Monday, November 30, 2009

Boys will be boys...

I love the fact that my boys looooovvvvve Tinker Bell. Nope, not the Tinker Bell on Peter Pan, the Tinker Bell from the Tinker Bell movie where she is a tinker fairy, it comes on the Disney Channel(yes she is different). You know she makes and tinkers with odds and ends. We've seen the beginning of that movie a half dozen times and last night we finally saw the end. Lol! Today on Movie Time Monday its Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, we are very excited :D My favorite thing about the whole thing is the way Lyon says Tinker Bell... "Keener Beahw" I can't spell it quite right, but imagine bear but instead of the r sound at the end put a w sound.

And Bear says...

Bear came out of his room the other morning, dressed in his Halloween costume (caped crusader) He said to me something like:
"Mom, I feel different, like something happened to me last night, I think I got super powers."

He was totally serious,
it was awesome.
Its supposed to be a secret that he has superpowers though.
So don't tell him I said anything ;D

And the letter goes out to...

Dear Dad,
Remember that time we hiked up to the "G". I think it was on one of my birthdays, I had never been up to the "G" so you took me. I remember we brought candy bars and iced tea, we brought the iced tea in glass mason jars. It didn't occur to me that that was a little weird until I was telling Phil the story the other day. Lol! I remember when we finally reached the "G", it was constructed of thousands of little white rectangle pieces, not one giant white piece like I was expecting.
(loan peak does not rule)

There was re-bar sticking out here and there all over it. I was disappointed because I had pictured myself sliding down it. I remember we carved our names and the date onto one of those little white rectangles like many before us had done. I remember the hike down. We were on a narrow part of the trail it went up on one side and steeply down on the other, you lost your footing and stumbled to the ground. I remember I was terrified that you were going to fall off the side of the trail to certain death and there I was a little girl who would be all by myself without a clue of what to do. Fortunately you righted yourself and did not fall off the side of the trail, you can imagine my relief.

(pictures from google images)
If you want to visit the sites I got them from
just click on the picture

Friday, November 27, 2009

Here we go again...

Bear comes into the kitchen dressed in (Crap I just deleted a whole paragraph and now have to start over!Grrrrr!)
So Bear comes into the kitchen dressed in his church clothes claiming that he is late for his meeting at our old church....... Uhhhhhh. Didn't we just go through this, didn't Phil just take him out to his "meeting" which was "canceled" or so Phil told him. I am not prepared for this. What am I supposed to do, what will traumatize him the least? Should I play along and take him around to several churches where his pretend meeting might be, only to end up not going to any meeting and having to tell him his "meeting" must have been canceled? Do I explain to him that his meeting is imaginary so he can go to his room and pretend to have his "meeting" there, wouldn't that be more fun for him?
I decide to go with the more practical, seeing as I am not dressed and would have to wake Sissy from her nap and pack Lyon along as well, I tell him there is no meeting and that he should go pretend in his room. He is not happy with that answer. He slams one of my kitchen drawers and storms out of the kitchen.

I really hope I haven't screwed up my kid :/

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Remember when we were little...

