Thursday, December 31, 2009

And Bear says..

During our new years eve party Bear and I had a few funny conversations.
(these are for you Ben ;)

Bear: Hey Mom, I love you.
Me: I love you too.
Nate: Hey Bear I love you.
Bear in an accusing voice: You're not part of my family!

Bear:Huh Mom, chips aren't healthy

Me:Nope they aren't

Bear:But they taste good

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

So there you have it almost a whole week that happened in one day.
Please note that I spent about 5 seconds taking short handed notes for each listed time. Added all together I spent about 15 minutes keeping track of all that happened, and actually I wasn't even able to include every detail, like hand washing, bathroom breaks, and the little things here and there. It was a very average day with the exception of going Christmas shopping and the fire alarms, which would have been something else to cause a breakdown. On a regular night we would have wound down with an activity or some TV. Phil and I would have gotten our kids ready for bed by eight and would have been ready to go to bed ourselves shortly after. Also please note that I have not used these posts to complain about my day. This is simply what life is like around here, I realize that everyone has there own hardships and that others might even have it a lot harder than I do. But it was fun for me to re-read the posts and know that yeah I am a busy person and I can't do everything and its ok :D

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A day in the life part 4: 6PM to midnight

I almost have the pizza ready, but I can't let Sissy wait any longer :<
Pizza is in the oven. Phil is home :>
Crap my super sensitive fire alarms are going off. Stupid! Oh well :<

Just waiting for the pizza Phil got the alarms to quiet, but for how long? I need to feed Sissy and Phil has pointed out that I still haven't mailed our gas bill :<

The fire alarm is going off for the third time. I guess I really need to clean my oven.={
Oh wow, there is goes again, Yeeshe!
I am starting to stress out, starting to lose it. Too long without water, too long since I've eaten,
I can't do this
I can't do this
Having a conversation with myself now.
Self: Come on me, you can do this
Me: No I can't its too hard
Self: Come on shake it off, shake it off, breathe
Me: Hooo, Hoooo, Heeeeeeeeeeeee. Hoooo, Hooooo, Heeeeeeeeee.
Self: That's it you got it.
Me: Shaking it off, Okay, okay I can do this.
Fire alarm AGAIN!!!
Pizza is done.
Sissy is sucking her pacifier
Okay no it fell out.
Oh she picked it up and is chewing on the side. She is okay
Cutting the pizza.
Very shaky hand are having troubles serving the pizza. This is what happens when I let my blood sugars drop. Yeeeshe! Yikes! Must eat, must eat, must drink some water!
Dinner is on the table, drinks, napkins. All ready
"Come eat!"
I am getting Fenix her second dose of amoxicillan.
Finally ate my dinner and I need to change and pack a bag for the kids so Phil and I can go Christmas shopping.
I am all ready, well as ready as I can be. Did I mention that I haven't showered since Sunday! How sad is that! But we are going and there is no time. We are dropping the boys off at Grandpa's house, but bringing Fenix with us. I've shuffled the laundry and realized too late that I forgot to start the last load I put in the washer, but it is going now and the dryer is waiting for it. My leg is hurting very bad so I am going to heat up a rice bag in the microwave to bring with us so I can put it on my leg. We are going as soon as I do that.
We are leaving.
Oops we forgot a coupon so we had to turn around to come back home for it. Now that I have it we are off :D
We are home.
Getting the kids ready for bed, bringing in our purchases.
Kids are in bed.
Sorting and hiding Christmas presents
Got everything brought in and put away. Now to check facebook and twitter one more time.
Hmmmm, the internet is not working. Must be something wrong with the mechanism.
Fed Sissy, found out there was nothing wrong with the internet mechanism my computer just wasn't hooked to it.
Helping Phil install something technical to his computer, crap, I hate doing that.
Talking to Phil on facebook HA! So silly. Now if Fenix will just go to sleep.....

