Monday, May 31, 2010

And Bear says...

We were watching "Newsies" you know the movie. Anyway the boys on the movie are shouting, "Strike, strike, strike, strike!"
Bear says to me,
"Do they have bowling at there or something?

Wedding bliss..

When I was planning my wedding, my vision was of simple elegance.
What I ended up with was what I think was more like cheap and ugly.
I know its a terrible thing to say, but its the way I feel.
Nothing ended up the way I wanted.

I really wish I had pictures that I could post, but I don't =/

My dress, chosen for its simplicity,
but needing alterations ended up being too short and ill fitting.

The venue, chosen for its beautiful marble interior
ended up being odd shaped and complicated.

The cake, I gave a picture to the person making the cake of exactly what I wanted,
I told her not to put any flowers as I would do so. The cake she brought me looked nothing at all like what I asked for. I was so disappointed I couldn’t even bring myself to acknowledge it. My mother-in-law added the flowers, and although she made it look cute and complete, it still looked nothing like the cake I had envisioned.

My bridesmaids dresses, though pretty, weren’t at all what I wanted.
I wanted sundresses, they wore ball gowns.

I didn’t want to do a line, and ended up doing one anyway.

And the photography, may as well have been done by a four year old.
(I think the photographer was really tired and must have not felt like trying because I know she was more than capable of taking fabulous photo's)
I’m not kidding!
The pictures are terrible!

I don’t like going to weddings now, it brings all the bad memories of mine back to me. I can’t help but compare the beautiful brides and their beautiful weddings to my ugly disaster of a wedding.

It was especially difficult for me to attend the weddings of my husbands brothers and my own sisters. Their weddings looked so perfect from my point of view. The brides gorgeous in their gowns, hair perfect, makeup meticulously applied, flowers breathtaking. I wanted to cry each time. So depressed at the memory of my own wedding.

Though it hurts Superman’s feelings, I'm sorry babe :(
I’ve complained all together too much about our wedding.
I’ve wanted desperately to go back in time and elope.
Eloping would have been so something I would do, so fun, mysterious, and exciting.
That would have fit my personality really well.
Though Superman’s popularity would not have tolerated an elopement.

As it is I can’t do a thing about it.

I can learn form the mistakes I made and hopefully be sure that my own children don’t make the same mistakes.

I can let it go, there is no point wishing for a re-do.


Through it all, through all the regret and disappointment, there is one shining beacon that gets me through each and every wedding
I’ve attended since that fateful day seven years ago.

That shining beacon is my husband, the man I married, the man that stood proud and tall on our wedding day, oblivious to all else save only his adoring glowing bride that lit his wedding day so brightly he could see no flaws.
(though I may be slightly exaggerating his opinion of me;)

I love my Superman, I would do the whole crappy wedding all over and over and over again if only to marry the man of my dreams.

He is my dreams come true, my knight in shining armor, my one true love, my hero.
Indeed, my happily ever after.

I am so lucky to have found him!

Oh honey MY honey, I love you so much......
And, my darling husband, you know the rest.

Friday, May 28, 2010

And Lyon says...

Every day I ask my kids the same question, and every day for the last week Lyon has given me the same answer.

Me: What do you guys want to have for lunch?

Lyon: A cheese car.

I have no idea what a cheese car is.

"Friday Fragments"

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Friday Fragments:

Are you a crust eating person or a tear off and avoid the crust at all costs sort of person?
I've never minded the crusts of bread.
I actually always thought of them as the healthiest part, kind of like the peels on apples.
I don't know why.

You never see a man struggling with three kids in the pouring rain while extremely pregnant.
Women have it hard.
We really do.

I am willing to bet that:
Not all of our ancestors ran around naked in summer weather. I am sure some of them lived in the arctic, right. In fact even if they did live in areas where its warm enough to run around outside naked, they probably hated it! I can take the Utah weather. I can like the snow in May. I can take it, because I am an incredibly strong, capable, enduring, awesome woman!
So take that tropical paradises!
I bet you really wish you lived in Utah!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

And Lyon says...Out of the mouths of babes...

Its that time again!
If you don't know what this is, go HERE.

(Lyon, looking out at the ocean on the Coast of Florida)

Lyon was in the bathroom, by himself. Can you see where this is going?