Remember when we were little and we snuck some of Mom's home made bread, we took it upstairs and hid it behind that mirror that always leaned against the wall. We hid it there for how long before Mom found it and yelled at us, lol! Remember how we would pretend to be teachers teaching classes and we made up our own kind of math, and we found that old type writer suit case that made the perfect chalkboard. Remember playing house AKA umpichada. Remember how we pretended to have our own radio show where kids would call in with their idea of how to catch Santa. Remember how we used to plot about catching Santa and how we planned to pretend to be asleep in case he caught on to us. Remember how we had our own pretend company, Jobs and More, people would call us needing a job, they told us what job they wanted and how much they wanted to make and we would tell them when they could start. Remember how we did both our side of the conversations and the side of the callers for both our "company", and our "radio show". Remember how the other persons voice was always totally idiotic, lol! Remember "do you like my new hair do?" Remember how we would pretend to be Tiger Lily and how we wouldn't marry Captain Hook we would only marry Peter Pan. Remember that song we would sing about it, lol! Remember our signal for going upstairs so the little kids wouldn't follow us, motioning upwards with our pointer finger twice while making sure the little kids weren't looking and the sly face we made while signaling. Remember in Spanish immersion we were in the same class and we would only pick each other when the class played "heads up 7 up" remember how we shared one chap-stick. Remember how we used to bungee jump our barbies off the rail upstairs in the loft. Remember that time we had cleaned our room spotless and then because we were bored we messed it all up so we could clean it again and then lost interest before we finished. Remember how we had that bunk bed and it sat right next to those support beams in the ceiling, we would grab onto them and then try to climb out as far as we could onto them before falling off. Remember how we used that string to mark how far we'd gotten. Remember how it stayed up there for years before it finally got cut down. Remember our pet rocks "Jr." and oh yes I believe mine had the same name as yours because I had to be just like you. Remember how we packed those rocks and I think we brought them to Lake Tahoe that time and threw them into the lake, didn't we? Remember how we used to pack our selves and brought just about every unpractical thing we could. Remember that time you me and Mike Tingey scaled down the decks of Uncle Jim's cabin, how did no one see us and yell at us. Remember how we snuck those oreos from that room that we went through to get to the highest deck. Remember how when we were there, there was an out house set up outside, I thought that was the only bathroom so in the middle of the night when I had to pee I went all the way out side to that outhouse and was terrified and then found out the next morning that there was an indoor bathroom just down the hall from where I was sleeping, lol! Remember Thane and Mickey and Lance in grade school. Remember burying our "testimonies" (rocks) by the back porch. Remember that weird trampoline game we used to play with Bridget, I don't remember much, except that it was a stupid game and we lost interest quickly. Remember going to Wendy's and getting those bacon burgers with Tommy and then driving up to the pond and telling spooky stories, or the time we went to that burned down house and Tommy went out of the car and then came running back and it freaked us out. Remember that time we asked Wendy and Shayla what "bitch-en" meant and they told us it meant something that it totally didn't. And do I really need to bring up the Dr. Peppers? Why didn't I like it back then, probably because it was warm and it was diet. Remember Mountain Dew, Chris, and his peace sign. Do you think he knew we had a huge crush on him. Oh and best of all remember when we found your birth certificate and proved that we had been celebrating your birthday on the WRONG day. Lol!
Good times :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naughty little boys...

While trying to clean up my house I went into Bear and Lyon's room to pick some laundry up. Lyon immediatley ran to the space between their beds and said,
"you can't see the icecream"
I went to investigate.
There hidden underneath a big stuffed bear was a half gallon of ice cream, half melted, with no lid!

And Lyon says...

I yelled to Lyon to put the chair back at the dinner table.
He yelled back:
"No! I'm mad at you!"

Special Delivery...

Bear and Lyon are such social firefly's (it sounds more boyish than butterfly). Everyday Bear comes up with something new to bring around to the neighbors. Sometimes its a piece of paper that he has drawn a special picture on. Sometimes its just some odd or end that he has found who knows where. Sometimes I am too embarrassed to let him bring anymore odd things around so I bake something and divide it into bags for him to distribute where he see's fit. Lyon tags along only when I let him. He is still little and can't quite keep up with Bear. I can just imagine the kinds of places Bear would leave Lyon, I won't risk it, I am usually watching from my front yard. Bear doesn't want me to come with him.
So to my neighbors and Bears friends I hope you don't mind his friendly visits :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That boy...I tell you!

Lyon was in the bathroom, he goes by himself now.  I heard water sloshing and so I went to investigate.  What do you think I found him doing, well I will tell you.  There he stood pulling wipes out of the package I keep in there, very helpful thing to have in there to wipe little kids bums.  So he was pulling them out dipping them into the toilet sloshing them around before pulling them back out and throwing them in the garbage!  I have told my boys dozens of times that wipes go into the garbage, not in the toilet.  I don't know if he thought it was fun to do that or what, who knows how little boys come up with these things.  That boy, I tell you, is going to drive me stark raving mad!  Its okay though at least he wasn't drinking the water, eeeek!

