Friday, September 25, 2009

Rest In Peace washing machine

Here is our current washing machine. It is probably like 20 years old (I'm guessing) We used it for maybe one year. But it worked well while we had it. It took some very large loads which I was grateful for. And although it sometimes smelt a bit fishy, I didn't worry about it because my clothes always smelt just fine, I will miss it. Why will I miss it, well it was free. There is a long story about how we got to where we are now with our washer, and I think it must be told:

You see when Phil and I first got married we lived in a basement apartment that was fully furnished, including a washer and dryer. After a year we decided to move. There was a problem in that we had hardly any furniture, but we found an apartment and made due with what we had. And with a lot of help from Phil's family. His parents, as a belated wedding present, gave us the option of buying us either a mattress or a washer and dryer. We figured we could live with sleeping on the floor, but could not live with dirty clothes. So they took us shopping and we got our first washer and dryer. It was wonderful to not worry about going to the laundromat, we lived on the third floor, can you imagine hauling laundry up and down three flights of stairs. We did have a few problems with the washer at first. The water hose (where the water drains out of the wash tub) was not connected tight enough so there was a nice big pool of water a couple of times in my laundry room, yeeeshe. Well we finally got that sorted out and didn't have any other problems with it for the next ten months that we lived in that apartment.
Moving day, we were moving in with my sister Wendy and her hubby, carrying that washer down the stairs it got dropped, it was scary but it survived. Or maybe it was the dryer that got dropped, now I can't remember for sure, oh well they both survived the move. My sister did not have a washer or dryer for her town home so in went ours. They stood up great to all the work, and then Phil and I moved again. This time just around the corner to another condo apartment. There was already a washer and dryer there so we left ours at my sisters so she wouldn't have to worry about getting some. We did have a few problems with the dryer while living in that apartment but it sorted itself out. Next move came like two years later. Wendy had bought a house and finished the basement for Phil and I to live. Our washer and dryer had already been living there for a year when we moved in. Now there were five adults and three children using that washer. It ran almost non-stop for almost a year. We figured it got 10 years worth of use in that one year. Well we made one more move to our house and the washer still worked for little while when the drive shaft went out on it. It was okay though for my Brother-in-law came to the rescue and fixed it. Unfortunately that didn't last more than a day. Fortunately he said he could try again, but....With as many times as it was moved and with how much it was used I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. (Five years, three moves, four if it is still working, I don't know if Mike ever fixed it again) Well fortunately Phil's parents had just had some renters ask them if they knew anyone who needed a washer and dryer, woohooo! So we took that washer and dryer, gave our old washer to my Brother in law, who planned on fixing it still, and the dryer we had just been given, we kept our old dryer, and everyone was happy.
Until now the new old (I mentioned that I thought it was 20 years old) washer has broken and I am very sad about it. The aforementioned Brother in law could maybe fix it, but Phil decided its time to move on and just get a brand spank-in new set.
So we did all the research looked at all of the reviews and asked all our friends and family, then went over to the good ole Home Depot. We looked at their selection, we had already decided to go with an LG, we decided on the very first set we saw. (We did look at them all though) The LG washers and dryers were on sale for 10% off and the pair we chose came with free pedestals. I think we made a good choice. I've herd from a lot of people that they "love" their washers, but I've gotta say its going to take some convincing for me to love any appliance I use to do work. Especially when it comes to laundry because I hate doing laundry. I must say though that they are very pretty,(pictured below) don't you think? :D So now we just have to wait for them to be delivered, which won't be until Tuesday (how will we make it that long) ! At which point we will say goodbye to our washing machine, its the end of an era, the end of top loaders. So goodbye and rest in peace washing machine. And hello and welcome new washer and dryer, may your life be long and healthy :D


Wendy and Michael said...

LOL Awesome post!! Wow, it's amazing that we lived with and by eachother for 3 years almost!! Sad that it had to end:( I too loved the washer and can astest to how much abuse it withstood!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful washer with us. I have to say though..........i haven't missed it since we got our new LG's!! I'm also totally jealous you got the pedestals free!! they cost like $150 each!!

Dan/Kealy said...

I love your new washer and dryer! Wow! Good choice with the front load washer-my parents have one and it's awesome! Someday, maybe we'll have some a nice set, but for now we'll stick with our hand-me-downs :) said...

Actually the pedestals would have been $229 a piece, isn't that ridiculous for what is basically a drawer!!!

Phil said...

We definitely got a good deal on the new set though:
Here's a breakdown:
2 Pedestals: $229 ea.
10% off
+$200 Savings
1 Year No Interest No Payments