Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fenix, her third month...

My beautiful Fenix bird...

Grandma L. bought her sooooo many cute outfits
I think Sissy is excited about it
she is a girl...

Sitting on Grandma L's lap
She is wearing the dress Steph got for her
While she was on her cruise...

Sitting on Grandpa R's lap
at Grandma and Grandpa Graves house....

Eating melon that Grandpa Taylor grew in his garden
At Grandpa and Grandma Taylor's house

She was not happy about being on the floor
Look at how strong she is lifting herself up like that...

Standing up on Daddy's belly
So strong...

Watching Ben's football game...

Bear said she needed eye black
So he put some on her
she seems to be okay with it...

She likes to ride around on Daddy's shoulders...

Had to wear a football helmet...

Daddy got her a present
Bear had to go to the dentist
Lyon and Sissy didn't get to go
they were sad
Daddy got Bear and Ly each a baseball
and Sissy a pretty pink sparkly ball

Before and After..



Lyon likes to watch it spin ;D

I have yet to finish the loads of laundry that have built up even after two solid days of laundry doing. But I must say I have decided I really like the new set of washer and dryer. For a while there my clothes were staying pretty soft even without fabric softener, after using this new washer I realize that it was most likely because all of the soap was not being rinsed off....:( I am not going to think too hard on what else may have been left on our clothing.
Our clothes are very very clean now and also pretty rough as a result so I am planning on buying more fabric softener. I like soft material, what can I say..I mean after years of drying my clothes outside in the sun, which if you didn't know can leave them very cardboard like, I want to feel soft.
My only complaints about the set:
One, the washer is a little like a dishwasher where you should probably rinse off the gunk, if there is a lot of it, before putting it in the washer. Other wise it will not all come off and you may find chunks of whatever it was that was stuck on there later.
Two, I can no longer grab all of the laundry out of the dryer in one armful. The loads are too big to fit in my arms and the dryer is positioned so I just can't manage the right angle to get it all. So I will have to get an extra basket for the clean clothes to be put in to transfer from the dryer to the folding spot.

Other than that, and lets face it that isn't anything to complain about, they work fantastic! I am glad we are in a position where getting a new set wasn't an impossibility and hoping to be able to help someone else out by giving them the old but still working dryer.

Monday, September 28, 2009

And Lyon says....

When Lyon woke up I asked him:
"How did you sleep"
He said:
"In ma bed"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here is why....

In case you are ever wondering why I didn't answer my phone when you called.
Chances are I was probably cleaning up something like:

This happened early in the morning, I don't think I was even out of bed yet, until I heard the water running anyway. That water was ice cold and there he is standing in it. He dumped that whole bottle of bubble bath in there too, the WHOLE bottle. It took forever trying to get all the bubbles down the drain.

If you have ever been in our bathroom and realized there isn't any toilet paper, and we don't keep any in the cupboards. Well:
I am guessing that he was just having so much fun pulling all the tp off the roll and needed somewhere to put it.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Rest In Peace washing machine

Here is our current washing machine. It is probably like 20 years old (I'm guessing) We used it for maybe one year. But it worked well while we had it. It took some very large loads which I was grateful for. And although it sometimes smelt a bit fishy, I didn't worry about it because my clothes always smelt just fine, I will miss it. Why will I miss it, well it was free. There is a long story about how we got to where we are now with our washer, and I think it must be told:

