Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seven Years Ago Our lives were changed forever..

Once there was a young and very handsome prince. He was intelligent, strong, considerate, and very kind. He lived in the land of M. Everyone in the land of M knew and loved the Handsome Prince. They knew of his strengths and that he would succeed wherever he went.

Not to far away from the Kingdom of M there was the Kingdom of O. And in this kingdom there lived a young and very simple Maid. She had come from very simple circumstances and lived a very simple life. She was known by very few and to look at her you would never know what she might accomplish if anything at all.

Although this young prince and simple maid lived miles apart and had a million things separating them, they were destined to meet.

The Prince had many friends and acquaintances, but he spent most of his time working and increasing his knowledge. Thus he didn't spend much time playing. He became friends with those that he worked with so as to make his work more enjoyable.

The Maid did not have many friends or acquaintances, but two roommates whom she spent most of her time with. One of these roommates just so happened to be in love with a young man who worked with the Prince.

This young man spent a lot of time with the roommate who loved him and he loved her. He noticed the simple maid and saw her loneliness. At work he noticed the Prince and saw his loneliness. He knew such great happiness with his beloved that he felt he must share it with those around him. It was, he decided, inevitable that the two, the Prince and the Maid, should come together that they could have that happiness too.

One day when the Maid was in a state of great despair the young man told her that he knew someone he wanted her to meet. He then told the Prince that he had arranged for him to spend some time in the company of someone that the Prince would enjoy being with.

The Prince and the Maid were not very interested in meeting, but their curiosity of who the other could be won over their hesitations.
The night they were to meet arrived.

The Handsome, Intelligent, Strong, Considerate, and very kind Young Prince.
The Young and Very Simple Maid.

They met.

The Maid stood in her doorway, the Prince stood just outside.
They gazed into each others eyes, time stood still.

Knowing nothing of each other:

The Maid saw an Incredibly Intelligent Handsome King
with the Strength to go forward through anything.
And the Honest Generosity that resided within Him.

The Prince saw a Beautiful, Mysterious, Enchantress.
Eternity resided in her eyes.

Together they could accomplish impossible feats, insurmountable obstacles.
They could do anything, anywhere, anytime.
And they would....

They were made for each other.



Phil said...


Love you Rose!

Wendy and Michael said...

Awe! How romantic!

Shannon and Doug said...

:*) tear. Loved it. Congratulations on seven years of love. I am so happy you found each other.