Friday, April 17, 2009

Pregnant and irritated, why? Well......

Dear readers,
This is my dishwasher. Isn't it pretty? It is a very nice and expensive dishwasher. So why is it that 90% of the time I am doing our dishes by hand? Ok sometimes it is a simple choice between having the dishwasher take two hours plus to wash a few dishes or doing them by hand in ten or fifteen minutes. Sometimes however it is the fact that even after the two hours plus in the dishwasher my dishes are not completely clean! Grrrrrrr! This dishwasher is supposed to get dishes cleaner and dryer with less soap and it doesn't! I understand that sometimes this is due to how the dishes are being loaded but I am very good at loading it properly! I really don't mind doing the dishes by hand normally but right now I am very pregnant and leaning against a sink to do dishes is much more difficult with a huge belly that one has to try to get around. By the time I finish doing dishes not only does my back freaken kill but my feet and other body parts......its like they hate me :( I just wish that the stupid dishwasher would just do its job so I don't have to re-do it and that when and if the dishes are clean I could just put them away not have to leave half of them to air dry on a towel on my counter! I can't keep doing this =( Does anyone else have this problem? I mean with such a wonderful top of the line appliance one would think that it would do a better job than the 20 year old p-o-s we used to have, but it doesn't!

And just in case anyone was wondering I have tried all the different dish washing detergents and I still have the same problem so don't tell me to try a new soap!

A very irritated and overworked Mother

P.S. Now that I have that off my chest I will go and wash my dishes with a smile on my face as it could always be worse, at least I have running water and a sink. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am having more problems with our computer so it will take a while longer to get my story posted. So sorry.....

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Back

Ok I am back online. Glad to see some of you have an interest in the story. I just need to do a bit of editing, and since I wrote the story on paper instead of typing it into the computer I will have to transfer it wich always takes me awhile. Not that I suck at typing or anything I just have two little boys that are either climbing on me or pulling on me saying "MOM, MOM!" Lol! So I will post it in the next week.

On another note I had another Doctors apointment yesterday. The baby is doing awesome and kicking as hard as ever, constantly. I had to do the glucose screening wich is always a pain, but I made it through that. Luckily my dear sister Annie was available to watch Bear and Lyon, making the whole process go much much smoother so thankyou again Ann. I have eleven weeks to go and we are so excited! Phil and his Dad have put the finishing touches on our basement rooms and we have started moving things in. So far we have our desk one table and one shelve of books moved. Now we just have a ton of more crap to bring down adn sort through. Thankyou everyone who helped make this project possible, Sam thanks for letting us borrow your tools. Daniel, Johnny, Bobby, Mike, the wives who sacrificed their husbands too, and most of all Richard Thankyou so very very much you helped more than anyone and we so appriciate it! I am so lucky to have such knowledgeble and hard working people in my family :D We love you all so much!