You see when Phil and I first got married we lived in a basement apartment that was fully furnished, including a washer and dryer. After a year we decided to move. There was a problem in that we had hardly any furniture, but we found an apartment and made due with what we had. And with a lot of help from Phil's family. His parents, as a belated wedding present, gave us the option of buying us either a mattress or a washer and dryer. We figured we could live with sleeping on the floor, but could not live with dirty clothes. So they took us shopping and we got our first washer and dryer. It was wonderful to not worry about going to the laundromat, we lived on the third floor, can you imagine hauling laundry up and down three flights of stairs. We did have a few problems with the washer at first. The water hose (where the water drains out of the wash tub) was not connected tight enough so there was a nice big pool of water a couple of times in my laundry room, yeeeshe. Well we finally got that sorted out and didn't have any other problems with it for the next ten months that we lived in that apartment.
Moving day, we were moving in with my sister Wendy and her hubby, carrying that washer down the stairs it got dropped, it was scary but it survived. Or maybe it was the dryer that got dropped, now I can't remember for sure, oh well they both survived the move. My sister did not have a washer or dryer for her town home so in went ours. They stood up great to all the work, and then Phil and I moved again. This time just around the corner to another condo apartment. There was already a washer and dryer there so we left ours at my sisters so she wouldn't have to worry about getting some. We did have a few problems with the dryer while living in that apartment but it sorted itself out. Next move came like two years later. Wendy had bought a house and finished the basement for Phil and I to live. Our washer and dryer had already been living there for a year when we moved in. Now there were five adults and three children using that washer. It ran almost non-stop for almost a year. We figured it got 10 years worth of use in that one year. Well we made one more move to our house and the washer still worked for little while when the drive shaft went out on it. It was okay though for my Brother-in-law came to the rescue and fixed it. Unfortunately that didn't last more than a day. Fortunately he said he could try again, but....With as many times as it was moved and with how much it was used I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. (Five years, three moves, four if it is still working, I don't know if Mike ever fixed it again) Well fortunately Phil's parents had just had some renters ask them if they knew anyone who needed a washer and dryer, woohooo! So we took that washer and dryer, gave our old washer to my Brother in law, who planned on fixing it still, and the dryer we had just been given, we kept our old dryer, and everyone was happy.
Until now the new old (I mentioned that I thought it was 20 years old) washer has broken and I am very sad about it. The aforementioned Brother in law could maybe fix it, but Phil decided its time to move on and just get a brand spank-in new set.
So we did all the research looked at all of the reviews and asked all our friends and family, then went over to the good ole Home Depot. We looked at their selection, we had already decided to go with an LG, we decided on the very first set we saw. (We did look at them all though) The LG washers and dryers were on sale for 10% off and the pair we chose came with free pedestals. I think we made a good choice. I've herd from a lot of people that they "love" their washers, but I've gotta say its going to take some convincing for me to love any appliance I use to do work. Especially when it comes to laundry because I hate doing laundry. I must say though that they are very pretty,(pictured below) don't you think? :D So now we just have to wait for them to be delivered, which won't be until Tuesday (how will we make it that long) ! At which point we will say goodbye to our washing machine, its the end of an era, the end of top loaders. So goodbye and rest in peace washing machine. And hello and welcome new washer and dryer, may your life be long and healthy :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I must have done something good....

Have you ever seen the sound of music? These are the lyrics of a song Maria sings when she and the captain have confessed their love for one another. I always think of myself when I see this part because I really must have done something Very, Very good to deserve my dear sweet Phillip.

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somwhere in my wicked, miserable past
There must have been a moment of truth

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good



Seven represents perfect completeness and spiritual perfection. Seven years ago, on September 23rd 2002 I met a stranger. There are many moments in my life I cherish and remember fondly, but none reach the extreme pinnacle of this very moment in my existence. It was a slightly planned first meeting for two very different people. From the first knock on the door, to opening of it with a quick first glimpse, the course of the paths of these two were forever altered. Much has changed in the lives of us both since it began seven years ago around seven o’clock. 1 + 1 now equals 5, as a family has become complete! The course of our lives have merged and expanded and I’m happy to have the queen that I do to tread it with me. Every day that I am able to spend with my gorgeous flower, I feel that much closer to perfection. Even though I may not make it easy for her and I know some days are difficult, I am so glad to have been where I was on this very night seven years ago to meet my Rose.


7 times infinity!


Seven Years Ago Our lives were changed forever..

Once there was a young and very handsome prince. He was intelligent, strong, considerate, and very kind. He lived in the land of M. Everyone in the land of M knew and loved the Handsome Prince. They knew of his strengths and that he would succeed wherever he went.

Not to far away from the Kingdom of M there was the Kingdom of O. And in this kingdom there lived a young and very simple Maid. She had come from very simple circumstances and lived a very simple life. She was known by very few and to look at her you would never know what she might accomplish if anything at all.

Although this young prince and simple maid lived miles apart and had a million things separating them, they were destined to meet.

The Prince had many friends and acquaintances, but he spent most of his time working and increasing his knowledge. Thus he didn't spend much time playing. He became friends with those that he worked with so as to make his work more enjoyable.

The Maid did not have many friends or acquaintances, but two roommates whom she spent most of her time with. One of these roommates just so happened to be in love with a young man who worked with the Prince.

This young man spent a lot of time with the roommate who loved him and he loved her. He noticed the simple maid and saw her loneliness. At work he noticed the Prince and saw his loneliness. He knew such great happiness with his beloved that he felt he must share it with those around him. It was, he decided, inevitable that the two, the Prince and the Maid, should come together that they could have that happiness too.

One day when the Maid was in a state of great despair the young man told her that he knew someone he wanted her to meet. He then told the Prince that he had arranged for him to spend some time in the company of someone that the Prince would enjoy being with.

