Monday, December 14, 2009

Facial expressions....

I must be a visual person, right Phil ;D
Over the course of my life there are quite a few memories I have specifically of peoples facial expressions. I think it is quite funny how clearly I can remember those moments and those people. In some cases I can't remember their names but I very clearly remember their faces. What I find even funnier is the fact that most instances that I refer too aren't all that remarkable to begin with.
For example:
When I was in tenth grade my friend and I took ballet lessons. My friend had perfect ballerina feet. I on the other hand did not. I later learned that this has more to do with genetics than ballet talent or practice. Anyway one day as we were changing out of our ballet shoes a woman( whom I am pretty sure was the owner of the ballet studio) happened upon us and noticed my friends perfect ballet arch for which she praised her for and told her that she was very lucky as many ballerinas have to work really hard to achieve that perfect arch. (again genetics, and foot torture are to blame). I was sitting right next to my friend and did not feel it was fair for this woman to be going on about my friends feet and say nothing to me. So I piped up and said something like: uh, what about mine!!! And I held out my pathetic excuse for ballet feet, please note that my feet are as flat as a ducks, about as far from ballet feet as a palm tree is from a christmas tree. Now here is the point, this woman looked at my foot with this expression on her face (that I will never forget) of a mix between pity, laughter, and disgust all at the same time. "Oh," she said, "yours are nice too." She didn't want to completely destroy my teenage self esteem I suppose. But that look on her face said it all. My feet were a pity if I seriously wanted to be a ballerina, and they are quite laughable, and in the eyes of a ballerina I suppose they are also disgusting. Thankfully I look back on that with a smile on my face ;D

Example 2:
When Phil and I were first dating he brought me to his house a few times. One of those times I met his, soon to depart on an LDS mission, brother Daniel. I don't remember the exact scenario, but for some reason Phil had brought me down to his room and Daniel was there. Daniel met me and then proceeded to tell me all about this CD he and his friends had made to hand out to class mates or something like that. It didn't matter that he barley knew me. He went on for a while going into great detail as to why they made it and all the different inspirational songs that were on it and why. He then and I remember this part the most clearly, told me about how they had quotes from different prophets and leaders of the LDS church on the back and how he and his friends didn't think it was appropriate to have red devils next to prophets. (Red Devils being his schools mascot) The only reason why I remember this is because of Daniels facial expressions. His face was so expressive and excited like he was telling his best friend the most exciting secret. It almost scared me. I kept wanting to look over my shoulder to be sure he was actually talking to me and not someone behind me. I was just so flummoxed by his excitment over his CD and how exuberantly he described it to me. Now I look back on that and have to chuckle because that was soooo Daniel.
But at the time I just had no idea. Lol!

So yes I am a visual person.
It's a good thing ;D

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Shannon and Doug said...

hahahahah! love it! My feet really are amazing aren't they? haha.... too bad they were waisted on clumsy ole non dancing me! lol! You are such a funny gal! And you have quite the memory I must say!