Friday, December 4, 2009

It must be in the genes

Is this my son? My son?

Bear has a sweet tooth the size of Texas!

I found him hiding behind the couch eating Spumoni ice cream. He wasn't supposed to be. I saw him sneaking out of the pantry. SNEAKING!!! That automatically indicates mischief. He had a handful of chocolate chips! Everyday he asks what we are having for dessert. We don't have dessert everyday, but he hopes we will. I caught him again hiding in a corner eating ice cream, I think he does this more often than I know.

Is this my son, MY SON?!

Phil likes the occasional treat so do I, but to the extent that Bear does it makes me wonder how he could be my son. Where would he have gotten this from.

Of course when my sister and I were little my Mom used to like to say that if there was any kind of sugar/treat in the house Charity,my sister, would find it. And if memory serves me correctly I believe my Dad may have had quite the sweet tooth himself. Perhaps its genetic.

So yes he is my son, My SON who can't stay out of the treats!!!
Its okay though I still love him ;D

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