Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our family Halloween photo
We were all supposed to be making funny faces
it looks like Bear and I are the only ones who attempted to
I was trying to make a kissy face but I couldn't stop smiling
And Bear was trying to put his fingers in his mouth to pull his mouth wide
apparently he couldn't quite get his fingers in his mouth.

In case you were wondering about our costumes:

I (Rose) am first name Tami, last name Flu

Sissy Fenix, a beautiful ballerina
with protectors (her big brothers)
Lyon and Bear
the Caped Crusaders

Phil is the H1N1 VIRUS
and they caught him

Its a good thing Tami Flu is there to save the day ;D

Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween, I have more pictures to come,
I am sure you all are just DYING to see them. Lol!
But not till Monday, I don't do Sunday posts ;D

The Pumkin Patch:Buying pumkins

Walking from the light alley to the pumkins

They each had to have their own wagon :D

Picking out their pumpkins

Lyon couldn't quite lift his

Mike, Phil, and the babies
waiting patiently :D

Friday, October 30, 2009

A new nephew!


Taylor, Becca, Baby boy, and Jason

We are so excited for a new nephew in our Graves Family
We look forward to going out to Cleveland and visiting
Hopefully this summer
Bear thinks they need to name their baby "Jacob T-ball" ;D
Yesterday he said "Rebok or Reshok"
He's four ;D
what do you expect....

I told them "NO"

I woke-up, after a very long night of tending to my baby.
I didn't get up.
I lay there even as Bear and Lyon barged loudly into my room.
My baby didn't stir.
I was staying in bed.
I stayed in bed even as I helped Lyon get on the baseball clothes he had picked out.
I stayed in bed even as Bear told Lyon, "You are stupid,"
How mean, I figured I would deal with it later.
I stayed in bed until I realized that I was expecting someone at my door any minute.
I pulled my lifeless body out of bed.
I put on my robe.
I didn't even make it out of my room when the doorbell rang.
My son Bear runs to the front window and announces that someone is here.
I tend to my visitor.
I notice Bear and Lyon going from the bathroom to the nursery with my tupperware.
I here water pouring.
I watch as Bear walks out of the nursery to the bathroom again and fills his container with water.
I watch dumbfoundedly as he walks back by me and tells me he and Lyon are building a pool.
I said "What?!" They are building a pool in the house! Filling a toy box with water!
I woke-up.
I told them "NO!"

The Pumkin Patch: Spook alley

Lyon wanted to go play on that playground so bad, but we had just come from the other play area and wanted to move on to the spook alley, he wasn't very happy about it.

The spook alley is not really a spook alley.
When I was little it was, there were spooky ghosts and ghouls,
but recently they made it into a light alley
putting up Christmas lights and all sorts of decorations.
I guess the spookiness must have been complained about
by parents with little ones that were terrified by it.
I don't blame them, Lyon would have been one of those kids :(

Even as a light alley it creeped him out, lol!

Bear and Aiden
I think they were confused about which way they were supposed to go.

The kids looking at one of the displays
It was kinda weird seeing ghosts, a leprechaun and a Christmas tree all together
Bear was actually spooked by those little ghosts, lol!

Fenix wasn't scared at all
of course she did have her Daddy right behind her to protect her :D

The light at the end of the tunnel ;D

And Bear says...

Bear woke up the other morning and looked out the window to see a few snowflakes were coming down. He was so excited he ran into my room yelling:
"its snowing!!! That means its Christmas and we can go sledding!!!"
It wasn't long before it stopped snowing, there wasn't anything to show for it, no snow on the ground. Bear was upset and kept telling me he wanted it to start snowing again. I told him that when I was little and wanted it to snow me and my brothers and sisters would gather at the windowsill and bang our little fists on is chanting "we want snow, we want snow," over and over. He tried it once and lost interest. A few minutes later he opened the back door and yelled out:
"Snow in Spanish Fork, then in Cleavland, then San Diego. And we want snow!!!"
It must have worked because within a few minutes the snow was coming down and we got enough for it to cover the ground and he and Lyon went and played in it :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

And Lyon says...

I put on "all the single ladies" you know the song...
When it was over I put on another song...
Lyon starts yelling at me:
He wanted to listen to "single ladies" again, Lol!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And Bear says...

"My brain just tells me everything,"

Monday, October 26, 2009

And Lyon says

I had Sissy on the floor for tummy time, Lyon comes up to her and kisses her
He jumps up giggling and saying,
"disgusting, its disgusting!"
referring to kissing

The Pumkin Patch: The play area

Sunday, October 25, 2009

And Bear Says....

While visiting Phil's parents, Bear said the prayer, he included in his prayer:
"bless the birds don't get killed and bless that we can get a dog when we get a bigger house and have a lot of space,"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pumkin Patch: The Maze

On our way in looking at the bunnies

Phil and Fenix Mike and Little Mike
The baby carriers

We managed to get them to hold still for a second
Look at how Bear is sitting, Lol!

Look at that face, she was definitely happy to be there :D

This boy just makes me smile

Apparently us Mom's and Dad's were going
too slow
We kept yelling at them to wait
and they were like
Yeah right
They probably ran through that maze four times

because of how often they ran ahead
only to turn around and run back

We thought it would be really cold
It wasn't
They ended up throwing their warm clothes
at me, so I could carry it all
I love Lyon's hat in this picture :D

He was trying to wriggle out of my arms
It didn't take him long
I had just enough time to snap this pic of us

We have managed to get good family pictures
there in the past.
I usually plan our outfits to coordinat
and have never had any problem
getting the family to wear them.
Bear and Lyon chose our outfits this year
How could we refuse
Need I say more...

I had just taken a family photo for them
with their camera
Bear wanted to take one too
this is what he took :)

Just gotta love it