Chances are pretty good that I will be up every hour tending to Fenix. That is what happened last night and well almost every night. So I won't want to wake-up tomorrow. I will be sooooo tired, but I will wake-up when my kids do. That is what I do everyday because the house would be uninhabitable if there wasn't at least some amount of supervision. :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A day in the life part 3: 3Pm to 6Pm

Arther is on! I am embarrassed to admit it but I love Arther. There is nothing good on the blogs or faceboook or twitter. Bear is going through Sissy's things because he wants her to wear a bow.
Changing Sissy's diaper, she has such a big bum HA! :D
I finally was able to set Sissy down without her crying or having reflux problems. So I am going to get started on the pizza dough.
Third Dr. Pepper today, CRAP!!!
Sheeesh, I still haven't gotten that laundry from the dryer and I still need to get started, STARTED!!! on the dishes.
Working on the dough so at least that is getting done.
Finished the dough now it just needs to rise for thirty minutes then go in the fridge for an hour. Bear is making Sissy laugh while listening to her chest. "Wow!" he says, "I can hear Fenix's heart!"
Going to work on the laundry then going to unload the dishwasher.
got Bear's bed made up with clean sheets. Woooohoooo!
Started another load of laundry now Sissy is crying so I will feed her.
Nursed Sissy to sleep. Put the pizza dough in the fridge. We are still watching TV. I am a bad, bad, bad Mom. At least it is KBYU though. Now to do the dishes.
I got the clean dishes put away, now to load the dirty ones. Some of these dishes are from ThanksGiving last week. Sheesh!
I got the dishes loaded and the dishwasher started. Now I am going to start cleaning up the sushi roll mess and the pizza dough mess. Bear asked me if I am making sushi rolls. "No way!!" I say.
Bear changed his clothes, for only the first time today! Lyon has gone through 2 or 3 changes of clothes. Bear is mad at me because I won't let him go out in the front yard.
Yes!! I got Lyon's bed made regardless of the fact that he bawled the whole time I was making it. Now to put in another load of laundry and to finish cleaning up the sushi rolls and the flour.
Awesome I got my bed half made and the sushi rolls and flour cleaned up. Now to sweep the kitchen floor.
I found the ice cream lid.
Oops. I got sidetracked clearing the counter off. I am going to take out more recycling, and put some pens away and Sissy's bow, then I will sweep. Did I mention how bad my leg is hurting...OOWWWWW!!!
Yes, I finished sweeping got my mud/laundry room tidied and now I am going to tidy my pantry just a bit. Then I will start dinner.
I had to tend to Lyon so now I am going to work on the pantry.
I took some things that were in my pantry downstairs to storage. Oh dear now Sissy is crying. I've got to get the pizza in the oven! And Phil is on his way home, wooohoooo!!! :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A day in the life part 2: noon to 3Pm

Finished the puzzles, but we are missing some pieces. Lyon locked Fenix in her room. Now Lyon is crying , he got hurt and he needs me to kiss all of his fingers one at a time.
I need to make lunch!
The boys are standing in the pantry trying to decide what to eat for lunch while telling me how they played store with Stephanie last night.
Bear wants sushi rolls
Lyon wants pasta salad
Sissy (Fenix) is crying. Lyon is trying to cram her teddy bear in her face so I go to rescue her. Now to feed her. Bear runs outside to get the newpaper he notices that we got a package. I turn on the TV for the boys so maybe I can get lunch made for the boys. Pretty sure I am the worst Mom ever :<
I just finished feeding Sissy while reading a news paper article.
Making sushi rolls (even though Lyon who wanted pasta salad started crying that he wants tacos) I start the rice and then move onto preparing the vegetables. Meanwhile I am drinking a Dr. Pepper. This is the first thing I eaten or drinken today :(
Lyon needs to go to the bathroom, he says he can't go by himself. Even though I know he can, I take him. Now I need to wash my hands again! It may not be noted above, but I've already washed them about fifty times.
Now back to the vegetables and rice.
Just found the ice cream container. The boys put it back in the freezer empty and without a lid.
Bear and Lyon just finished watching Charlie and Lola. Bear wants a slice of avocado, so I give him one. I forgot that I had sprinkled them with soy sauce, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. He spits it out and says its gross. I imagine him as Charli and Sissy as Lola. He says "I have this little sister Fenix she is small and very funny" I don't know why but this makes me laugh. It must be the lack of food and low blood sugars.
I am still working on making lunch.
I am finally assembling the sushi rolls.
Lyon peed his pants and needs his bum wiped and there is someone at the door! I am in sweats and a t-shirt, great.
Sushi rolls are ready Bear is crying that he doesn't want any! and now Sissy is screaming, I need to feed her. Lyon is eating his sushi rolls.
Bear didn't touch his food, Lyon ate some but threw most of it on the floor. I still haven't eaten. I fed Fenix and now am going to put her in her bed. Lyon needs new pants first. Now Fenix is wide awake, she isn't going to go to sleep.
I finally got to eat and now I am full. :D
I am making the boys PBJ sandwiches. Bear is helping me put the jelly on so I can go and change out the laundry.
I am giving Sissy her Lactobacilous. Oops she puked its all over her and the floor. Going to clean it up.
Well she took most of the Lactobacilous. Now she just wants to play with the cup so I will try to get some laundry put away, but first I need to bring in the package that is on our front porch.
Lyon started pounding on Sissy's back and I stepped in some pee that Lyon peed by the front door. :( That package was HEAVY! I am going to clean up the pee and then on to the laundry.
Getting the laundry put away while the kids get into things in my room. Lyon is telling me that Bear said "stupid" Bear say's he did not!
Laundry it put away! Sissy is fussing, I need to feed her....
While I am feeding Sissy Lyon poops and pees his pants I set Sissy down and run him to the bathroom to clean him up. Sissy is not happy about it. And the next load of laundry just finished and is waiting to be put away.
Got Sissy fed but now she is having problems with her reflux so I can't set her down. I got Lyon in the bath and all cleaned up and in new clothes. His dirty clothes are waiting for me in the bathroom.
Since I am stuck holing Sissy upright I am checking up on facebook and twitter and blogs. Bear is asking if we can eat potato fries tonight while we watch a movie, which reminds me that I need to start on the dough for the pizza that we are having for dinner.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A Day in the life part 1: 8AM to Noon

