Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking me away

Like a wave of water it encircles my body.

Encompassing me in heaviness.

It takes over, sucking all I have from me.

Form and function have no meaning.

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

There is nothing but pain.

There is nowhere but inside.

All else disappears as,

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

Its a battle.

While I become weaker and weaker

My enemy becomes stronger and stronger, and yet still,

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

I know I'll win.

I have to.

I've never lost before and I don't plan to now, so,

I fight.

I fight.

I fight.

Finally a light at the end of this tunnel

My breath is gone and my heart might burst.

I swim through the murky dark toward my saving light.

I've fought and fought and fought.

Finally a deep breath in.

I've won.

I don't want to fight this battle again.

but I will, its inevitable.

I really hate getting the flu.


The Boob Nazi said...

I've never gotten the flu that I can remember. I think I'd die. I'm a wimp.

blueviolet said...

Keep fighting!!!! Feel better!