Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home depot projects

Did you know that every first Saturday of the month
Home Depot has a kids project.
You show up get a kit(and an apron if you don't have one)
and you make a project.
Last month it was a sailboat
This month wagons
Bear and Lyon always have fun
Phil and I have fun helping them :D
Lyon Fenix and Bear
and their sailboats
(I didn't dress them, by the way, they dressed themselves)

Bear and Lyon like to paint they're projects
So we bring them home and paint them
making the project last a little longer.

If you haven't been before
and you have little ones
You should go :D


Stephanie said...

they are so cute, it looks like phil enjoys the projects too :) he's still a little kid.

Wendy and Michael said...

cool, we'll have to check ti out.

The Mecham Family said...

Will you call and remind me before the next one!? Shyler would LOVE to come!!