I wake-up, daughter is crying, she is soaking wet and poopy. I change her.
I give Fenix her amoxicillan, she has a double ear infection.
I had a hard time giving her her medicine. She doesn't like it, probably because it is cold.
Bear is making himself cereal for breakfast and gets himself a vitamin C tablet from the cupboard. He bit it in half and gave the other half to me. Thankfully. I explain to him that it is not okay for him to get into them. He's irritated because there isn't much honey left and he is having a hard time getting it onto his cereal. He is making a mess.
Fenix is crying so I feed her.
Fenix is done. Bear wants something else on his cereal, he doesn't know what, how about some banana.
sliced some banana into his cereal, and notice there is no trash bag in the kitchen garbage can. I get one and put it in while Bear asks if I have looked for a rocket building plan on the "puter". I sneeze and notice the recycling needs to be taken out.
9:03 AM
I put the milk away.
Took out the recycling. Restarted the load of laundry in the dryer to freshen it up. Bear says he is done with his cereal that i just put bananas in. He hardly touched it! He begs to watch a show, I tell him "no", he begs, I say he may watch only one show.
I publish a blog post, but change the time so it looks like I posted it at 7AM. I check which other blogs have been updated. Give me a break it keeps me sane and is a window to the outside world. Lyon is still asleep and Bear is watching Secret Agent Oso and Fenix is happily playing on the floor.
Lyon is awake and needs clothes
I get Fenix dressed and Lyon some clothes, but I don't put them on him yet.
Fenix is hungry so I feed her. While watching Lyon's "one show" Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
Fed Fenix and patted her to sleep. Put her to bed and got myself and Lyon dressed. My house smells very strongly of pee because Lyon had several accidents yesterday and Bear accidently peed his bed last night. Oiy. So going to work on the laundry.
Crap I forgot to turn off the TV! Kids are now watching Handy Manny, there will be huge fits if I turn it off now and I just don't feel like dealing with that right now. So I check my e-mail instead.
Updating facebook status and twitter. Ooops forgot about the laundry, I'm off to do it.
Bear hid the remote, but I found it and turned off the blasted TV. Still working on the laundry. folding it putting it away. Did I mention that I still haven't eaten.
Sissy is fussing, but maybe she will go back to sleep. the boys are getting into some kind of mischief probably the ice cream. Yep, the ice cream. They are sitting in a cupboard with spoons eating it out of the box. I am pretending I have no idea. ;)
The boys are looking at phone books now and calling me every five seconds to "look at this" Lyon is now bawling that he needs a drink. I just finished folding this load of laundry. Bear is asking for lunch while I get Lyon a huge cup of drink so maybe he won't be asking for more in thirty seconds.
Spent the last little bit cleaning the boys bathroom. It was rank and needed to be cleaned. Poor Sissy is now screaming. I feel like a bad Mom. I put in a new load of laundry. Then go and get Sissy, I feed her and then put the last of the laundry away.
Just bonked heads with Lyon while getting Sissy. Ow! Now Lyon is crying for me to help him play with his toys and Bear is crying from the bathroom that he needs a wipe, there aren't any more in the bathroom. Oy!
Doing four puzzles at the same time with Lyon while feeding Sissy and burping her. Bear is saying,"I wish were a real, real, puppy, but I am not, I am a real human"
Still playing puzzles with Lyon took a short break to change the laundry Bear called Nate and then we sent him a video with my cell phone. (I still have not eaten!)
Bear still wants to be a real, real, puppy. He wants to know what I would be, if maybe I would be a cat.
I say "maybe a cougar"
he say's "how about a bowling ball"
and now he wants to know when we are going to go bowling again.

