Saturday, December 5, 2009

Its a Christmas miracle ;D

Remember this post?
I sure do, that darned dishwasher.
Well something has changed, maybe its my attitude ;D Because I used to do my dishes by hand, I have for years, with the occasional use of the dishwasher. However over the last six months I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for me to get the dishes done this way. If I start doing the dishes by hand something always comes up to interrupt me. It could be Lyon peeing his pants, it could be Bear trying to escape out the front door, it could be Fenix puking. Regardless of what it is, something will happen and I will have to leave the dishes over and over again until suddenly its the end of the day and I have spent the entire day just trying to get the dishes done. So that is how I came to use my dishwasher sometimes twice a day! And for some reason beyond me it has been working! Only occasionally do I come across a dirty dish that needs to be rewashed and only occasionally does the soap dispenser door not open. The fact that instead of what would now take me a whole day to do, only takes me fifteen minutes is remarkable. (and isn't that just so ironic, lol :) It fills me with relief and gratitude. I don't know if my dishwasher was mad at me for not using it more often and has now forgiven me or if Heavenly Father is blessing me as he sees fit. I believe it is the latter and I am so very very grateful! So very very grateful :)


Wendy and Michael said...

That's great! That post reminded me how Jill T. only uses heres to hid cookies or dry veggies she's been washing. said...

Yeah, I think of that every time i wash veggies with my fruit and veggie wash or do my dishes, lol!

Dan/Kealy said...

I'm glad your dishwasher is working so well! I'm jealous-I don't mind washing our dishes, but it is nice to have a dishwasher to do it for you :)