Monday, December 28, 2009

Today has been one heck of a week...12/4/09

A Day in the life part 1: 8AM to Noon

I wake-up, daughter is crying, she is soaking wet and poopy. I change her.
I give Fenix her amoxicillan, she has a double ear infection.
I had a hard time giving her her medicine. She doesn't like it, probably because it is cold.
Bear is making himself cereal for breakfast and gets himself a vitamin C tablet from the cupboard. He bit it in half and gave the other half to me. Thankfully. I explain to him that it is not okay for him to get into them. He's irritated because there isn't much honey left and he is having a hard time getting it onto his cereal. He is making a mess.
Fenix is crying so I feed her.
Fenix is done. Bear wants something else on his cereal, he doesn't know what, how about some banana.
sliced some banana into his cereal, and notice there is no trash bag in the kitchen garbage can. I get one and put it in while Bear asks if I have looked for a rocket building plan on the "puter". I sneeze and notice the recycling needs to be taken out.
9:03 AM
I put the milk away.
Took out the recycling. Restarted the load of laundry in the dryer to freshen it up. Bear says he is done with his cereal that i just put bananas in. He hardly touched it! He begs to watch a show, I tell him "no", he begs, I say he may watch only one show.
I publish a blog post, but change the time so it looks like I posted it at 7AM. I check which other blogs have been updated. Give me a break it keeps me sane and is a window to the outside world. Lyon is still asleep and Bear is watching Secret Agent Oso and Fenix is happily playing on the floor.
Lyon is awake and needs clothes
I get Fenix dressed and Lyon some clothes, but I don't put them on him yet.
Fenix is hungry so I feed her. While watching Lyon's "one show" Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
Fed Fenix and patted her to sleep. Put her to bed and got myself and Lyon dressed. My house smells very strongly of pee because Lyon had several accidents yesterday and Bear accidently peed his bed last night. Oiy. So going to work on the laundry.
Crap I forgot to turn off the TV! Kids are now watching Handy Manny, there will be huge fits if I turn it off now and I just don't feel like dealing with that right now. So I check my e-mail instead.
Updating facebook status and twitter. Ooops forgot about the laundry, I'm off to do it.
Bear hid the remote, but I found it and turned off the blasted TV. Still working on the laundry. folding it putting it away. Did I mention that I still haven't eaten.
Sissy is fussing, but maybe she will go back to sleep. the boys are getting into some kind of mischief probably the ice cream. Yep, the ice cream. They are sitting in a cupboard with spoons eating it out of the box. I am pretending I have no idea. ;)
The boys are looking at phone books now and calling me every five seconds to "look at this" Lyon is now bawling that he needs a drink. I just finished folding this load of laundry. Bear is asking for lunch while I get Lyon a huge cup of drink so maybe he won't be asking for more in thirty seconds.
Spent the last little bit cleaning the boys bathroom. It was rank and needed to be cleaned. Poor Sissy is now screaming. I feel like a bad Mom. I put in a new load of laundry. Then go and get Sissy, I feed her and then put the last of the laundry away.
Just bonked heads with Lyon while getting Sissy. Ow! Now Lyon is crying for me to help him play with his toys and Bear is crying from the bathroom that he needs a wipe, there aren't any more in the bathroom. Oy!
Doing four puzzles at the same time with Lyon while feeding Sissy and burping her. Bear is saying,"I wish were a real, real, puppy, but I am not, I am a real human"
Still playing puzzles with Lyon took a short break to change the laundry Bear called Nate and then we sent him a video with my cell phone. (I still have not eaten!)
Bear still wants to be a real, real, puppy. He wants to know what I would be, if maybe I would be a cat.
I say "maybe a cougar"
he say's "how about a bowling ball"
and now he wants to know when we are going to go bowling again.

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