Friday, May 28, 2010

"Friday Fragments"

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Friday Fragments:

Are you a crust eating person or a tear off and avoid the crust at all costs sort of person?
I've never minded the crusts of bread.
I actually always thought of them as the healthiest part, kind of like the peels on apples.
I don't know why.

You never see a man struggling with three kids in the pouring rain while extremely pregnant.
Women have it hard.
We really do.

I am willing to bet that:
Not all of our ancestors ran around naked in summer weather. I am sure some of them lived in the arctic, right. In fact even if they did live in areas where its warm enough to run around outside naked, they probably hated it! I can take the Utah weather. I can like the snow in May. I can take it, because I am an incredibly strong, capable, enduring, awesome woman!
So take that tropical paradises!
I bet you really wish you lived in Utah!

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Arizona Mamma said...

I think because we have it so hard, our love runs deeper than out counterpart's does. It's like a special reward for all we endure.

trooppetrie said...

sometimes crust, sometimes not. if i buy bread i do not eat the crust, if i make the bread then i eat the crust

Tylaine said...

I Love crust, expecially on pizza! My husband won't eat crusts. Kinda funny story, the first time he came up to Alberta to visit me we went out to a pizza place and I just reached over and ate his crusts even though we didn't know eachother very well. Later he told me he knew I kinda liked him cause he thought that was kinda "forward" of me. :)