Friday, December 11, 2009

lovin the view

Can you tell that we love Home Depot
We go there every chance we get, don't you?
; D

okay not every chance, but we choose it over Lowe's and um... other hardware stores
because Uncle Nate (AKA Nate the great) works there.
So it would be just short of blaspheme to go somewhere else ;)

Bear and Lyon aren't always happy to be there
and dragged all over the store, when they would rather play with Nate.
How do you explain that he is working and can't play.
Just tell him "Hi" give him a hug and come on.
No, they don't like that.
So they find other ways to enjoy themselves
A ride on the cart is one of those ways
At least until Lyon smashes his fingers under the wheel
or Bear bonks his head on the basket


Richard Graves said...

Love Bear's face in the bottom picture

Dan/Kealy said...

way cute picture! i love it!

The Mecham Family said...

too cute!~