Friday, December 25, 2009


This year for Christmas we gave everyone a Christmas story.
If we know you and you didn't get one its because either:
A: We don't know where you live
B: We don't have your address
We hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Just click the pics to read what they say :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poorly explained...

Bear came running into my room this morning and yelled excitedly to me, "Its Christmas!!!"
Lyon followed right behind him yelling excitedly, "It Chrisma!!!"
They ran back out of my room to our front room where our Christmas tree is.
Bear comes back to my room with a look of irritation, concern, and disappointment :(
He says to me, "Mom, Santa didn't come at all :("

I told him that today was going to be Christmas Eve assuming he would know what the eve part ment. He didn't :( And its my fault for the poor explanation.

Santa Claus

Bear: He wasn't totally convinced this was Santa
and claimed he looked like a girl because his hair is long and twisty

Lyon: I don't think he was really sure what was going on
except that Bear was okay with it and so,
so was he

Fenix: Just cute and happy ;D

I am not sure who the guy is in the suit, but I am pretty certain it is somebody in
my LDS ward. His face looked familiar, but I couldn't see past the beard.
Anyway I am glad Santa came to our ward party this year I wasn't about to take
my kids to the mall and have them sit on some strange man's lap. That is just plain creepy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ward Christmas Party :D

There was hot chocolate :D
I let Lyon go get his own
He insisted.

There was a huge bowl of mini marshmallows
He helped himself

There was about an inch of hot chocolate in his cup
And thirty marshmallows :D

And Bear says...

Bear: Here Mom you can have this
(He hands me his santa hat)
Me: Why are you giving it to me?
Bear: Because Christmas is about giving...

What could I say to that

Me: (Smiling) Oh thank you Bear, I love it, but it doesn't fit me (trying to put it on)
Bear: That's okay you can just wear it on your head like that.

(The hat is only balancing on my head)

This is really crumby...

Now that Fenix is mobile and scooting all over the house
I have found it is necessary to sweep at least fourteen times a day.
Bear and Lyon are little tornado's (right Cha)
and follow behind me making messes left and right.
The kitchen is no exception.
And because Sissy is a baby she would like nothing more than to eat
the crumbs she finds on the floor.
I don't understand it.
The girl refuses to eat baby food. Anytime I feed it to her the look on
her face is that of complete disgust.
But when it comes to crumbs on the floor
she is all over it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And Lyon says...

Lyon: Are those paabwowns?
Rose: Yes those are hash browns.
Lyon: (while jumping up and down with his arms up in the air)
Yes! I love paabwowns!!!

My boy is an artist...

Bear drew this
It may need an explanation as to what it is so:
The gray, orange, and green stripes in the middle are the football field.
The yellow "Y"s on the ends are the field goals.
The group of orange stick figures are team "PSI"
The group of black stick figures are team "FBI"
Bear even drew jersey's on some of them, with numbers.

