Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A day in the life part 4: 6PM to midnight

I almost have the pizza ready, but I can't let Sissy wait any longer :<
Pizza is in the oven. Phil is home :>
Crap my super sensitive fire alarms are going off. Stupid! Oh well :<

Just waiting for the pizza Phil got the alarms to quiet, but for how long? I need to feed Sissy and Phil has pointed out that I still haven't mailed our gas bill :<

The fire alarm is going off for the third time. I guess I really need to clean my oven.={
Oh wow, there is goes again, Yeeshe!
I am starting to stress out, starting to lose it. Too long without water, too long since I've eaten,
I can't do this
I can't do this
Having a conversation with myself now.
Self: Come on me, you can do this
Me: No I can't its too hard
Self: Come on shake it off, shake it off, breathe
Me: Hooo, Hoooo, Heeeeeeeeeeeee. Hoooo, Hooooo, Heeeeeeeeee.
Self: That's it you got it.
Me: Shaking it off, Okay, okay I can do this.
Fire alarm AGAIN!!!
Pizza is done.
Sissy is sucking her pacifier
Okay no it fell out.
Oh she picked it up and is chewing on the side. She is okay
Cutting the pizza.
Very shaky hand are having troubles serving the pizza. This is what happens when I let my blood sugars drop. Yeeeshe! Yikes! Must eat, must eat, must drink some water!
Dinner is on the table, drinks, napkins. All ready
"Come eat!"
I am getting Fenix her second dose of amoxicillan.
Finally ate my dinner and I need to change and pack a bag for the kids so Phil and I can go Christmas shopping.
I am all ready, well as ready as I can be. Did I mention that I haven't showered since Sunday! How sad is that! But we are going and there is no time. We are dropping the boys off at Grandpa's house, but bringing Fenix with us. I've shuffled the laundry and realized too late that I forgot to start the last load I put in the washer, but it is going now and the dryer is waiting for it. My leg is hurting very bad so I am going to heat up a rice bag in the microwave to bring with us so I can put it on my leg. We are going as soon as I do that.
We are leaving.
Oops we forgot a coupon so we had to turn around to come back home for it. Now that I have it we are off :D
We are home.
Getting the kids ready for bed, bringing in our purchases.
Kids are in bed.
Sorting and hiding Christmas presents
Got everything brought in and put away. Now to check facebook and twitter one more time.
Hmmmm, the internet is not working. Must be something wrong with the mechanism.
Fed Sissy, found out there was nothing wrong with the internet mechanism my computer just wasn't hooked to it.
Helping Phil install something technical to his computer, crap, I hate doing that.
Talking to Phil on facebook HA! So silly. Now if Fenix will just go to sleep.....

Chances are pretty good that I will be up every hour tending to Fenix. That is what happened last night and well almost every night. So I won't want to wake-up tomorrow. I will be sooooo tired, but I will wake-up when my kids do. That is what I do everyday because the house would be uninhabitable if there wasn't at least some amount of supervision. :D


Shannon and Doug said...

Oh little Rose you have done my heart good. haha that is so funny about your fire alarm cuz mine does the same thing! It is always the icing on the cake when your nerves are already shot! And then when you said Christmas shopping I knew you were in for a long night! lol I almost died in toys r us! seriously- Well the good news is that your little one will eventually start sleeping longer and through the night and you will be able to sleep and eat! haha it is so hard when they are nursing. You are an amazing mom- I mean can you imagine someone else doing all of that for your babies! Just by you staying home with them means everything. And it is such a sacrifice! I mean sometimes I would love nothing more to be the one that works or goes to school full time but I know that my babies need me. So good on ya momma! Just another day in paradise right? ;)

We live in a Zoo! said...

Lol! Ya got that right ;D