Saturday's Warriors

I've probably seen Saturday's Warriors a thousand times.  But this last Sunday I watched it from a new perspective.  Instead of seeing it and thinking of myself as the kid I put myself in the position of the parents.
It was like watching an entirely different movie.
Being the parent of the child gone astray
Being the parent of the child who is sick and dying
Being pregnant with one child while dealing with the bad attitude of a teenager.
Watching the children struggle with different challenges they face.

How as a parent can we support our children through such trying times?
How do we teach our children to have strong testimonies?
How do we help them to keep the spirit close to them?
How do we keep them from straying from strong values?

This is where those primary answers come in handy.
Read the scriptures and Pray
Let me add, hold Family Home Evening weekly

Its a scary world and its even scarier that we can't protect our children from it all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stephanie tells the story....

so here's the story. bear and i were watching 101 dalmations and he stood up on the couch and jumped up, like he wanted me to catch him in my arms. however, i didnt know he was going to jump on me until after he was coming down and by the time i realized it i looked up and his chin or forehead or head or something hard hit the right side of my nose and there was this very loud crack. immediately i thought i had a bloody nose because thats what it felt like, but there was no blood. i just sat there in pain and bear was like "sorry stephanie, sorry" over and over again. i said nothing to him because my nose hurt way too much and i didnt want to start bawling. i sat there for probably 15-20 minutes after it had happened before i left. i was refraining from crying because what was i supposed to say? "hey um bear just broke my nose so im leaving now..." haha. as soon as i got home and told dad and ben what happened i started bawling.
anyways, i went to the doctor yesterday and it is not broken and it should heal just fine, with some bruising. dont worry i am not mad at all. it was a total accident. i was just in a lot of pain and probably some shock about what had just happened.
there are no hard feelings :) i know bear wouldn't have hurt me on purpose. i still love all of you guys!

You still should have told us.  :(  I would have made you let one of us drive you home.  Hello!  I am the girl who has to stand in the window and make SURE you make it into your car ok and then start up and drive off without problems.  And there you were poor Steph in so much pain and I had no idea.  :(  Oh well, lets hope it never happens again ;D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

And the letter goes out to....

Dear Stephanie
What Happened!!!???
And When!!!???
We herd from Nate.   Okay no, Phil herd from Nate I herd from Phil  :(
I am so, so, so, so ,so, sorry!!!
I talked to Bear.  He has no idea what happened and that kid has a very good memory. We made you a card.  It is sitting on our counter.
Am I correct in assuming that is what the frowny face on facebook was about :( ?
Again I am so so so so so sorry!
Will you please forgive us?!

Monday, November 16, 2009


You may (or may not is more likely) have noticed that there has not been an area for comments the last few days.  I made it like that on purpose.   My blog usually has no comments.  I am very often surprised when someone tells me that they read my blog though, because of the lack of comments.  So I turned off the comments because I am always a little embarrassed that there aren't any.  I must admit that I like getting comments, I frequent many other blogs and notice that these other blogs often have many, MANY comments only to return to mine where there is a zero where a higher number would have looked better.
Phil noticed that I turned off the comments right away and vehemently (as if Phil could be vehement about anything ;) asked me to turn them back on.  So I will oblige. 
Comments back on.
I hope my readers will please ignore all of the awful looking zeros  ;D