I must say that I am impressed, I am his Mom after all.
I am thinking that he will be one of those people who are
really good at drawing.
I always wished I could draw.
I have siblings who can draw.
But I lack that ability.
Its always frustrated me.
I get an idea for something creative, but can't carry it out because I cannot draw.
Phil and I want a "no soliciting" sign on our front door that has a menacing looking
lion, bear, and phoenix bird
a sales person might not get it, but we would.
It won't happen though because I can't draw.
I get idea's for dresses that I would like to sew, but I can't draw out the idea and make a plan for a pattern. Okay I wouldn't know how to make a pattern either. Ha!
I have this picture in my head for a beautiful "Jesus calming the waters"
painting. I've looked and looked for something that looks similar, but can't find it.
If I could draw it would already be hanging on our wall.

So I am hoping that my child or even children will posses that talent
and I think Bear's talent is looking promising.

Monday, December 21, 2009

boys shoes

I know better than to buy them different things.
At this point Lyon notices and doesn't want what he has unless its just like Bear's. They both had holes in their shoes and were in need of new one's.
So we went to good old Wal-mart and bought them the exact same pair of shoes
different sizes. Although Lyon's feet are nearly the same size as Bear's so we could have gotten them the same size.
Who would have thought that having the same exact shoes would turn into such a frustrating situation on my part, Bear's part, and Phil's part.
Every time its time to get our shoes on Bear starts crying that he doesn't know which shoes are his. I tell him they are the bigger ones, he rolls his tear filled eyes which tells me that, that, is not a good enough answer. Nope, he needs me to come and show him. Sigh.....
So to end the frustration I went back to Wal-mart and got another pair of shoes
one size smaller, because he complained the others were too big, I brought them home and he never wears them, he says they are too small :(
So as a last ditch effort to end the frustration I got a permanent black marker and drew a small letter "B" on the side of Bear's shoe's.
He watched me do it while I explained to him that this was how he could
tell which shoes were his. It has worked, no more crying when its time to get their shoes on.
Thank goodness for permanent marker.
At least for now ;}

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And Lyon says...

A commercial for Rambo part 2 came on. Lyon saw it and said:
"Wow! I like that Mom!"
Not sure why he liked it, but it was funny :)

Margarine vs. butter.....Lesson learned

Do you like margarine? Do you think its yummy? What is wrong with you?
These are questions I should have asked Phil before I married him, just kidding lol!

Phil went to the store he saw margarine on sale for 25 cents a box. 25 cents! He thought, its the same thing as butter, and bought it. He brought it home and put it away in the fridge. Not too long after I found it.
"What is this? Why did you buy margarine? Sick!!!"
"Its the same thing," He said.
Oh, it is not the same thing.
Skip forward a week and we find Phil in the kitchen making popcorn. He is melting the margarine to put on it. I didn't know. So he sits down with the bowl and starts eating it with Bear and Lyon while watching a movie. I finally come and sit down and dig into the popcorn. Phil has moved away from the popcorn to the other couch. I think he is being kind because he had already eaten half the popcorn so I figure he has moved so he doesn't end up eating more than his fair share. So I sit there eating away thinking the popcorn isn't the best I've had, I pick out the pieces that aren't too soggy with butter. Soon I start eating the soggy parts though and I start gagging. I can't hold back my disgust.
"What did you do to this popcorn?!"
Phil who had distanced himself from it looks at me with a look of revulsion on his face and says, "its disgusting!"
He knew it was disgusting and yet he sat there and watched me eat it!!!
He said he wanted to see if I would say it was gross too.
Well later Phil expressed to me his regret at having bought "the crap" and told me to throw it away and that he had learned his lesson.
At least I don't have to worry about him making that mistake again.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If he doesn't protect me who will?

When Phil and I go out and we have our baby Fenix with us Phil will usually insists on pushing the stroller or carrying her in our baby carrier. I don't like when he carry's her or pushes the stroller. Its not that I don't appreciate the chivalrousness of it, no, in my mind its my job or privilege to do this and he ought not take it from me. I feel uncomfortable next to him while he pushes the stroller and I walk hands free, and the same goes for when he holds the baby in his arms or bundled up in his jacket. Why, you may wonder. Well I got to thinking about it one day. Why does it bother me so much, I asked myself. I thought about it for a while and then was interrupted and lost the thought process. The query came back to me while in Las Vegas. We were walking around enjoying a few sites, Fremont street, a casino, yeah that was pretty much it, and then as we walked down a lonely street outside a hotel it came to me. Why it is that I do not want him holding or pushing the baby. It is because as he is the man, he's bigger and stronger than me, he needs to have his hands free in order to protect me and our child or children. If he has the baby carrier on how is he going to defend me if the need arises. He can't simply hand me the baby and step in front of me to keep me from danger. Can you imagine:

"Wait attacker! I need to unstrap my baby and hand her to my wife so I can defend us. Hold on I've almost got it......Crap, honey the clip is stuck.....Uh, attacker could you just hold my baseball bat that I will use to scare you off, so that I can get this thing off....There okay I'm ready.....Get away you no good attacker! Woooooaaaaaaaaahhh!"

