Friday, January 13, 2012


Superman is pretty sure I've lost my mind...
Well, I mean, I guess I did for a minute...


In the eight years we have been married,
I rarely got my hair cut,
I kept it long, long, long...
I rarely did my hair in anything other than a wet bun or ponytail.

I stopped dying my hair the month before we got married.
When Phil and I met, my hair was short and bleached blond.
When we got married, 
my hair was shoulder length and brown.

I rarely wore make-up.
I would put on the occasional mascara and eyeshadow,
I never wore base or concealer, etc.
I never spent any money on nice make-up...

I never did spa treatments of any kind.

It was never from a lack of want.

I love love love beauty treatments, 
Especially when there are good results of beauty.

Still I never did any of these things.

I worried about a lack of money to spend on these things,
and I worried about the effect they might have on future babies,
current babies,
or nursing babies.

For the last eight years there has always been that baby possibility.
So I avoided any and all chemicals.
I was hard pressed to even take Tylenol for crying out loud.

I am sure that any of said beauty treatments would have been fine to undergo,
but I still refrained.
There was too much worry that went along with them.

So now.

I am not pregnant,
I am not nursing,
I don't have any current babies,
I don't plan to have any future babies...
At least not for a few years,
and then only if I can convince Superman to have another.

So without that worry...
Beauty treatments have become a possibility.

I want massages,
I want facials,
I want to cut my hair to my hearts content.
I want to dye my hair,
I want to paint my fingernails,
I want to buy lots of clothes because I know that next year they will still fit me.
I want to buy expensive make-up and facial care products.

Not because I've gone crazy,
but because any reason I ever had to avoid these things are gone.
There is no reason not to...



Merfy said...

You are hilarious!

cm said...

Like my new hair ;)