Monday, December 21, 2009

boys shoes

I know better than to buy them different things.
At this point Lyon notices and doesn't want what he has unless its just like Bear's. They both had holes in their shoes and were in need of new one's.
So we went to good old Wal-mart and bought them the exact same pair of shoes
different sizes. Although Lyon's feet are nearly the same size as Bear's so we could have gotten them the same size.
Who would have thought that having the same exact shoes would turn into such a frustrating situation on my part, Bear's part, and Phil's part.
Every time its time to get our shoes on Bear starts crying that he doesn't know which shoes are his. I tell him they are the bigger ones, he rolls his tear filled eyes which tells me that, that, is not a good enough answer. Nope, he needs me to come and show him. Sigh.....
So to end the frustration I went back to Wal-mart and got another pair of shoes
one size smaller, because he complained the others were too big, I brought them home and he never wears them, he says they are too small :(
So as a last ditch effort to end the frustration I got a permanent black marker and drew a small letter "B" on the side of Bear's shoe's.
He watched me do it while I explained to him that this was how he could
tell which shoes were his. It has worked, no more crying when its time to get their shoes on.
Thank goodness for permanent marker.
At least for now ;}


The Mecham Family said...

I can just see him in High School sportin' a pair of tennies with a big B written on the side... haha

Heather Davies said...

haha, very clever! It can be a struggle being a momma!