Monday, May 10, 2010

Thats where the joy is....

As Moms, we complain an awful lot about what our children put us through.
We complain about sleep deprivation, we complain about potty training, we complain about teething, we complain about boogers, and poop, and spit up, other bodily fluids, we complain about snotty disrespectful teenagers, we complain about our children not listening to us, we complain about a million other things that I am sure I have yet to discover.
We often wish our children would just do this or just that. We want life to be perfect, our babies to sleep, and to learn what we teach them the first time we teach a lesson, or listen to and follow directions we give them the first time we give them.
We imagine what life would be like if things were perfect and our children too.
See but here's the thing, if it were all as we imagine, what would we laugh about, what would we talk to the other Moms about so enjoyably, what would we blog about.... The world would be an empty place without the sleep deprivation, toilet training, breast milk leaking, motherhood stories!
Don't you think?



blueviolet said...

You're right! A perfect life would be sooooo boring!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I've thought about this very thing and your are completely right, it would be mundane for sure. So all I ask for is a perfect DAY once in a while ;)

Amber said...

You've got that right!! : )

Karin Katherine said...

I think that when you can find joy in the imperfect you truly learn about gratitude and being humble.

When I was battling with infertility I still remember the sting of someone telling me how I was lucky I couldn't have children because I can sleep, didn't have to change poopy diapers and my time was my own.

I can honestly say that even when I have bad days I've never been so dumb and hurtful to say that to another person---especially someone desperate to have a child.

We are lucky to have our "problems".
Don't you think?

Indy said...

I like your have such an eye for style!

shannon said...

I love how you try to find the positive in things that can so often overwhelm us. I don't think it is bad to try to tell someone that our "problems" are blessings because the truth is they often are. It is just a way of trying to find the good in things and an opportunity for us to learn something about ourselves. Of course there are times that it is needed and feels good to say that things suck and have someone say "yes they do suck" but it is also refreshing to try to have a more positive outlook on things as well. Rose I think that your positive outlook on life is extremely contagious and I always feel that you understand the trials that we go through. The times that I do vent out my frustrations I am glad to have your positive view to brighten my perspective. Thanks for that :)