Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't forget the Lyrics...

I've been neglecting to write.
I'm not apologizing for it, but I feel frustrated that I've been neglecting to do something that I love to do.
Writing my blog is for me,
it makes me feel good,
it helps me to sort out my frustrations and feelings and figure things out.
It also gives others a window into what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling.
Especially since I suck at communicating verbally what I'm trying to say....

Too often when I am talking I can't find the word, 
that I am trying to find to describe something, 
to be able to accurately say what I am trying to say.
I often jumble up what I am trying to say,
it comes out all wrong,
and I notice that people I am talking to will often dismiss that I've said anything,
or will misunderstand what I am trying to say.
Or try to guess what I mean.
Sometimes a person will guess right, and sometimes they will just get it all wrong and I can't figure out how to recant and rephrase fast enough before the moment of clarity is lost.

Other times I misunderstand someone's meaning,
either because of my inability to hear because my ears are failing me,
or because my kids are being just to crazy and distracting for me to be capable 
to catch any meaning to someone else's words.  
So I don't blame anyone else for doing the same to me.


I love writing my blog.
I love reading my blog.
I love going back and reading what I wrote about something a year ago and knowing that I either agree or disagree with what I myself thought when I was a year younger.
I often agree with my own thoughts,
but more often I have had a complete change of mind on something and think the opposite.
I think changing an opinion on a subject is a form of growing up.
Of having an open mind.
Of becoming wiser.

But only to a certain extent.
A politician simply can't afford to flip flop sides, lol!
I could never be a politician for that reason alone ;D

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