And if he is pushing the stroller he wouldn't be paying attention to the surrounding area and possible threats because he would be busy navigating it being sure he didn't push it off the curb or something. Now if I am carrying our baby or pushing the stroller and he walks on my left side, how easy it is for him to step swiftly in front of us or quickly take my elbow and guide us out of harms way. I already know that I am not as strong as he is and so most likely not as strong as an attacker might be. I wouldn't be nearly as affective trying to defend us. So I belong on his right side with my hands full of the baby while he leads and guides me through any potential danger. That is my right as his woman and his right as my man ;D

Monday, December 14, 2009

And Bear says while Lyon bawls ;D

I was talking on the phone with Stephanie for a minute
When I hung up Bear said:
"Ask Stephanie to watch us"
While Lyon bawled because he wanted to talk to Stephanie ;(

Facial expressions....

I must be a visual person, right Phil ;D
Over the course of my life there are quite a few memories I have specifically of peoples facial expressions. I think it is quite funny how clearly I can remember those moments and those people. In some cases I can't remember their names but I very clearly remember their faces. What I find even funnier is the fact that most instances that I refer too aren't all that remarkable to begin with.
For example:
When I was in tenth grade my friend and I took ballet lessons. My friend had perfect ballerina feet. I on the other hand did not. I later learned that this has more to do with genetics than ballet talent or practice. Anyway one day as we were changing out of our ballet shoes a woman( whom I am pretty sure was the owner of the ballet studio) happened upon us and noticed my friends perfect ballet arch for which she praised her for and told her that she was very lucky as many ballerinas have to work really hard to achieve that perfect arch. (again genetics, and foot torture are to blame). I was sitting right next to my friend and did not feel it was fair for this woman to be going on about my friends feet and say nothing to me. So I piped up and said something like: uh, what about mine!!! And I held out my pathetic excuse for ballet feet, please note that my feet are as flat as a ducks, about as far from ballet feet as a palm tree is from a christmas tree. Now here is the point, this woman looked at my foot with this expression on her face (that I will never forget) of a mix between pity, laughter, and disgust all at the same time. "Oh," she said, "yours are nice too." She didn't want to completely destroy my teenage self esteem I suppose. But that look on her face said it all. My feet were a pity if I seriously wanted to be a ballerina, and they are quite laughable, and in the eyes of a ballerina I suppose they are also disgusting. Thankfully I look back on that with a smile on my face ;D

Example 2:
When Phil and I were first dating he brought me to his house a few times. One of those times I met his, soon to depart on an LDS mission, brother Daniel. I don't remember the exact scenario, but for some reason Phil had brought me down to his room and Daniel was there. Daniel met me and then proceeded to tell me all about this CD he and his friends had made to hand out to class mates or something like that. It didn't matter that he barley knew me. He went on for a while going into great detail as to why they made it and all the different inspirational songs that were on it and why. He then and I remember this part the most clearly, told me about how they had quotes from different prophets and leaders of the LDS church on the back and how he and his friends didn't think it was appropriate to have red devils next to prophets. (Red Devils being his schools mascot) The only reason why I remember this is because of Daniels facial expressions. His face was so expressive and excited like he was telling his best friend the most exciting secret. It almost scared me. I kept wanting to look over my shoulder to be sure he was actually talking to me and not someone behind me. I was just so flummoxed by his excitment over his CD and how exuberantly he described it to me. Now I look back on that and have to chuckle because that was soooo Daniel.
But at the time I just had no idea. Lol!