That kid peed all over the bathroom floor.
No exageration, every square inch was covered in pee.

I said to him [not expecting an answer],

"How much did you pee?!"

He replied, pointing down at the floor,

"One, two, one, two"

As if he could count how much he peed.

Now its your turn...
What are your kids saying?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And Bear Says...

"Mom can I be Mayor?"

"Pour your heart out"

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Hello my name is Rose and I am afraid of dogs.
When I was little this was one of my most embarrassing secrets.
I didn't want anyone to know, so I would claim allergies to dogs.
Most people won't try to
force their dog on you if you are allergic.
If you tell them dogs make you nervous/scared, their response will almost always be,
"Well he/she is a really nice dog, you don't need to worry."
Seriously, everytime!
I have only one time heard someone have a different response and it was,
"don't worry we keep our dogs locked up when visitors come"
Deep sigh of relief on my part.
Keeping them locked up just meant shutting them behind their bedroom door.
The door wasn't actually locked.
I came to find this out during a recent visit when Lyon (Curious Lyon)
needed to see what was behind door # 1.
Ohhh, I had nightmares for a week after that!
Here is what happened:
My family and I were visiting some friends (the awesome ones mentioned above).
Everything was fine, conversation was good, kids were playing, when suddenly,
Lyon goes for the door, the one which kept the dogs out of my sight and mind.
I sat on the floor only a few feet away.
I don't know why I didn't think Lyon could open the door, but then the Lady of the house informed me that the door was not locked.
Panic rose up inside me like an unannounced tidal wave,
picking me up in its mass and swallowing me whole.
It was just like in my bad dreams, I couldn't move fast enough.
My legs and arms heavy and disabled.
I moved slowly to try to stop Lyon before he let the dogs out, but I just couldn't get there.
And then they were upon us.
My nightmares consisted of sharp barred teeth, ferocious barking and then the attack.
I always wake up before there is any blood shed,
breathless, my heart pounding, with a ringing in my ears.
Oh the horror!
That didn't happen in real life.
The dogs, two of them, ran right past Lyon who was quite stunned and thus crying.
They ran right past me, trying to get to Lyon so I could let him know it was all okay.
Though my own heart was pounding hard enough to let him know
that I clearly did not think it was okay.
It was over in a few seconds, all was well, we weren't attacked.
And yet.
I am sitting here in a cold sweat, my mouth dry, reliving it.
Sob! ='{
I know its ridiculous, as most fears are.
I can't seem to help it though.
I once decided I was going to get past it. I was going to take responsibility for my Mom's dogs while she was out of town, I was going to feed them and walk them and my Mom would come home to the happiest dogs in the world. Well the first time I went to feed them they were ravenous because the person who was supposed to be watching them had forgotten to feed them (which is why I took over) the dogs jumped and growled and groaned, I nearly had a heart attack. Finally having no other choice I tossed the dog food into their pen until I was certain they had had enough.
Imagine tossing meat to crocodiles!
That's what it felt like to me.

Talking about my fear helps though.
I don't feel nearly as anxious as I do when I am lying about it.
Now if only the truth could just set me free from this fear,
I'd be set.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And Lyon says...

"Mom, where is the out a space moon?"
"Mom, da out a space moon is in out a space, Mom."

"Post it notes"

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Monday, May 24, 2010

And Bear says...

"Huh Mom, when you get a broken leg and you're asleep, but your eyes are open, you're dead. Then they take you to the hospital and put a strap on your leg and you're alive again.........Or maybe not."

I generally have no idea where he comes up with this stuff.

"Mom n' Me Monday"

This week is going to be a "MEME" week.
I'll be linking up with several other blog memes.
Enjoy ;D
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Mom n' Me Monday

(this picture taken Feb. 2010)
Bear, me, and Lyon.
At the Kennedy Space Center
We totally rocked those space suits!
What you can't see is that I am holding both of my boys up so
they could reach the space for their face.
Not an easy task.
Then again, space travel never is ;)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

And Lyon says...

Lyon: Mom, Mom, MOOOOOMMMM!!!

Me: What?!

