Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

So there you have it almost a whole week that happened in one day.
Please note that I spent about 5 seconds taking short handed notes for each listed time. Added all together I spent about 15 minutes keeping track of all that happened, and actually I wasn't even able to include every detail, like hand washing, bathroom breaks, and the little things here and there. It was a very average day with the exception of going Christmas shopping and the fire alarms, which would have been something else to cause a breakdown. On a regular night we would have wound down with an activity or some TV. Phil and I would have gotten our kids ready for bed by eight and would have been ready to go to bed ourselves shortly after. Also please note that I have not used these posts to complain about my day. This is simply what life is like around here, I realize that everyone has there own hardships and that others might even have it a lot harder than I do. But it was fun for me to re-read the posts and know that yeah I am a busy person and I can't do everything and its ok :D

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danielle said...

Thanks! I got them (the hat and gloves) at H&M.