Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A day in the life part 3: 3Pm to 6Pm

Arther is on! I am embarrassed to admit it but I love Arther. There is nothing good on the blogs or faceboook or twitter. Bear is going through Sissy's things because he wants her to wear a bow.
Changing Sissy's diaper, she has such a big bum HA! :D
I finally was able to set Sissy down without her crying or having reflux problems. So I am going to get started on the pizza dough.
Third Dr. Pepper today, CRAP!!!
Sheeesh, I still haven't gotten that laundry from the dryer and I still need to get started, STARTED!!! on the dishes.
Working on the dough so at least that is getting done.
Finished the dough now it just needs to rise for thirty minutes then go in the fridge for an hour. Bear is making Sissy laugh while listening to her chest. "Wow!" he says, "I can hear Fenix's heart!"
Going to work on the laundry then going to unload the dishwasher.
got Bear's bed made up with clean sheets. Woooohoooo!
Started another load of laundry now Sissy is crying so I will feed her.
Nursed Sissy to sleep. Put the pizza dough in the fridge. We are still watching TV. I am a bad, bad, bad Mom. At least it is KBYU though. Now to do the dishes.
I got the clean dishes put away, now to load the dirty ones. Some of these dishes are from ThanksGiving last week. Sheesh!
I got the dishes loaded and the dishwasher started. Now I am going to start cleaning up the sushi roll mess and the pizza dough mess. Bear asked me if I am making sushi rolls. "No way!!" I say.
Bear changed his clothes, for only the first time today! Lyon has gone through 2 or 3 changes of clothes. Bear is mad at me because I won't let him go out in the front yard.
Yes!! I got Lyon's bed made regardless of the fact that he bawled the whole time I was making it. Now to put in another load of laundry and to finish cleaning up the sushi rolls and the flour.
Awesome I got my bed half made and the sushi rolls and flour cleaned up. Now to sweep the kitchen floor.
I found the ice cream lid.
Oops. I got sidetracked clearing the counter off. I am going to take out more recycling, and put some pens away and Sissy's bow, then I will sweep. Did I mention how bad my leg is hurting...OOWWWWW!!!
Yes, I finished sweeping got my mud/laundry room tidied and now I am going to tidy my pantry just a bit. Then I will start dinner.
I had to tend to Lyon so now I am going to work on the pantry.
I took some things that were in my pantry downstairs to storage. Oh dear now Sissy is crying. I've got to get the pizza in the oven! And Phil is on his way home, wooohoooo!!! :D

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