The Prince and the Maid were not very interested in meeting, but their curiosity of who the other could be won over their hesitations.
The night they were to meet arrived.

The Handsome, Intelligent, Strong, Considerate, and very kind Young Prince.
The Young and Very Simple Maid.

They met.

The Maid stood in her doorway, the Prince stood just outside.
They gazed into each others eyes, time stood still.

Knowing nothing of each other:

The Maid saw an Incredibly Intelligent Handsome King
with the Strength to go forward through anything.
And the Honest Generosity that resided within Him.

The Prince saw a Beautiful, Mysterious, Enchantress.
Eternity resided in her eyes.

Together they could accomplish impossible feats, insurmountable obstacles.
They could do anything, anywhere, anytime.
And they would....

They were made for each other.


Monday, September 21, 2009

And Lyon says...

We are getting ready to go to the park
Our stroller was sitting by the front door
Lyon strolls it into the living room
He wants to ride in it
I tell him he can't because Sissy is going to
because she is the baby and can't walk
He want to ride in it
I tell him he is a big boy and can walk
He says:

"No! Sissy big boy, me baby!"

then he climbs into the stroller

And Bear says...

Steph: I can't eat cake mix, I am allergic (to gluten)

Bear: I can't eat cat mix cause I am allergic to cats

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We like to golf, plain as that. However with the kids and the new baby I never get to go anymore. So I was having a really bad week and was totally losing my cool and Phil comes home and tells me, "Oh, tomorrow I am going golfing,"
You have to understand that it was Thursday night when he said this, my thinking is I can handle being home one more day, but the night too. Well I lost it, no I didn't go on a rampage or anything but you may recall my post about needing a break and the hulk. So Phil decided he had better take me with him. He didn't give me a choice. He arranged for a babysitter and then showed up and whisked me away. Now that might sound like a really sweet thing and normally it would have been, only I was still really irritated and we couldn't leave the baby home either. So there I was I couldn't throw a fit and say I wasn't going, in front of the babysitter. (thanks Bobby that was so sweet of you to do by the way love ya :) And once we got there I couldn't throw a fit in front of Phil's Dad and brother. (you guy's are awesome:) So there I was, little tiny baby in tow, praying that she doesn't get hit by a golf ball, furious that I got dragged along, having to nurse the baby every ten minutes, praying some group of men won't see. I will tell you this, if you are very irritated to begin with you SHOULD NOT go golfing. If you think that golfing is a nice relaxing game, you would be wrong, it is not. Well maybe if you are reasonably good at it and can actually hit the ball a good distance, it can be relaxing and enjoyable. But if your swing sucks, you can't hit the ball, when you are so pissed and nothing would be more satisfying than to hit that ball so hard and have it go flying like 350 yds and you just can't do it. Well then there will be heck to pay, later when you can actually get away with a royal tantrum. I never got to throw my tantrum because by the time we left I couldn't help but think just how comical the whole situation was. So what else could I do, I'll tell you, I laughed out loud, LOL!

Practically Brothers

Oh yes I had to post all the pictures of this. If you can't tell, what they are doing is banging their hands on the bottom part of my stainless steel work table. They were trying to knock the sippy cup over, they laughed and laughed as it jumped up and wobbled and jumped until it finally would fall over. They had a great time.

We miss having Ad come to play.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Boys will be boys....

This is Bear painting. As you can see he has learned how to not mix the paints and how to wash off his paint brush.

This is Lyon. He has not. Notice how all the paint is now green-brown.

Those are dum-dum wrappers on the cutting board. He has a bottle opener in his hand and a can opener near by, I have no idea what he is trying to do.

Best Popsicle ever!

His too!

My tomato plants would have done so well if my boys hadn't picked every tomato and then thrown them all over the yard.

I have no idea what the idea was there. But neither of them were crying so....

Can you guess what that is? Its supposed to be a fire. Bear and Lyon built it all by themselves. How in the world did they know there needed to be a circle of rocks around it and where did they find the rocks?
I was sitting in my living room feeding the baby when the boys come in and start pulling cotton stuffing out of my couch!!! You may recall the post I did about my couch. (if not click here) I asked what they were doing and they told me they needed it for their fire!! Shortly after disappearing outside Bear comes in and askes me for a "fire candle" to start their fire!
I think perhaps they have seen too many episodes of "man vs. wild" and "survivor man"
Lol! What silly little boys :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love when she sucks on her fingers like this. She is so cute!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And Bear says ...