We just don't know where he comes up with this stuff... Posted by Phil

Bear got all dressed up and came and told us that he had something to do at the church, but it would only be for 6 minutes.
A few minutes later he came to us and said,"dang, I'm late."
So I told him he had to have shoes on to be able to go anywhere.  He got ready and said he need me to drive him to the church.
We got in the car and drove over to the church at 9:30am on a Saturday.
There were a few cars in the parking lot so I made sure to go to the side without anyone else.  Bear got out of the car with his latest toy he made for himself, and went to open the door, smartly he pressed the Disabled Person button and it opened the inside door but all the other doors were of course locked.  He went up to each door and pulled and tried to open the door without success.  He then came back and said we'll have to come later.
As we drove off, he said, "Wait, I think I telled you the wrong one, you need to go right and straight and left and I'll tell you where it's at."  So we drove on for a few more minutes.  His directions drove us around randomly for a few blocks and after a little uninstructed direction ;) I was able to get us to the next church.  We had the same result as the previous church.  We repeated the process one more time and tried one last church ... once again no open doors.  Then we got back home, after we exited the car he informed me that I didn't listen to him very well and we didn't go to the right place.  I told him we'd have to try again tomorrow, Sunday, because his meeting was probably postponed until then.
So at church the next day, he got to go to his meeting, (his primary class) where he passed out to each boy and girl a drawing he had made previously.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cornbelly's 2009

This year we decided to go to corn belly's corn maze and other Halloween/fall activities up at Thanksgiving Point. We don't normally go to corn belly's, too expensive, but this year Auntie Stephi was working there and got us some tickets. Thanks Auntie Stephi! :D

Here Phil, Sissy, and I are going into the haunted alley
How goofy do we look, I love the look on Sissy's face though :D

Auntie Steph and Lyon

Ben and Bear waiting to go in the creatures mouth
It was pretty dark inside and Steph said it was pitch black at night
You went in like you were walking down the throat of this creature
there are scary weird sounds and then in the middle there is a heartbeat
Anyway it was weird and Lyon was terrified
I took him out at the first exit I found

There was a traktor pulling these carts behind it
we went for a ride
Bear and Lyon loved it

Grandma and Grandpa G, riding on a cart

Me (Rose) Phil and Sissy
I just love Sissy's facial expressions :D

There were all these child size buildings
I tried so hard to get a pick of both the boys holding the bars
but couldn't get them to cooperate
I suppose that is fine ;)

Bear and Lyon wanted to ride on these self propelled cars
They had a hard time pedaling so we gave them a hand
That is Grandpa G and Bear

Lyon, he is wondering why I am not pushing him
"uh! come on Mom!"

Group picture from right to left, back row first
Phil and Sissy, Me, Auntie Steph, Grandma G
Lyon, Uncle Ben, Bear

The giant rocking chair
Poor Sissy fell asleep
It was so cute seeing her little head sticking out of Phil's jacket
He had her in our baby carrier, and he wrapped his jacket around her to help keep
her warm.

We did have fun, even though it was freezing cold
if we ever go again we will go sooner in the year
so maybe it won't be quite that cold

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our autumn leaf drive...