Lyon: Owny bassetballs go in a hoop! [only basketballs go in the hoop]

Me: Yep :D

I didn't notice, but I got recognized at Costco

I have a tendency to be very self involved when I go out grocery shopping.
Actually, I have this tendency no matter where I go.
the movies,
the park.
I am normally a very visual person, but when I am out on my errands its like no one else exists.
It's like when you are focusing so hard on remembering a list of items. Only those items are going through your head, over and over while you block out everything else.

Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.
Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.
Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.
Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.

Only I always make a list when I go to the grocery store, lol!
Regardless, all other people fade into the background as I make my way around.
I once walked right past my Mother in law at Wal-mart. I didn't notice. I stood in the same aisle as her for several minutes, when she turned and saw me. I never would have noticed her.
Rarely do I recognize people at the store, rarely do I talk to anyone.
This changes when I go to the store with Superman.
He notices everyone, and we usually see at least one person, if not several, that he knows.
Last week we were at Costco.
I was in my shopping zone, no one exists except the store and my kids.
We stood in line waiting to check out and I realized that we had forgotten milk.
So I took off to look for it.
(incidentally we don't buy milk from Costco often so I had no idea where to find it)
Trying to find the milk in the maze that is Costco is a story all its own.
I finally made it back to my waiting family.
As we make our way to the exit, Superman informs me that there was a girl behind us in line that was whispering to the guy she was with,
"That girls name is Rose,"

He told me to go back and see if I recognized her.
I couldn't even remember which line we were in, so I didn't.
But ever since I've been very curious.
How did this girl know who I was?
Could she be an old classmate,
a facebook friend maybe?
Or, could she have recognized me from my blog?

I prefer to believe that my blog is popular enough in the blogging world that she recognized me from my blog.

(Bear and I at the skating rink, completely oblivious to everyone there but each other)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Out of the Mouths of babes Meme, And Bear says...

While playing "star wars"

Bears cousin: Do you want to be obi one?

Bear: No, I want to be Oh-Be-Five.

Now its your turn....
Link up with a post of your own. Instructions HERE.
What are your kids saying?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And Bear says...


Me: Sissy spit it out.

Bear: SHE WON'T!!!!!

Sissy spits the ball out.

Oh the drama...

Don't forget to get your "Out of the mouths of babes," posts ready to link up tomorrow. I've got my post ready and will be posting it in the morning. I've never done a meme of my own
before so bear (;D) with me as I struggle along with it ;D

You know you're a Mom when......You've completely lost your mind

So here is the story.

I went to the park.
I took all my kids, on a day when I happened to have our car, while Superman was working.
I met my sister there so our kids could play while we visited. It was a lot of fun.
I had just been having a conversation with my sister about how awful it is to have to take our kids to use public bathrooms,
when Bear comes running up to me and announces that he needs to "go".
My sister gives me directions to the closest bathroom
and I head off with Bear holding my hand.

Now in my mind I am thinking,
"Bear needs to go to the bathroom."
That's it.
I don't need to go to the bathroom. I am not with anybody except Bear who needs to go to the bathroom. Bear is a boy. Boy's go to the bathroom in the mens room. You know, there is a girls bathroom for girls, and a boys bathroom for boys. So since Bear is a boy and he is the one making use of the facility I head to the boys bathroom, the mens room.
I had almost reached the door when
a guy bursts out of the boys bathroom door. The door nearly knocked into Bear and myself. I shouted out to him,
And not thinking anything of the odd look he gave me as he held the door open (oh yeah he held it open!) for Bear and I to enter into the boys/mens bathroom I proceeded inside only to slowly come to the realization that,
Wait a minute.
That was a boy, I am a girl.
There is a boy looking rather surprised at me while he washes his hands at the sink
(good to know that some boys really do wash their hands in the bathroom)
So I belatedly realize my blunder and say aloud,
"Oh this is the boys bathroom, he [Bear] is a boy, I am a girl.
We need to go to the other bathroom.

Now imagine you are watching this take place. You are a young college student having a picnic at the park with a group of fellow college student girls and boys.
Is what you just witnessed funny? Oh yeah, its funny! It's, that lady [meaning me] is crazy!

I am not crazy, no, I just am a Mom.

And you know you're a Mom when you think
almost nothing of taking your child to the restroom.
Boys or girls ;D

PS- I received an award!

Thank you so much Pink Moss!

Pink Moss

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And Lyon says...

