Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When I grow up...

When I grow up or when my kids do, I am going to be the best Grandma EVER!!!

When I am fourty-five my kids will all be out of the house, more or less.
Bear will probably be married, Lyon will be engaged to be married and Fenix will either be married or serving a mission.
By the time I am fifty I will be surrounded by Grandchildren....
And I will be the best GD Grandma around!

When my daughter and daughters in law are pregnant and sick as can be who will tend to them?
I will
When they have their kids and they are ill who will come and tend to them?
I will
When my daughter and daughters in law need to go to school who will watch the kids?
I will
When they are at the end of their rope and desperately need help, who will they call? And who will answer that call without hesitation, without groaning, with an immediate jump in the car and a rush to save them...
I will
When they have just given birth to their second or third child and need someone to help with the laundry and the meals and keeping the house clean and tending to the older children, who will come and save the day?
I will
When they just need a minute to themselves, to get out of the house and do something for themselves, who will watch their kids?
I will
And who will do this joyfully every single time?
I will

And I will do my best not to be overbearing
I will do my best to give my children and their spouses their space
I will not criticize the choices they make for their family's

My grandchildren will adore me
My children and their spouses will adore me

Because I will be the best GD Grandma EVER!!!

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