One Sunday afternoon we decided to go for an autumn leaf drive. If you know me really well you know that I hate, let me repeat that I HATE driving up the canyon. Its not that its not pretty and its not that I am a really negative person who hates everything. Its the winding terrifyingly close to a cliff up on one side and straight down on the other. I don't particularly like looking out the passenger window to see how perilously close we are to falling off the edge. And I especially don't like that the speed limit is not slow enough because I will freak out and tell Phil he is going to fast and he will reply that the speed limit is ___ and he is only going ___! I am just not one of those people here in Utah county who says: "Oh, lets go for a nice relaxing drive on the alpine loop. The leaves will sure be pretty." No siree!!! That is not me!!!
So we went for an autumn leaf drive. We went a little late in the year as can often happen, we missed about half of the leaves. Another problem with autumn leaf drives, is that your timing is everything. If you go too soon there aren't enough golden, red, and brown leafs for it to be worth it. If you go to late all you see are a bunch of bare branches with the occasional bunch of dead brown leaves hanging on till the bitter end.
So we went for an autumn leaf drive and there weren't many leaves to see. We made the mistake of going on the weekend that the deer hunting season began. So not only was I terrified of falling off the side of the road, I was also terrified that some hunter might mistake our white sedan for a huge white deer and try to shoot us. Also, as we wound our way along this very narrow canyon road many hunters had finished their weekend hunt and were heading home. (It was Sunday remember) They all had trailers, very wide trailers, some with deer tied onto the back. So imagine my horror as each trailer passed and we had to pull our car so far over to the side of the cliff, to avoid collision, we were knocking off bits of rock and I sat there looking out the window watching as these rocks fell into oblivion. Okay maybe I am exaggerating, but only little tiny bit.
So we went for a Sunday autumn leaf drive, we saw cows, they were walking right up the middle of the road!!! I didn't want to drive around them, too risky what with all these hunters driving down the road at break neck illegal speeds. They probably wouldn't have seen us, we wouldn't have seen them, and then there would have been a collision that would have sent both vehicles over the side of the cliff and it would have been made worse because a dead deer tied to the back of the hunters trailer would have come undone and landed right on me. I didn't mind going one mile per hour, but Phil wouldn't have it. We drove around them. The cows that is.
So we went for a Sunday autumn leaf drive, there weren't many leaves, we saw cows, and we brought our kids. On what planet did my brain decide to take a vacation when we decided to do this? Generally when one goes for an autumn leaf drive they plan to spend several hours driving along. This is a very boring thing to subject three young children too. They did not appreciate it. What is more, they were hungry and since my brain was on vacation on some unknown planet, I didn't think to bring snacks.
So we went for a Sunday autumn leaf drive. At one point the kids were crying that their legs hurt and Sissy was hungry. I told Phil to pull over so I could feed Sissy and the boys could get out and stretch their legs. He pulled into the first and probably only parking area. It was very crowded. Turns out it was were the trail head to some hot springs, hot pots, or something like that (Phil care to fill that part in?) was. We were lucky to find a spot to park, and it wasn't even a real spot because we were blocking several cars in. I must say that it was delightful trying to feed my baby in a car busily surrounded by other people. Meanwhile Phil took the boys to stretch their legs, they gathered a couple of autumn leaves to give me. :D
So we went for a Sunday autumn leaf drive. We survived.

the road

the crowded parking lot where they stretched their legs and picked leaves

the cows on the narrow road

the leaves that were still clinging

the view

the best picture I took of the scenery
and we weren't even up the canyon yet
and there are no autumn leaves

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our nature walk

Vanessa what have you done to me?
That is right I am blaming you for this,
but its okay because it was a lot of fun :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And Bear says...

This is one of my favorites :D

Bear was asking me why he wakes-up when he does and I was telling him about having an internal alarm clock in his body. His face lit up and he got really excited.
He said:
"I didn't know the inside my body can say something! Thank you inside body!"

One day it snowed...

Remember how it snowed just before Halloween...

First snow of the year :D

There is something very special about that first snowfall.
I am not really sure why, but I've always found it very magical.

And Lyon says...

I told Lyon that he is so cute
He replied,
"No me Lyon"
Only when he says Lyon is comes out sounding like,
so he said,
"No, me Yiyon" :D

And Bear says...

Bear asked me to write this to his Uncle Johnny. This was actually a while ago and even though Bear wanted me to send it via email, I wrote it on Johnny's Facebook wall :D
This is what he told me to write:

Hey Johnny, its me Bear, Johnny I think you're so awesome, Hey Johnny its awesome and I have a super hero awesome buddy in a book and he could catch a football but he didn't get a touchdown. And Johnny he goes to school and he tackles but he goes hunts and sleeps at there and hunts bugs with food and cooks um bugs with fire.

One day we were eating...

One day we were eating. We were having taco salad with avocado. Lyon found it necessary to spear his avocado with his fork and then jam it into the crack of our table. (the crack being formed by a piece of the table that you use to make your table bigger or remove to make it smaller) He left it there like a trophy. Isn't it awesome ;D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When I grow up...

