Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding bliss..

When I was planning my wedding, my vision was of simple elegance.
What I ended up with was what I think was more like cheap and ugly.
I know its a terrible thing to say, but its the way I feel.
Nothing ended up the way I wanted.

I really wish I had pictures that I could post, but I don't =/

My dress, chosen for its simplicity,
but needing alterations ended up being too short and ill fitting.

The venue, chosen for its beautiful marble interior
ended up being odd shaped and complicated.

The cake, I gave a picture to the person making the cake of exactly what I wanted,
I told her not to put any flowers as I would do so. The cake she brought me looked nothing at all like what I asked for. I was so disappointed I couldn’t even bring myself to acknowledge it. My mother-in-law added the flowers, and although she made it look cute and complete, it still looked nothing like the cake I had envisioned.

My bridesmaids dresses, though pretty, weren’t at all what I wanted.
I wanted sundresses, they wore ball gowns.

I didn’t want to do a line, and ended up doing one anyway.

And the photography, may as well have been done by a four year old.
(I think the photographer was really tired and must have not felt like trying because I know she was more than capable of taking fabulous photo's)
I’m not kidding!
The pictures are terrible!

I don’t like going to weddings now, it brings all the bad memories of mine back to me. I can’t help but compare the beautiful brides and their beautiful weddings to my ugly disaster of a wedding.

It was especially difficult for me to attend the weddings of my husbands brothers and my own sisters. Their weddings looked so perfect from my point of view. The brides gorgeous in their gowns, hair perfect, makeup meticulously applied, flowers breathtaking. I wanted to cry each time. So depressed at the memory of my own wedding.

Though it hurts Superman’s feelings, I'm sorry babe :(
I’ve complained all together too much about our wedding.
I’ve wanted desperately to go back in time and elope.
Eloping would have been so something I would do, so fun, mysterious, and exciting.
That would have fit my personality really well.
Though Superman’s popularity would not have tolerated an elopement.

As it is I can’t do a thing about it.

I can learn form the mistakes I made and hopefully be sure that my own children don’t make the same mistakes.

I can let it go, there is no point wishing for a re-do.


Through it all, through all the regret and disappointment, there is one shining beacon that gets me through each and every wedding
I’ve attended since that fateful day seven years ago.

That shining beacon is my husband, the man I married, the man that stood proud and tall on our wedding day, oblivious to all else save only his adoring glowing bride that lit his wedding day so brightly he could see no flaws.
(though I may be slightly exaggerating his opinion of me;)

I love my Superman, I would do the whole crappy wedding all over and over and over again if only to marry the man of my dreams.

He is my dreams come true, my knight in shining armor, my one true love, my hero.
Indeed, my happily ever after.

I am so lucky to have found him!

Oh honey MY honey, I love you so much......
And, my darling husband, you know the rest.


Shell said...

The right man is all that matters!

Our wedding was not what I wanted, either.

But, I'm happy with the groom. ;)

blueviolet said...

I'm sorry that the day wasn't what you wanted, but it was just ONE day. Look at the many, many, many wonderful days you have since!

The Mecham Family said...

So funny you posted this, because on my way to work this morning I was thinking about my wedding... and I was disappointed...I also attend all weddings and am reminded of how I wish I could have a re-do... Dumb... but I get your feelings. :)

shannon said...

How funny is that! I feel the SAME WAY! haha I HATED HATED HATED how my wedding came out. I actually had alchohol at my temple marraige reception and didn't even know till 4 months after when someone told me about it in disgust. I had no clue! And I thought the hotel was so ugly! I also really hated my hair. hahaha nothing was how I wanted it and my dad practially forced his choices on the whole thing. I mean he was the one paying. So sigh- I too have complained one too many times about the same things. But I too have one a great husband out of the whole thing. :) P.S- for what it is worth- When I first saw you in the temple I remember thinking that you were the most gorgeous bride ever- Still to this day you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen in temple clothes- And I honestly thought you were stunning the whole day! Not just saying that. ;)

Wendy and Michael said...

LOL love this post Rose, it is such a hoot to read. I think that every bride feels the same way!! I won't comment on my first wedding LOL, after all you were there! On my second wedding, i did elope and it was perfect except.... my hair was crazy thanks to the humidity and the wind was blowing my dress against my stomach so in spite of tummy tucking material i still looked like i had a pooch!!! LOL but like you i married the perfect man!