Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A day in the life part 2: noon to 3Pm

Finished the puzzles, but we are missing some pieces. Lyon locked Fenix in her room. Now Lyon is crying , he got hurt and he needs me to kiss all of his fingers one at a time.
I need to make lunch!
The boys are standing in the pantry trying to decide what to eat for lunch while telling me how they played store with Stephanie last night.
Bear wants sushi rolls
Lyon wants pasta salad
Sissy (Fenix) is crying. Lyon is trying to cram her teddy bear in her face so I go to rescue her. Now to feed her. Bear runs outside to get the newpaper he notices that we got a package. I turn on the TV for the boys so maybe I can get lunch made for the boys. Pretty sure I am the worst Mom ever :<
I just finished feeding Sissy while reading a news paper article.
Making sushi rolls (even though Lyon who wanted pasta salad started crying that he wants tacos) I start the rice and then move onto preparing the vegetables. Meanwhile I am drinking a Dr. Pepper. This is the first thing I eaten or drinken today :(
Lyon needs to go to the bathroom, he says he can't go by himself. Even though I know he can, I take him. Now I need to wash my hands again! It may not be noted above, but I've already washed them about fifty times.
Now back to the vegetables and rice.
Just found the ice cream container. The boys put it back in the freezer empty and without a lid.
Bear and Lyon just finished watching Charlie and Lola. Bear wants a slice of avocado, so I give him one. I forgot that I had sprinkled them with soy sauce, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. He spits it out and says its gross. I imagine him as Charli and Sissy as Lola. He says "I have this little sister Fenix she is small and very funny" I don't know why but this makes me laugh. It must be the lack of food and low blood sugars.
I am still working on making lunch.
I am finally assembling the sushi rolls.
Lyon peed his pants and needs his bum wiped and there is someone at the door! I am in sweats and a t-shirt, great.
Sushi rolls are ready Bear is crying that he doesn't want any! and now Sissy is screaming, I need to feed her. Lyon is eating his sushi rolls.
Bear didn't touch his food, Lyon ate some but threw most of it on the floor. I still haven't eaten. I fed Fenix and now am going to put her in her bed. Lyon needs new pants first. Now Fenix is wide awake, she isn't going to go to sleep.
I finally got to eat and now I am full. :D
I am making the boys PBJ sandwiches. Bear is helping me put the jelly on so I can go and change out the laundry.
I am giving Sissy her Lactobacilous. Oops she puked its all over her and the floor. Going to clean it up.
Well she took most of the Lactobacilous. Now she just wants to play with the cup so I will try to get some laundry put away, but first I need to bring in the package that is on our front porch.
Lyon started pounding on Sissy's back and I stepped in some pee that Lyon peed by the front door. :( That package was HEAVY! I am going to clean up the pee and then on to the laundry.
Getting the laundry put away while the kids get into things in my room. Lyon is telling me that Bear said "stupid" Bear say's he did not!
Laundry it put away! Sissy is fussing, I need to feed her....
While I am feeding Sissy Lyon poops and pees his pants I set Sissy down and run him to the bathroom to clean him up. Sissy is not happy about it. And the next load of laundry just finished and is waiting to be put away.
Got Sissy fed but now she is having problems with her reflux so I can't set her down. I got Lyon in the bath and all cleaned up and in new clothes. His dirty clothes are waiting for me in the bathroom.
Since I am stuck holing Sissy upright I am checking up on facebook and twitter and blogs. Bear is asking if we can eat potato fries tonight while we watch a movie, which reminds me that I need to start on the dough for the pizza that we are having for dinner.


The Mecham Family said...

OMG!!! Rose you do live in a zoo!! I'm so sorry!! Although it is fun to read your posts...the whole time I'm thinking...so glad that's not me. hahaha. it's horrible, I know.

Shannon and Doug said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha! This makes me smile because I have so been there. And NEVER think you are a bad mom cuz I would never take the time to make sushi rolls and homemade pizza on a day like that! You are amazing! My kids are lucky to get a pb&J on that kind of day. Oh and what was in the package? I just love getting packages even if there is somthing boring in it.

The Mecham Family said...

Why the move?

We live in a Zoo! said...

Easier name to remember when telling people ;D
I hope nobody minds.