When I grow up or when my kids do, I am going to be the best Grandma EVER!!!

When I am fourty-five my kids will all be out of the house, more or less.
Bear will probably be married, Lyon will be engaged to be married and Fenix will either be married or serving a mission.
By the time I am fifty I will be surrounded by Grandchildren....
And I will be the best GD Grandma around!

When my daughter and daughters in law are pregnant and sick as can be who will tend to them?
I will
When they have their kids and they are ill who will come and tend to them?
I will
When my daughter and daughters in law need to go to school who will watch the kids?
I will
When they are at the end of their rope and desperately need help, who will they call? And who will answer that call without hesitation, without groaning, with an immediate jump in the car and a rush to save them...
I will
When they have just given birth to their second or third child and need someone to help with the laundry and the meals and keeping the house clean and tending to the older children, who will come and save the day?
I will
When they just need a minute to themselves, to get out of the house and do something for themselves, who will watch their kids?
I will
And who will do this joyfully every single time?
I will

And I will do my best not to be overbearing
I will do my best to give my children and their spouses their space
I will not criticize the choices they make for their family's

My grandchildren will adore me
My children and their spouses will adore me

Because I will be the best GD Grandma EVER!!!


Someday I will be able to wake-up as early as I'd like to without being tired
Someday my daughter will stop screaming and crying
Someday I will be able to put her down for more than five minutes
Someday people will be impressed at my uncanny ability to be on time every time.
Someday Bear and Lyon will be able to do their own laundry
Someday they will be able to shower on their own
Someday I will be able to go longer than five minutes without Lyon pulling on me saying,
"Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!!!"
Someday he will be able to go potty without telling me first
Someday he will be able to wash his hands by himself
Someday Fenix will fall asleep somewhere other than in my arms
Someday Lyon won't be afraid of the dark
Someday they won't cry for me when they wake-up in the night
Someday Lyon will be able to dress himself

Someday they won't need me anymore
So today I will treasure every need, every moment, every time....

Monday, November 9, 2009

And Phil says....

I was telling Phil about this person I used to know
and he said:
"And the girl isn't as cute as you?"
and I said:
"Is any girl as cute as me!?"

Dare devil...

Need I say anything?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

And the letter goes out to...

Dear Readers,
I have noticed there are quite a few people frequenting this blog as of late. I must admit that it surprises me. But I also must admit that it doesn't bother me one bit, I appreciate the notice people have taken :D Thank you for being interested enough to come back and see what is new. I update our blog a lot, I know. I do this because I think of this as a scrapbook. I have tried and tried to keep up with scrap-booking and dialoguing our life for posterity. But for the life of me I just cannot seem to do it. Its proven to difficult to get prints of all of the pictures, and I hate my handwriting and cannot seem to write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts. So blogging has been perfect. At first it was more of a way to keep our family updated on what was going on with us, and over the last few months it has blossomed into a journal/scrapbook that I have no problem keeping up with. It has been wonderful :D And the thought that it is interesting enough for other people to continue to visit is very flattering, so thank you for your interest.

Rose @-->--

Friday, November 6, 2009

paper airplanes

One day they were bored.
Oh who am I kidding they are bored everyday. Problem is the two friends that Bear has that live within walking distance, next door and across the street, both go to school now. So when Bear asks to go play with them I have to tell him that they aren't home. Eventually they do come home, however by the time they get home its that time of day where I am trying to start dinner and Daddy is going to be home soon. Hence, its not a good time to be trying to go play with friends. The other problem is I am very, VERY, shy. I am not the person who will call up someone and set up a play date. I am the person wishing for the day's when it was okay to let the four year old child walk down the street at seven AM to the friends house to play who knows where for the whole day. That is what I did. I'm serious. I'd wake-up get my clothes on and run out the back door to Soffia's house. We'd go jump on the neighbors tramp, or go exploring up in the foothills behind our neighborhood. We'd build mud pies, play pretend, etc... Now- a- day's that is not acceptable there are just too many freaks and weirdos out there. So here I am, shy as I am, and I can't seem to find it in myself to set up a play date. But even if I did the problem is entertaining during the play date. I have lots of work to do. I want the kids to be able to entertain themselves. I did, why can't they? Oh yeah, they are stuck in my boring house with a tiny boring yard.

