Friday, May 21, 2010

I didn't notice, but I got recognized at Costco

I have a tendency to be very self involved when I go out grocery shopping.
Actually, I have this tendency no matter where I go.
the movies,
the park.
I am normally a very visual person, but when I am out on my errands its like no one else exists.
It's like when you are focusing so hard on remembering a list of items. Only those items are going through your head, over and over while you block out everything else.

Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.
Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.
Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.
Eggs, flour, milk, bananas.

Only I always make a list when I go to the grocery store, lol!
Regardless, all other people fade into the background as I make my way around.
I once walked right past my Mother in law at Wal-mart. I didn't notice. I stood in the same aisle as her for several minutes, when she turned and saw me. I never would have noticed her.
Rarely do I recognize people at the store, rarely do I talk to anyone.
This changes when I go to the store with Superman.
He notices everyone, and we usually see at least one person, if not several, that he knows.
Last week we were at Costco.
I was in my shopping zone, no one exists except the store and my kids.
We stood in line waiting to check out and I realized that we had forgotten milk.
So I took off to look for it.
(incidentally we don't buy milk from Costco often so I had no idea where to find it)
Trying to find the milk in the maze that is Costco is a story all its own.
I finally made it back to my waiting family.
As we make our way to the exit, Superman informs me that there was a girl behind us in line that was whispering to the guy she was with,
"That girls name is Rose,"

He told me to go back and see if I recognized her.
I couldn't even remember which line we were in, so I didn't.
But ever since I've been very curious.
How did this girl know who I was?
Could she be an old classmate,
a facebook friend maybe?
Or, could she have recognized me from my blog?

I prefer to believe that my blog is popular enough in the blogging world that she recognized me from my blog.

(Bear and I at the skating rink, completely oblivious to everyone there but each other)

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The Mecham Family said...

I think you are right- it was your blog!