Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Margarine vs. butter.....Lesson learned

Do you like margarine? Do you think its yummy? What is wrong with you?
These are questions I should have asked Phil before I married him, just kidding lol!

Phil went to the store he saw margarine on sale for 25 cents a box. 25 cents! He thought, its the same thing as butter, and bought it. He brought it home and put it away in the fridge. Not too long after I found it.
"What is this? Why did you buy margarine? Sick!!!"
"Its the same thing," He said.
Oh, it is not the same thing.
Skip forward a week and we find Phil in the kitchen making popcorn. He is melting the margarine to put on it. I didn't know. So he sits down with the bowl and starts eating it with Bear and Lyon while watching a movie. I finally come and sit down and dig into the popcorn. Phil has moved away from the popcorn to the other couch. I think he is being kind because he had already eaten half the popcorn so I figure he has moved so he doesn't end up eating more than his fair share. So I sit there eating away thinking the popcorn isn't the best I've had, I pick out the pieces that aren't too soggy with butter. Soon I start eating the soggy parts though and I start gagging. I can't hold back my disgust.
"What did you do to this popcorn?!"
Phil who had distanced himself from it looks at me with a look of revulsion on his face and says, "its disgusting!"
He knew it was disgusting and yet he sat there and watched me eat it!!!
He said he wanted to see if I would say it was gross too.
Well later Phil expressed to me his regret at having bought "the crap" and told me to throw it away and that he had learned his lesson.
At least I don't have to worry about him making that mistake again.

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