Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My boy is an artist...

Bear drew this
It may need an explanation as to what it is so:
The gray, orange, and green stripes in the middle are the football field.
The yellow "Y"s on the ends are the field goals.
The group of orange stick figures are team "PSI"
The group of black stick figures are team "FBI"
Bear even drew jersey's on some of them, with numbers.

I must say that I am impressed, I am his Mom after all.
I am thinking that he will be one of those people who are
really good at drawing.
I always wished I could draw.
I have siblings who can draw.
But I lack that ability.
Its always frustrated me.
I get an idea for something creative, but can't carry it out because I cannot draw.
Phil and I want a "no soliciting" sign on our front door that has a menacing looking
lion, bear, and phoenix bird
a sales person might not get it, but we would.
It won't happen though because I can't draw.
I get idea's for dresses that I would like to sew, but I can't draw out the idea and make a plan for a pattern. Okay I wouldn't know how to make a pattern either. Ha!
I have this picture in my head for a beautiful "Jesus calming the waters"
painting. I've looked and looked for something that looks similar, but can't find it.
If I could draw it would already be hanging on our wall.

So I am hoping that my child or even children will posses that talent
and I think Bear's talent is looking promising.

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