Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You know you're a Mom when......You've completely lost your mind

So here is the story.

I went to the park.
I took all my kids, on a day when I happened to have our car, while Superman was working.
I met my sister there so our kids could play while we visited. It was a lot of fun.
I had just been having a conversation with my sister about how awful it is to have to take our kids to use public bathrooms,
when Bear comes running up to me and announces that he needs to "go".
My sister gives me directions to the closest bathroom
and I head off with Bear holding my hand.

Now in my mind I am thinking,
"Bear needs to go to the bathroom."
That's it.
I don't need to go to the bathroom. I am not with anybody except Bear who needs to go to the bathroom. Bear is a boy. Boy's go to the bathroom in the mens room. You know, there is a girls bathroom for girls, and a boys bathroom for boys. So since Bear is a boy and he is the one making use of the facility I head to the boys bathroom, the mens room.
I had almost reached the door when
a guy bursts out of the boys bathroom door. The door nearly knocked into Bear and myself. I shouted out to him,
And not thinking anything of the odd look he gave me as he held the door open (oh yeah he held it open!) for Bear and I to enter into the boys/mens bathroom I proceeded inside only to slowly come to the realization that,
Wait a minute.
That was a boy, I am a girl.
There is a boy looking rather surprised at me while he washes his hands at the sink
(good to know that some boys really do wash their hands in the bathroom)
So I belatedly realize my blunder and say aloud,
"Oh this is the boys bathroom, he [Bear] is a boy, I am a girl.
We need to go to the other bathroom.

Now imagine you are watching this take place. You are a young college student having a picnic at the park with a group of fellow college student girls and boys.
Is what you just witnessed funny? Oh yeah, its funny! It's, that lady [meaning me] is crazy!

I am not crazy, no, I just am a Mom.

And you know you're a Mom when you think
almost nothing of taking your child to the restroom.
Boys or girls ;D

PS- I received an award!

Thank you so much Pink Moss!

Pink Moss


MeganRebekah said...

If a kid's young enough to need an adult in the bathroom, you definitely have to go to the bathroom of the adult's gender or you'll get quite a few funny looks :)

The Mecham Family said...

When Shyler was potty training, i was in ALbertsons and she had to use the bathroom. Cole took Easton to the car, and I ran her quickly to the bathroom as to avoid an accident. As we are in the stall, someone exits their stall and washes their hands. And I can hear low talking, and it's a man, but I think it is the radio or something coming out of overhead speakers... Then I hear someone enter the bathroom and they walk into the stall next to us. I notice they look like boy shoes and they are facing the toilet, and then I hear peeing... OMG! I am in the men's bathroom!!!!!!!!! And that talking is a man on his cell phone while he washes his hands!!! I AM MORTIFIED. Luckily I'm in a stall and they can't see me, but I try to keep Shyler quiet as to not draw attention to us... I cower in the stall until I hear both of the other occupants have left. I grab Shyler and we race out of there. No- we did not wash our hands- I couldn't risk the humiliation of being caught in there! HAHAHAHA. It was so embarrassing and SO funny!
Actually, I think I'll post that on my blog so I remember it forever.. hahaha.

Arizona Mamma said...

I can't imagine the surprise the one washing his hands felt at you entering! I'm with you though...out in public is the only time I actually think it would be easier to have Addyson still be in diapers!

Heather said...

It sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

kbreints said...

Hilarious!! My oldest boys is 5 and about the age where he MAY need to use the mens restroom.... but I still go into the womans with him. I am not ready to send him in alone... ans I know that I would not think twice about chasing in after him.

Natalie said...

Yep, moms always do what we need to do. I can't imagine what the boy must've been thinking when you walked in there and he was washing his hands...he was probably just glad that he was done!

Shell said...

Too funny!

Definitely a mom moment!

Lacey said...

When will someone get wise and start making Mommy Restrooms - one stall, lots of hand sanitizer and a short sink??!

Cute story!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, that's so funny! I agree with Lacey, we need "Mommy Restrooms!!"

liz said...

Good for you! I have 2 girls, but I know my husband doesn't like taking my oldest into the men's room when she needs to go.

Thanks for the visit and comment love!

Julie said...

Blame it all on "Mommy Brain"!!

Dan/Kealy said...

LOL that's funny!