Monday, January 30, 2012

Forget the tan, I just want the suits :D

One more month and Phil and I are headed to Hawaii.
Maui to be specific.


This is going to be so fun!!!
We are going to go with Phil's brother and his wife.
We are not bringing our kids!
I will of course miss our kids, but Phil and I need some us time :D

We are going to play at the beaches as much as possible.
We are going to do the "Road to Hana"
We are going to do a bike ride tour,
basically you are driven to the top of a long road that you then ride down seeing all the landscape and small villages, wild life, vegetation, etc.
We are hoping to take surf lessons.
We'll go snorkeling.
We'll run around in the sun enjoying every minute.
I plan to spend as little time sleeping as possible...
Unless of course it's napping on the beach.

Oh it's going to be great! 

I've been trying to plan what I am going to bring.
Some shopping has been necessary for this.
I mean, I have two bathing suits, 
one I'm not even comfortable wearing, 
and two is simply not enough.


I did a little online shopping...

I got some bottoms to go with these tops and they are all mix and match.
Love them!!!!
Being to self conscious to wear them is simply not aloud!

I should have them by Friday so I plan to spend a lot of time going swimming this month to make sure that these suits will work for me.

*Squeals of delight*
I'm so happy!!!