Lyon: Mom! There is a spider in ma house!

Me: That's not a spider its a fly.

Lyon: I don't want it in ma house!!!

Me: Ok, I'll get it.

Lyon: Dair is is, da spiderfly!

So. What.

Do you ever notice how many amazing people surround us?
I notice.
I notice the women mostly.
Well I don't usually compare myself to men, its just not realistic.
So I compare myself to the other women. The other amazing women out there. Those with their success and their amazing talents, and great ideas. Those who leave me in wonder.
I don't feel like I am a success. I don't feel like I have amazing talents. I don't feel like I have great ideas.
I stay at home. I am not raking in the money. I am pretty sure no one is envying my vast array of talents or ideas, lol. I am not, as the world would define, successful.
Its a sad thought, but so what.
Who say's the world has to define me. Who says that the world is right?
Can't I be successful and amazing without conquering the giants that other women have?
Can't I be myself, the mother, the wife, the daughter, the aunt, the sister, that I am.
Can't that be amazing enough.
Because nearly every other woman on the planet has those same roles.
Shouldn't I be that and then even more.
Shouldn't I be the one out there conquering the giants, my story being told to all others, being the bright example that all should aspire to be like?
Well if that is the case, I just don't know how to get there.

PS-I am glad that there are women out there who are amazing and making a successful difference. Even if I am not one of them.

PPS-I realize its amazing to be a mother, daughter, grandmother, etc... I am not saying it isn't, I am just sharing my feelings of insignificance when I see other women who do all that and then some.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

And Bear says...

I was having a conversation with Bear, about dying.
I told him I hoped he wouldn't die until he was 152.

Bear: Huh, I don't look like I'm a hundred.

Me: Nope.

Bear: Cause you don't be a hundred when your five.


Taking me away

Like a wave of water it encircles my body.

Encompassing me in heaviness.

It takes over, sucking all I have from me.

Form and function have no meaning.

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

There is nothing but pain.

There is nowhere but inside.

All else disappears as,

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

Its a battle.

While I become weaker and weaker

My enemy becomes stronger and stronger, and yet still,

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

I know I'll win.

I have to.

I've never lost before and I don't plan to now, so,

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

Finally a light at the end of this tunnel

My breath is gone and my heart might burst.

I swim through the murky dark toward my saving light.

I've fought and fought and fought.

Finally a deep breath in.

I've won.

I don't want to fight this battle again.

but I will, its inevitable.

I really hate getting the flu.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

And Bear says...

"That shaked my brain a little bit! Huh, its a good thing it didn't shake my brain a lot cause it would explode out!"

A meme for me ;D

I'm starting my own meme.
If you frequent my blog often you know that every night I have a "And ______ says" post.
My kids say funny, strange, and random things all the time, and I just know yours do too.
So every Thursday here at We live in a Zoo! I'm going to "host" a meme,

What are your kids saying?

I love hearing the funny stuff others kids are saying, so write up what's coming out of your babes mouth, put up a picture of who's saying it, put a link to my blog, then come to my blog and link up.
Eventually I'll have a button for this, but until then just put up either:

Copy and paste the Out of mouths of babes picture
then hyperlink it to my blog.

or put up this:

Out of the mouths of babes
What are your kids saying?

Then hyperlink it to:

Or copy and paste the link directly to the "Out of the mouths of babes" post for that week.

I can't wait to hear what your kids are saying, and I hope a lot of you with blogs will participate :D
PS-I'm not going to start this until next week, so start paying attention to what your kids are saying so you are ready to put it up on a post next Thursday ;D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Bear says...

Bear: Mom, is the ocean really five feet?

Me: Its a lot more than that.

Bear: Like ten feet?

Wordless Wednesday: The way kids think ;D

Lyon yelled to me, "Look Mom I disappeared!"
That is him underneath the green blanket.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And Lyon says...

I was breastfeeding Sissy and Lyon came to sit by us.
He told me he needed to hold Sissy.
I told him no because she was eating and he couldn't feed her.
He told me that yes he could.
I told him that he couldn't because he doesn't have boobies.
He replied with,
"Yes I do have boobies, da boobies in da dwarwer!"

Contrary to popular belief...

Okay probably not popular belief, but I just want to make sure that you understand me.
Even if it does sound insanely cheesy, this has to be said.

