Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Before and After..



Lyon likes to watch it spin ;D

I have yet to finish the loads of laundry that have built up even after two solid days of laundry doing. But I must say I have decided I really like the new set of washer and dryer. For a while there my clothes were staying pretty soft even without fabric softener, after using this new washer I realize that it was most likely because all of the soap was not being rinsed off....:( I am not going to think too hard on what else may have been left on our clothing.
Our clothes are very very clean now and also pretty rough as a result so I am planning on buying more fabric softener. I like soft material, what can I say..I mean after years of drying my clothes outside in the sun, which if you didn't know can leave them very cardboard like, I want to feel soft.
My only complaints about the set:
One, the washer is a little like a dishwasher where you should probably rinse off the gunk, if there is a lot of it, before putting it in the washer. Other wise it will not all come off and you may find chunks of whatever it was that was stuck on there later.
Two, I can no longer grab all of the laundry out of the dryer in one armful. The loads are too big to fit in my arms and the dryer is positioned so I just can't manage the right angle to get it all. So I will have to get an extra basket for the clean clothes to be put in to transfer from the dryer to the folding spot.

Other than that, and lets face it that isn't anything to complain about, they work fantastic! I am glad we are in a position where getting a new set wasn't an impossibility and hoping to be able to help someone else out by giving them the old but still working dryer.

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Dan/Kealy said...

Those are so nice! Yay for new appliances!