So yes I am a visual person.
It's a good thing ;D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

precious moments

One of the best parts of my day :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

lovin the view

Can you tell that we love Home Depot
We go there every chance we get, don't you?
; D

okay not every chance, but we choose it over Lowe's and um... other hardware stores
because Uncle Nate (AKA Nate the great) works there.
So it would be just short of blaspheme to go somewhere else ;)

Bear and Lyon aren't always happy to be there
and dragged all over the store, when they would rather play with Nate.
How do you explain that he is working and can't play.
Just tell him "Hi" give him a hug and come on.
No, they don't like that.
So they find other ways to enjoy themselves
A ride on the cart is one of those ways
At least until Lyon smashes his fingers under the wheel
or Bear bonks his head on the basket

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The pie was something magical...

We are going to make a pie
Lyon pours the chocolate chips
Bear puts on the whipped cream
I covered it in tinfoil and put it in the freezer
so it could "cook"

It "cooked" beautifully
Somehow the tinfoil bonded with the glass dish and it turned into a pie tin ;D

The pie turned out GREAT

Bear and Lyon thought so anyway ;D

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a few chocolate chips
and some redi whip ;)
It was delicious!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And Bear says...

Bear: Mom, this spring can we go to the North Pole?

Me: Probably not.

Bear: We can get a submarine, there would be plenty of food, there would be a bathroom, there would be beds.

Me: Hmmm, maybe.

Home depot projects

Did you know that every first Saturday of the month
Home Depot has a kids project.
You show up get a kit(and an apron if you don't have one)
and you make a project.
Last month it was a sailboat
This month wagons
Bear and Lyon always have fun
Phil and I have fun helping them :D
Lyon Fenix and Bear
and their sailboats
(I didn't dress them, by the way, they dressed themselves)

Bear and Lyon like to paint they're projects
So we bring them home and paint them
making the project last a little longer.

If you haven't been before
and you have little ones
You should go :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Go, just go...

In case you don't already read Nienie on a regular basis, today its a must read.
Because it is only too true. I think I wrote almost the exact same post this morning in my head with similar pictures, and less kids ; ) It was on the tip of my fingertips, but I decided to do some blog hopping first, and I discovered that what I was thinking was already out there and I laughed and laughed thoroughly, enjoying that someone else is doing just exactly what I am.
Its nice to be reminded of that every once in a while.

So Go, just go...
just click below

The snow circus

Thats not gonna work,

He wants to feed Fenix every time I need to feed her.
I'll say "I need to feed Sissy"
He'll say, "No you feed Sissy, me feed Sissy!"
So I at least let him try ;D

Monday, December 7, 2009

Its a boulder

Its rolling down the mountain.
The only thing missing is Sisyphus chasing after it.
Just click on Sisyphus up there for the story ;D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well Hello There Banana...

The boys were hungry so I gave them each a banana.
Bears was gone in a matter of seconds.
I didn't watch him eat it, but one second it was there and the next, gone.
I asked him if he ate it all, he said yes.
A little while later I found it.....

I don't know what the thinking was here,
but there it stood on the windowsill
in all its glory.

Its a Christmas miracle ;D

Remember this post?
I sure do, that darned dishwasher.
Well something has changed, maybe its my attitude ;D Because I used to do my dishes by hand, I have for years, with the occasional use of the dishwasher. However over the last six months I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me to get the dishes done this way. If I start doing the dishes by hand something always comes up to interrupt me. It could be Lyon peeing his pants, it could be Bear trying to escape out the front door, it could be Fenix puking. Regardless of what it is, something will happen and I will have to leave the dishes over and over again until suddenly its the end of the day and I have spent the entire day just trying to get the dishes done. So that is how I came to use my dishwasher sometimes twice a day! And for some reason beyond me it has been working! Only occasionally do I come across a dirty dish that needs to be rewashed and only occasionally does the soap dispenser door not open. The fact that instead of what would now take me a whole day to do, only takes me fifteen minutes is remarkable. (and isn't that just so ironic, lol :) It fills me with relief and gratitude. I don't know if my dishwasher was mad at me for not using it more often and has now forgiven me or if Heavenly Father is blessing me as he sees fit. I believe it is the latter and I am so very very grateful! So very very grateful :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

It must be in the genes

Is this my son? My son?

Bear has a sweet tooth the size of Texas!