I love my children, with every fiber of my being!
With every ounce of energy I have!
I would do anything to protect them,
I would go to the ends of the earth for them.
I carried them in my belly as they grew from barely there to practically ripping me apart.
And then they did rip me apart as they were thrust from my loins!
And I would do it all over again.

I love them each, and I will do my best to raise them, to teach them, and to show them my love.

So contrary to what I sometimes put on facebook and twitter, or scream and cry to Superman about, or even sometimes post on this blog; I love my children, I love them no matter what they do, even when they are crying that they hate me. I love them.

Bear, Lyon, Fenix: if you have been reading all of my blog posts sometime in the future, remember that I do love you very much.

Monday, May 10, 2010

And Bear says...

Me: Bear, Sissy is getting into your Valentines.
Bear: Oh! (looking at his Valentines) Oh my babies you could have gotten killed!

This one is a bit old, I found it written in my notebook, apparently I forgot about it ;D

Thats where the joy is....

As Moms, we complain an awful lot about what our children put us through.
We complain about sleep deprivation, we complain about potty training, we complain about teething, we complain about boogers, and poop, and spit up, other bodily fluids, we complain about snotty disrespectful teenagers, we complain about our children not listening to us, we complain about a million other things that I am sure I have yet to discover.
We often wish our children would just do this or just that. We want life to be perfect, our babies to sleep, and to learn what we teach them the first time we teach a lesson, or listen to and follow directions we give them the first time we give them.
We imagine what life would be like if things were perfect and our children too.
See but here's the thing, if it were all as we imagine, what would we laugh about, what would we talk to the other Moms about so enjoyably, what would we blog about.... The world would be an empty place without the sleep deprivation, toilet training, breast milk leaking, motherhood stories!
Don't you think?


Saturday, May 8, 2010

This goes out to all the mothers and mothers to be out there...

Two years ago, I wrote this for all the Moms I know.
I sent it out as an email.
Now that I have a blog, I wanted to share it with all of my readers ;D
Happy Mothers day all you Mommies out there!

This Mothers Day I just wanted to say:

Here is to all the Moms out there
Here is to:
Staying up late
Getting up early
Eating cold meals
If you get to eat at all,
Making 5 different things for dinner so everybody will JUST EAT!!!
The 2 year old who will only eat the crumbs under the couch cushion
Bedtime stories that never get finished
The kids that don't have a long enough attention span to sit through the whole thing
Not buying that really cute ( ) so that you can buy your kid that ( ) instead
Not Showering for who remembers how long
Wearing the same clothes for who knows how long
The kids that can't seem to wipe their boogers on a tissue but use you and the furniture instead!!!
Being Colored on With permanent Marker!!!
Being peed on
Being Pooped on
Being thrown up on
Spit on
Here is to:
Sore boobs
Sore Backs
Sore Feet
Poop, Poop, and even more Poop
Being so sick of dealing with POOP!!!
Here is too:
Being Late because Your baby has a poopy diaper just as you are walking out the door
Being even later because your three year old now has to go potty after every body is already strapped into the car
Here is too:
The cutie Pies
Little Princes
Little Princesses
And every other cute little name we come up with to call our babies
no matter how old they are
Here is to:
The joy you feel when your children get along
The happiness the words "I love you " bring to your heart
The pleasure you feel watching your children laugh together
Grow together
entertain each other
Here is to all those special moments that make it all worth it
and sharing it all with other Moms
and Here is to being a Grandma and watching your own kids go through everything they put you through, themselves
and being able to laugh about it


WE ROCK!!!!!!

Hope you all have the Happiest Mother's day ever!


Friday, May 7, 2010

And somebody said...

Me: What do you want for lunch?
Boy: Ummmm, I'm having smell.

Friday Fragments there is just too much swimming around up there

(This is me this morning, trying to keep my eyes open, lol!)
( I am seriously not trying to look so ornery, lol!)

This morning I am tired, no scratch that, I am exhausted! My eyes have rejected me. They don't want to open. I made the mistake of putting contacts in and now the urge to keep them closed is even stronger. Sigh, oh well. At least I can still type with my eyes half open. Though reading that's another thing all together. I am thinking I better have Superman edit this for me(done) to make sure there aren't 500 mistakes in my typing. Lol!