"One creepy day
there was this super blamo scary spider"

And I can't remember the rest
but he made it up and it was the cutest thing EVER!
I was just dying that I didn't have a paper and pen to write it down
he went on and on and it was clever and actually made sense
why oh why can't I remember :(

Go check out this blog!
Awesome giveaway!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Give me a break....

I am a Stay-at-home-Mom. (I am sure its tough being a working Mom, but I wouldn't know) The pressure is high, from myself, my children, and my husband, to keep the house clean and food on the table. I must at any given moment be able to jump up and prepare a perfect and delicious snack while simultaneously breastfeeding my baby and folding the laundry. How else will it all get done?

Well I manage pretty well most of the time. But the pressure builds, like a shaken up soda bottle. If I do not get out of the house, by myself, to let out all of the pressure I explode.

I can always feel it coming. Its like when you can feel yourself getting sick, you start with a headache and a slightly sore throat and before you know it you’ve got a full on cold. For me it starts with wanting to cry because my potty training two year old has had yet another accident. Or when I want to tear my hair out because my four year old has changed his clothes for the millionth time,meaning more laundry for me to do. Normally these things don’t bother me so bad. I am able to see past the work to the humor. But when that pressure gets to be too much, everything gets to be too much.

I should make a warning sign for Phil, saying: Warning high pressure area Caution, Warning, BEWARE!!!: So he will know that it is time for him to take over and let me out of the house. When it starts to come on I always think of The Incredible Hulk: “You are making me angry, You won’t like me when I am angry,” and then rooooaaaaarrrr!!!! Transformed into a big, green, angry, etc.

It can easily be avoided, so easily, I laugh at myself to think that I don’t take the proper precautions. All it takes is a night to myself, like I said before, let me out of the house to go where ever I want and do what ever I want. And when I get home the house had better be clean or we will be back to square one.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Only because...

Yeah had to change it again.
The side bar on that last template
wasn't big enough and was cutting things off so....
What do you think?
Is it still easy to read?
I like it just fine.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Owlz baseball game

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't care if I ever get back for its root, root, root, for the home team, if they don't win its a shame, for its, one, two, three strikes your out, at the old ball game......

Well we went to the Owlz game, There really wasn't much of a crowd, we got hotdogs and sodas, it didn't take too long for the boys to start crying that they wanted to go home, we did cheer for the Owlz to win, of course they won, (Sissy was there, she is our lucky star) it was an okay game not really 1-2-3 strikes or anything but a whole lot of error's. There was an awesome triple play in extra innings that won the Owlz the game. Definitely worth staying for.

Fenix enjoyed the first few minutes

It didn't take her long to fall asleep though

Both Bear and Lyon brought their mitts hoping to catch a foul ball

We were really close to the batters so a ball would be traveling pretty fast if it came our way
There was one really close call near the end of the game, I was sitting with the boys a few rows in front of Phil not paying close enough attention to the game. I was holding both of the boys mitts and watching them instead of the game. Well there I sat and all of the sudden BAM a ball soars right between Bear and me. It hit the back of my chair and bounced up to some other spectators. Bear was so mad at me that I didn't catch it. We nearly got hit! Bear could have been hit in the head and me in the arm. It could very well have killed Bear and/or broke my arm. I was pretty shaken up by that wondering why in the world we were sitting somewhere where we could be potentially injured. Yikes! It was okay though, we were being watched over, Thanks Father.

There is Lyon practicing to catch a ball

See that face he is making? He is thinking,
"Moooommmmm, How embarrassing!"

Hi Bear :D

Poor little Sissy

That's more like it, she loves to suck on her two fingers
And there is Stephanie and her friend right behind Fenix

Nate came to the game late and got a hot dog with jalepenos on it he decided to share with Lyon. This picture he has a jalepeno in his mouth and I am pretty sure he has just realized it.

Hot, hot, hot!

Water, WATER!!!!

He got over it pretty quick, as you can see he still loves Nate. That is Lyon watching the game on Nates lap

We were surprised to see Jason there, seeing as he is supposed to be in Cleveland and all.
Okay not really...Phil saw this guy there who looked just like Jason only about 50 lbs heavier. We were all laughing about it pretty hard, poor guy had no idea. Makes me wonder if other people ever look at me and think hey that girl looks just like such and so, ha ha ha ha! I tried really hard to get a good picture of the guy but he was too far away and it was too dark so the pictures wouldn't turn out. That one was the best one I got. It gave us a good laugh :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Raspberries and blackberries from our backyard. This was one days harvest. We got way more yesterday! They are really coming along, next year we will probably be begging people to come and pick our berries because we will have too much!