Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Liver for Lulu...

Don't you just love the blogging world I know I do. I came across this blog quite some time ago, the author doesn't update it all that often, but when she does I like what she puts up. Today while trying to clean up the sidebar here on my blog I almost deleted it off my list of blog sites, but just before I did I changed my mind. I figured she may not update it frequently but its worth keeping. Much to my surprise tonight I noticed it had been updated, so I went for a visit.
This is what I found

Touched, I followed her link to this blog.
From there I found the link to the blog that tied it all together, this one.
Go there visit the site read the story and then,
make plans for this Thursday evening
to do some Christmas shopping.
That is what I plan to do.
Hope to see you there :D

Cranberry Farms Club House
2400 West 2400 North
Lehi, Utah
Thursday December 3rd, 2009

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