So back to the kids being bored.
Bear begged me to make him and Lyon paper airplanes. I did. They were no longer bored. At least for a minute. :D

any minute they'll start throwing those airplanes

There goes Lyon's plane

Bear's plane, going straight up

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Family Halloween Picture
Yep, there we are :D I made all of our costumes
It was fun.

Bear and Lyon




Bear and Lyon

Bear, Fenix, and Lyon


Rose and Fenix

Phil and Rose
H1n1 and Tami Flu

Grandpa G, Fenix, Lyon, and Bear


I have a feeling its going to be one of those days.

Maybe its because I hardly slept the whole night
In other words, I probably got a freakin hour of sleep.
And I didn't miss out on my sleep voluntarily.
I wasn't up watching a fun movie.
I wasn't up hanging out with friends.
I wasn't up shopping.
I wasn't up doing anything worth missing out on sleep for.
I just wasn't sleeping
So I'm tired, and I'm not happy about it.

But maybe its also because its seven AM and Bear and Lyon are awake.
They are awake and it hasn't taken long for the whining to start.
Whaaaa, waaaa, waaaa, waaaa, WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!
I already want to run away.

Maybe its because I started a my P90X exercise program this week and Bear and Lyon have made it impossible for me to do my yoga this morning.
Have you ever tried doing yoga while being angered by nagging
Its pretty hard to clear your mind and find inner peace when Bear is whining that he wants to watch a kids show, that he wants cereal. And then gets into my pantry and the treats that are in there. Enough candy already!!!!!

Maybe its because I know that I am in for a very, very, very, VERY, long and frustrating day of this.

Maybe its because I know that Phil is going to a basketball game tonight WITHOUT ME! He won't be coming home, I will get no breaks from these children, I will not get out of this house, I will spend the entire day cleaning and the house will still be a mess when I go to bed tonight.

Maybe its because I just don't want to have to be the Mom right now.
Maybe I would just like to put some focus on myself, be a little selfish, eat a treat without having to hide in the pantry, read a book without being interrupted, watch grey's anatomy (yes I have become addicted to the show I only recently thought was sex oriented and lacked content) without Bear asking me every five seconds why that person died, or Lyon telling, not asking, but telling me to get him another cup of juice/water.

Maybe its because I'm tired.

Maybe its because I'm lonely right now and could really use some grown up conversation.

Maybe its because I have a million things I want to get done, and I won't be able to do any of them, because there is only one of me, but there are three of them.

But maybe just maybe its just one of those days and I will make it through it, regardless of whether I want to or not.
And maybe tomorrow will be better.
And maybe I will laugh and be happy because Bear want to go to Africa, catch a monkey, bring it home to the monkey doctor, and then take it to the zoo. And I have no idea why.
Maybe I will laugh and be happy because Lyon is just so darn cute when he repeats everything Bear says only he yells it at me with a grumpy face and usually hits at me with his hand. I have no idea why he does that.
Maybe I will laugh and be happy because Sissy Fenix is rolling from her back to her tummy (which is much harder than from tummy to back) and she is scooting around, and getting up on her hands and knees and doing that rocking that they do when they are trying to figure out how to crawl, and she is jibber jabbering in just the absolute cutest way. I will be amazed because she is only almost 5 months old.
Maybe my Mom's words will come back to me "Look at the bright side, the sunny side" said with a big huge grin :D
And maybe I will stop complaining, thank Heavenly Father for blessing me so abundantly and I will stop focusing on the negative and "look at the bright side, the sunny side" And I too will do so with a big huge grin :D

And maybe just maybe, tomorrow is only a day away....