barely. The tastes, mouthfuls, and flavors were almost there, but you were just too raw, too oiled, and less than desirable. The chemistry just wasn't there. I am disappointed, I am turned off, I am at a loss as to what happened.
Someday we may come together again, but I have a feeling its going to be a while. You see.
I discovered my old fling and found that the tastes, mouthfuls, and flavors you gave me that first time were there all along in my old fling. And then some.
So good bye for now.
Until we meet again.
Love Rose

I'm making my move,

There is no turning back,

Now this burger was good, it was darned good!
the best way to go, really.
No restaurant can top it.

Seriously ;D

Monday, April 5, 2010

And Bear says...

Said while watching the movie "UP"

"Huh, old people are beautiful. They don't look weird."

Eating cookies

Do you remember that episode of friends where Monica is trying to figure out Phoebe's grandmothers cookie recipe.
As Monica is making batch after batch of the cookies she has her "friends" try them out. One of the recipes makes Ross throw up.
Do you remember that episode?
Well I do.
I never understood how a cookie could make someone throw up. I mean really!
Well I am sad to say that I now have first hand knowledge of how this could happen, because it happened to me.

I don't really know what the problem was, all I know is that I made a batch of oatmeal cookies and my boys chomped them down begging for more. So I decided to have a taste, when I tried a bite of one, I nearly threw up. I had to spit the chewed up cookie out, it was all I could do to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach.
It was awful. I don't understand it really. But the taste stayed in my mouth and it took the rest of the day to get rid of it.
I was so weirded out that when Phil came home from work I told him to have a cookie (as if I even needed to tell him, oatmeal cookies are his favorite) He tried one and smiled at me as I looked at him questioningly. He then had another cookie. I asked him if they tasted strange or anything. He looked at me funny and said they were really good, and then he ate another.
Well I am at a loss as to what may have caused such a negative reaction to these cookies. I'll tell you though, I couldn't bring myself to try another one.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And Bear says...

This is Bear trying to put on a reversible basketball jersey.
Being reversible there is a gap between the two layers that should you try to put on that part you would find no where for your arms and head to go through.
This is Bears reaction to finding himself in such a situation.
"Mom could you help me find the button [arm] holes in here, and the head hole."

Hello, my name is Rose, and I am an April Fool.

So April first eh.

I feel like April fools day is probably the meanest day ever.

Being a pretty gullible person and all.

I fall for all sorts of lame jokes.

Like the time I really thought half the staff of my jr. high school were quitting, I shouted hallelujah all day with a big smile on my face until I realized it was an April fools joke.

Or the time my friend told me she crashed the car during drivers ed and I believed her.

Or the time my friend told me she was pregnant and I totally thought she was.

Or the time, well you get the point.

Although only one of those incidents was an actual April Fools day joke, but still.

The point is, I am not a big April Fools fan.

Not because I am no fun and can't take a joke, but because it takes me forever to figure out if someone is being serious or not.

It has become very frustrating.

So to those of you who enjoy it, Happy April Fools day.

To those of you who don't enjoy it, stay home, lock the doors, and stay off of facebook.

Just think how many April Fools jokes you'll miss out on.

That is my plan anyway.