I found him hiding behind the couch eating Spumoni ice cream. He wasn't supposed to be. I saw him sneaking out of the pantry. SNEAKING!!! That automatically indicates mischief. He had a handful of chocolate chips! Everyday he asks what we are having for dessert. We don't have dessert everyday, but he hopes we will. I caught him again hiding in a corner eating ice cream, I think he does this more often than I know.

Is this my son, MY SON?!

Phil likes the occasional treat so do I, but to the extent that Bear does it makes me wonder how he could be my son. Where would he have gotten this from.

Of course when my sister and I were little my Mom used to like to say that if there was any kind of sugar/treat in the house Charity,my sister, would find it. And if memory serves me correctly I believe my Dad may have had quite the sweet tooth himself. Perhaps its genetic.

So yes he is my son, My SON who can't stay out of the treats!!!
Its okay though I still love him ;D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

April Showers...I love that ;D

Library books

We ruined a library book, and by we I mean either Bear or Lyon did it. It really wasn't that bad, the plastic around the outside of the book got torn up a bit. All in one piece though. I thought about fixing it myself, I know I could have. But there are signs at the library that say if a book is damaged while you have it checked out DON'T TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF, they have special tools and such to repair the books. So trying to follow the rules I brought the book in and told the librarian that it had been damaged and needed to be fixed. I felt really good about it, I had been honest and I knew everything would be just fine. Until I got a phone call from the library telling me the book was irreparable!!! It was not!!! I could have fixed that book to perfection myself and they never would have known the difference, if it weren't for that sign.... So I went down to the library and purchased the book. It was already quite worn when we checked it out in the first place, and I just know that they were looking for a reason to get rid of it and make some money in the process. We still have the book. Since I purchased it the front cover has fallen off :( and the back paper has been ripped off. Don't get me wrong we try really hard to take good care of our books, okay I try really hard, I must try harder to teach my boys to value the written word.... Well anyway today I went into Lyon's room and what did I find, another ruined library book. I am going to fix it myself.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you think he needs glasses...

We were watching TV. Lyon had a pair of binoculars that he had been running around with. I look over at the TV and there is Lyon, binoculars up to his eyes and he has them right up to the TV. I sure wish I had a picture. Lol! :D

Liver for Lulu...

Don't you just love the blogging world I know I do. I came across this blog quite some time ago, the author doesn't update it all that often, but when she does I like what she puts up. Today while trying to clean up the sidebar here on my blog I almost deleted it off my list of blog sites, but just before I did I changed my mind. I figured she may not update it frequently but its worth keeping. Much to my surprise tonight I noticed it had been updated, so I went for a visit.
This is what I found

Touched, I followed her link to this blog.
From there I found the link to the blog that tied it all together, this one.
Go there visit the site read the story and then,
make plans for this Thursday evening
to do some Christmas shopping.
That is what I plan to do.
Hope to see you there :D

Cranberry Farms Club House
2400 West 2400 North
Lehi, Utah
Thursday December 3rd, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And Bear says...

While watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:
"Mom, why doesn't Mickey wear a shirt, and why doesn't Donald wear pants? Weird."

Wendy said...

Wendy said:
"Remember when we ran away and hid in the snow in the foothills with our barbies and you left me and cha cuz you were hungry and you came running back to us to tell us Grandpa was going to take us to McDs. Do you remember how we always wanted to name our husbands derek? Do you remember da hony braney or moo moo?? Do you remember how we proped your bed up on the side of chas and made you put it up every day!!! LOL do you remember when me and cha used to fight about having the light on in the morning?? Do you remember climbing the trees in the orchard and hanging out??"

I say:
"Lol!!!! I remember :D"

And the letter goes out to...

Dear my brothers and sisters,
Remember the fire alarm at the end of the hall, you know what I am talking about. Remember how it used to go off at the most random times, it had a funny alarm sound, sort of like a really loud cricket. Remember how we used to hit it with a broomstick to make it shut up. :D
Remember the pallets, our porch.
Remember that time we all danced in the living room to "Were coming to America, TODAY!"
Remember "Baby alert" under the Christmas tree, protecting the Christmas packages.
Remember having fires out in the backyard.
Remember going/sneaking to the reservoir. I am so glad I don't live by one that my kids could sneak to.
Remember night games.
Remember the camping plates we used for our dishes.
Remember how we would all ride in Dad's truck, lol!
Remember "the project", LOL!!!

Do these things make you laugh too? :D