Friday, October 30, 2009

I told them "NO"

I woke-up, after a very long night of tending to my baby.
I didn't get up.
I lay there even as Bear and Lyon barged loudly into my room.
My baby didn't stir.
I was staying in bed.
I stayed in bed even as I helped Lyon get on the baseball clothes he had picked out.
I stayed in bed even as Bear told Lyon, "You are stupid,"
How mean, I figured I would deal with it later.
I stayed in bed until I realized that I was expecting someone at my door any minute.
I pulled my lifeless body out of bed.
I put on my robe.
I didn't even make it out of my room when the doorbell rang.
My son Bear runs to the front window and announces that someone is here.
I tend to my visitor.
I notice Bear and Lyon going from the bathroom to the nursery with my tupperware.
I here water pouring.
I watch as Bear walks out of the nursery to the bathroom again and fills his container with water.
I watch dumbfoundedly as he walks back by me and tells me he and Lyon are building a pool.
I said "What?!" They are building a pool in the house! Filling a toy box with water!
I woke-up.
I told them "NO!"


Briann said...

that is hilarious! your so cute :)

Dan/Kealy said...

nice! crazy kids :)

The Mecham Family said...

hahaha. I love the way you write things. You have a talent. And you have great material with all your boy's adventures...