Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What dreams may come

In the middle of the night last night.
Poor little Bear crept stealthily into my room and up into bed with myself and Superman.
So stealthily in fact that I didn't notice he was there until I woke-up curled at the end of my bed with no blanket. I looked over to find Bear in my spot taking up half the bed. Oiy. I rearranged myself climbing between Superman and Bear. I woke-up again later and must have startled Bear awake because suddenly he was telling me why he came to my bed.
"I just had a bad dream Mom. I came in and then Donald Duck came in and Pete. And then Pete broke your heart Mom, for real."
You could tell he was upset about it. I tried really hard not to laugh
because lets face it its funny.
I told him that it was okay because he could fix my broken heart for me.
He said,
"I did."
And that was that.
Superman carried him back to his bed, I got my spot back and all is well once again.