Monday, January 30, 2012

Forget the tan, I just want the suits :D

One more month and Phil and I are headed to Hawaii.
Maui to be specific.


This is going to be so fun!!!
We are going to go with Phil's brother and his wife.
We are not bringing our kids!
I will of course miss our kids, but Phil and I need some us time :D

We are going to play at the beaches as much as possible.
We are going to do the "Road to Hana"
We are going to do a bike ride tour,
basically you are driven to the top of a long road that you then ride down seeing all the landscape and small villages, wild life, vegetation, etc.
We are hoping to take surf lessons.
We'll go snorkeling.
We'll run around in the sun enjoying every minute.
I plan to spend as little time sleeping as possible...
Unless of course it's napping on the beach.

Oh it's going to be great! 

I've been trying to plan what I am going to bring.
Some shopping has been necessary for this.
I mean, I have two bathing suits, 
one I'm not even comfortable wearing, 
and two is simply not enough.


I did a little online shopping...

I got some bottoms to go with these tops and they are all mix and match.
Love them!!!!
Being to self conscious to wear them is simply not aloud!

I should have them by Friday so I plan to spend a lot of time going swimming this month to make sure that these suits will work for me.

*Squeals of delight*
I'm so happy!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't forget the Lyrics...

I've been neglecting to write.
I'm not apologizing for it, but I feel frustrated that I've been neglecting to do something that I love to do.
Writing my blog is for me,
it makes me feel good,
it helps me to sort out my frustrations and feelings and figure things out.
It also gives others a window into what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling.
Especially since I suck at communicating verbally what I'm trying to say....

Too often when I am talking I can't find the word, 
that I am trying to find to describe something, 
to be able to accurately say what I am trying to say.
I often jumble up what I am trying to say,
it comes out all wrong,
and I notice that people I am talking to will often dismiss that I've said anything,
or will misunderstand what I am trying to say.
Or try to guess what I mean.
Sometimes a person will guess right, and sometimes they will just get it all wrong and I can't figure out how to recant and rephrase fast enough before the moment of clarity is lost.

Other times I misunderstand someone's meaning,
either because of my inability to hear because my ears are failing me,
or because my kids are being just to crazy and distracting for me to be capable 
to catch any meaning to someone else's words.  
So I don't blame anyone else for doing the same to me.


I love writing my blog.
I love reading my blog.
I love going back and reading what I wrote about something a year ago and knowing that I either agree or disagree with what I myself thought when I was a year younger.
I often agree with my own thoughts,
but more often I have had a complete change of mind on something and think the opposite.
I think changing an opinion on a subject is a form of growing up.
Of having an open mind.
Of becoming wiser.

But only to a certain extent.
A politician simply can't afford to flip flop sides, lol!
I could never be a politician for that reason alone ;D

Friday, January 13, 2012


Superman is pretty sure I've lost my mind...
Well, I mean, I guess I did for a minute...


In the eight years we have been married,
I rarely got my hair cut,
I kept it long, long, long...
I rarely did my hair in anything other than a wet bun or ponytail.

I stopped dying my hair the month before we got married.
When Phil and I met, my hair was short and bleached blond.
When we got married, 
my hair was shoulder length and brown.

I rarely wore make-up.
I would put on the occasional mascara and eyeshadow,
I never wore base or concealer, etc.
I never spent any money on nice make-up...

I never did spa treatments of any kind.

It was never from a lack of want.

I love love love beauty treatments, 
Especially when there are good results of beauty.

Still I never did any of these things.

I worried about a lack of money to spend on these things,
and I worried about the effect they might have on future babies,
current babies,
or nursing babies.

For the last eight years there has always been that baby possibility.
So I avoided any and all chemicals.
I was hard pressed to even take Tylenol for crying out loud.

I am sure that any of said beauty treatments would have been fine to undergo,
but I still refrained.
There was too much worry that went along with them.

So now.

I am not pregnant,
I am not nursing,
I don't have any current babies,
I don't plan to have any future babies...
At least not for a few years,
and then only if I can convince Superman to have another.

So without that worry...
Beauty treatments have become a possibility.

I want massages,
I want facials,
I want to cut my hair to my hearts content.
I want to dye my hair,
I want to paint my fingernails,
I want to buy lots of clothes because I know that next year they will still fit me.
I want to buy expensive make-up and facial care products.

Not because I've gone crazy,
but because any reason I ever had to avoid these things are gone.
There is no reason not to...


Sunday, January 8, 2012

And Lyon says...

"Mom, I am going to draw a titure for all da cute girwls."

Thursday, January 5, 2012

And Lyon says...

"I wike dis dinner cause it has kech-up."