Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If he doesn't protect me who will?

When Phil and I go out and we have our baby Fenix with us Phil will usually insists on pushing the stroller or carrying her in our baby carrier. I don't like when he carry's her or pushes the stroller. Its not that I don't appreciate the chivalrousness of it, no, in my mind its my job or privilege to do this and he ought not take it from me. I feel uncomfortable next to him while he pushes the stroller and I walk hands free, and the same goes for when he holds the baby in his arms or bundled up in his jacket. Why, you may wonder. Well I got to thinking about it one day. Why does it bother me so much, I asked myself. I thought about it for a while and then was interrupted and lost the thought process. The query came back to me while in Las Vegas. We were walking around enjoying a few sites, Fremont street, a casino, yeah that was pretty much it, and then as we walked down a lonely street outside a hotel it came to me. Why it is that I do not want him holding or pushing the baby. It is because as he is the man, he's bigger and stronger than me, he needs to have his hands free in order to protect me and our child or children. If he has the baby carrier on how is he going to defend me if the need arises. He can't simply hand me the baby and step in front of me to keep me from danger. Can you imagine:

"Wait attacker! I need to unstrap my baby and hand her to my wife so I can defend us. Hold on I've almost got it......Crap, honey the clip is stuck.....Uh, attacker could you just hold my baseball bat that I will use to scare you off, so that I can get this thing off....There okay I'm ready.....Get away you no good attacker! Woooooaaaaaaaaahhh!"

And if he is pushing the stroller he wouldn't be paying attention to the surrounding area and possible threats because he would be busy navigating it being sure he didn't push it off the curb or something. Now if I am carrying our baby or pushing the stroller and he walks on my left side, how easy it is for him to step swiftly in front of us or quickly take my elbow and guide us out of harms way. I already know that I am not as strong as he is and so most likely not as strong as an attacker might be. I wouldn't be nearly as affective trying to defend us. So I belong on his right side with my hands full of the baby while he leads and guides me through any potential danger. That is my right as his woman and his right as my man ;D

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The Mecham Family said...

You are so right! I think Phil was thinking along the same lines...and he's such a wuss, that he wants to be protected by you... hahaha. Just playing Phil, calm down. ;-)