Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hate winter

Alright well its not really that I hate winter its a fine season and can be very beautiful. I particularly love to wake up in the morning and find a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, or watching the snow fall at night in the light on our street lamp.
However, enough is enough! I am so sick of being cold, I am 5 months pregnant, I should not be cold. Yet I am, and winter is to blame.
I once had a biology professor explain to my class, and I am really not sure why, why it is that we love the warm seasons. Something to the effect of our ancestors running around naked in the sunshine, and how our bodies weren't designed for cold weather. Well that is for sure, and right now if it were nice and hot I wouldn't mind running around outside naked. (As long as I were on a deserted island with a beach)
I get like this every year, desperately wanting to go to the beach. I love the sunshine, and I love to swim. I think I was supposed to be a beach bum, with a surf board, and my hair sun bleached and full of sand. Just the thought makes me feel so happy! Perhaps someday Phil and our family will move to the Canary Islands, with its San Diego like weather and beautiful beaches. I would learn Spanish especially if it meant living on the beach. Of course there is a downside to that, as there are those big huge scary dogs there on the islands. I guess that some how I would have to overcome my debilitating fear of dogs. Hey, anything is possible.
Oh well, sigh, for now I will simply have to wait patiently for the days when my boy's and soon girl and I, will be able to go out side play in the kiddie pool and walk to the park. Until then I will simply have to be content with my imagination and dreams of living in warm beach going weather all year round.

This is just a small piece of the Canary Islands. I think that this is really where I belong, but I was born where I was plainly and simply so I could meet Phil. Oh relax people, I know I also wouldn't have all the friends that I have now, so I am grateful to be where I am. ;)The backup plan was that Phil served his mission there so we would have met one way or another. I bet that my Mom and Dad once had a discussion on where they should move to, either Utah or Canary Islands, and Utah won. I can't be selfish if we hadn't come to Utah where would my Brothers and sisters be as far as their spouses and friends go?
Clearly I have thought this through just a little to thoroughly. Lol!


Shannon and Doug said...

Oh I HATE the cold too! I totally feel the same way. It is even harder when you are pregnant!!! I am so sorry that you are cold. I think that is why they came up with Groundhog day! Come this time of year people are sooo over the winter. I just think that I wouldn't love spring anywhere near as much if I didn't have the long winter to look forward to it. Just hang in there and the sun will be shining sooner than you know!!!

Wendy and Michael said...

Rose, turn up your heater!! LOL you can't be warm when you don't turn your thermostat up higher than 65 degrees! I always freeze at your house in the winter lol! Besides in a month we should have a couple days hit in the 70's and my tulips will be coming up!! said...

Lol! Too true, Thanks :)

Vanessa said...

I go through the exact same feelings!! my computer background always changes to a beach picture during the winer :)

Dan/Kealy said...

I totally agree with you! I am so sick of winter and being cold! I didn't know you were afraid of dogs-I actually don't like them either! Especially big ones that jump up on you! Anyways, hopefully it will warm up soon!!