Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And the letter goes out to...

Dear my brothers and sisters,
Remember the fire alarm at the end of the hall, you know what I am talking about. Remember how it used to go off at the most random times, it had a funny alarm sound, sort of like a really loud cricket. Remember how we used to hit it with a broomstick to make it shut up. :D
Remember the pallets, our porch.
Remember that time we all danced in the living room to "Were coming to America, TODAY!"
Remember "Baby alert" under the Christmas tree, protecting the Christmas packages.
Remember having fires out in the backyard.
Remember going/sneaking to the reservoir. I am so glad I don't live by one that my kids could sneak to.
Remember night games.
Remember the camping plates we used for our dishes.
Remember how we would all ride in Dad's truck, lol!
Remember "the project", LOL!!!

Do these things make you laugh too? :D

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Wendy and Michael said...

Yes!! LOL, Aiden and I now dance to We're coming to America in my car and living room!! LOL! Do yo remember when we used old apple buckets for our easte baskets?? The big red ones and we put real grass in them?? We put giant carrotts in them or the easter bunny! Do you remeber the TV that always turned green that you'd either have to smack on the side or stomp your foot really hard to get the picture back on?? Do you remember our big blue station wagon? How we used to lay down in the back so no one would see us in it??? LOL!