You know how there are those kids that are always talking about aliens, and aliens taking over bodies. Well I've seen them. You know, on Arthur "And now a Word from us kids" there is that kid that talks like he's an alien. You know what I am talking about. Don't deny it! Unless of course you don't.....

Anyway I think kids get this idea of aliens from their parents. I think this because there have been numerous times this week that I have wanted to accuse Lyon of being an alien because, good grief, he has never thrown so many fits and tantrums. It's just not normal. Alright it's normal, but he's making my stand on spanking harder and harder to stand by. Grrrr.

I really really really want to go lay down on my couch with a bowl of popcorn or a bag of chips, a Dr Pepper in my hand. Have I ever mentioned how comfortable my couch is? Well it is! The arm rest is just the right height to rest my head on without cricking my neck, the cushions have just enough give and cushiness, and it is long enough that my feet don't hang off the end. Though, as many of you know it's very beat up. To say the least. This week I've spent too much time on, they have a large selection of furniture and oh my, just about everything else you can think of. Anyway, I looked at couch after couch, sofa after sofa. They are pretty! I want one! Someday though, someday....

Speaking of, I am going to do a review on one of their thousands of products. Not a sofa though :( Still something awesome ;D
So stay tuned for that.

To end this rant of Friday Fragments,

My baby girl is nearly walking! She is getting too big too cute too fast!

For More Friday Fragments:
Mommy's Idea

Have a fantastic Friday everyone, and an even better weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

And Lyon says...

"I found a match Mom! See dis misser tato an'dis misser tato's mommy!"

"Bear Graves over and out"

I didn't encourage this at all. This is all Bear. The clothes, the dialogue, the picture.
I told him where he could do a news report, and I made sure the camera was recording.
Then I left the room and let his news report unfold.
So worth watching!

I love how he starts everything with "And"

My favorite line is "And now its time for me to do the talk"


I also love,

"And folks,"

Yep, Bear definitely cracks me up!

Oh, and that would be Lyon, near the end, yelling about wanting to watch another one show.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And Bear says...

Bear: I wonder what Santa made for his husband for Valentines day.
Me: Santa is a boy, he would have a wife.
Bear: Santa is a boy?!!

Not so Wordless Wednesday: Imaginative airplane

If you ever wonder why my couch cushions are so beat up,
Know, that not only are they a hundred years old,
But they also are taken off my couch constantly to be used in various
imaginative creations.
In the picture Bear has imaginatively created an airplane.
Bear is the pilot.
Lyon is the passenger.
And Fenix is a bird flying by the plane.
She is too smart and awesome to get sucked into the engine so no worries there.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And Lyon says...

Bear and Lyon were sneaking out of their room, after bedtime, and trying to get away with hanging around outside my bedroom door. Superman went to send them back to bed. When he opened the door Lyon shouts to him,

"We on da mission!!!"

Oh, well in that case.....

What dreams may come

In the middle of the night last night.
Poor little Bear crept stealthily into my room and up into bed with myself and Superman.
So stealthily in fact that I didn't notice he was there until I woke-up curled at the end of my bed with no blanket. I looked over to find Bear in my spot taking up half the bed. Oiy. I rearranged myself climbing between Superman and Bear. I woke-up again later and must have startled Bear awake because suddenly he was telling me why he came to my bed.
"I just had a bad dream Mom. I came in and then Donald Duck came in and Pete. And then Pete broke your heart Mom, for real."
You could tell he was upset about it. I tried really hard not to laugh
because lets face it its funny.
I told him that it was okay because he could fix my broken heart for me.
He said,
"I did."
And that was that.
Superman carried him back to his bed, I got my spot back and all is well once again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

And Bear says...

Me: What are you looking for?
Bear: The present Jesus gave me.
Me: The present Jesus gave you is your body.
Bear: No I don't mean that present, I mean like a a box....

DLE2701V AKA my dryer...

Well, I did, and I still love it.
Its a DLE2701V, ;P
I was thinking about it, while my dryer has a million options for drying clothing

(DLE2701V options A)

(DLE2701V options B)

(DLE2701V options C)

It is missing a few.
For example, where are the-
line dry,
tumble dry low,
lay flat to dry,
I'd like to know...