Saturday, September 19, 2009


We like to golf, plain as that. However with the kids and the new baby I never get to go anymore. So I was having a really bad week and was totally losing my cool and Phil comes home and tells me, "Oh, tomorrow I am going golfing,"
You have to understand that it was Thursday night when he said this, my thinking is I can handle being home one more day, but the night too. Well I lost it, no I didn't go on a rampage or anything but you may recall my post about needing a break and the hulk. So Phil decided he had better take me with him. He didn't give me a choice. He arranged for a babysitter and then showed up and whisked me away. Now that might sound like a really sweet thing and normally it would have been, only I was still really irritated and we couldn't leave the baby home either. So there I was I couldn't throw a fit and say I wasn't going, in front of the babysitter. (thanks Bobby that was so sweet of you to do by the way love ya :) And once we got there I couldn't throw a fit in front of Phil's Dad and brother. (you guy's are awesome:) So there I was, little tiny baby in tow, praying that she doesn't get hit by a golf ball, furious that I got dragged along, having to nurse the baby every ten minutes, praying some group of men won't see. I will tell you this, if you are very irritated to begin with you SHOULD NOT go golfing. If you think that golfing is a nice relaxing game, you would be wrong, it is not. Well maybe if you are reasonably good at it and can actually hit the ball a good distance, it can be relaxing and enjoyable. But if your swing sucks, you can't hit the ball, when you are so pissed and nothing would be more satisfying than to hit that ball so hard and have it go flying like 350 yds and you just can't do it. Well then there will be heck to pay, later when you can actually get away with a royal tantrum. I never got to throw my tantrum because by the time we left I couldn't help but think just how comical the whole situation was. So what else could I do, I'll tell you, I laughed out loud, LOL!


Wendy and Michael said...

Rose, you seriously need to get a pump, even if it is a cheapo! Bobby watches Baby Michael and would have been fine with Fenix too!! It's hard to leave them young but you need a date night without the baby, seriously makes a difference!! It is hard for me to leave the baby especially when I am gone all day during the week, but it works wonders on a marriage to have some alone time even if it is only for a couple hours.

The Mecham Family said...

You deserve an award! I'm amazed at how you seem to always find the humor in things. You are an amazing woman!