Friday, November 27, 2009

Here we go again...

Bear comes into the kitchen dressed in (Crap I just deleted a whole paragraph and now have to start over!Grrrrr!)
So Bear comes into the kitchen dressed in his church clothes claiming that he is late for his meeting at our old church....... Uhhhhhh. Didn't we just go through this, didn't Phil just take him out to his "meeting" which was "canceled" or so Phil told him. I am not prepared for this. What am I supposed to do, what will traumatize him the least? Should I play along and take him around to several churches where his pretend meeting might be, only to end up not going to any meeting and having to tell him his "meeting" must have been canceled? Do I explain to him that his meeting is imaginary so he can go to his room and pretend to have his "meeting" there, wouldn't that be more fun for him?
I decide to go with the more practical, seeing as I am not dressed and would have to wake Sissy from her nap and pack Lyon along as well, I tell him there is no meeting and that he should go pretend in his room. He is not happy with that answer. He slams one of my kitchen drawers and storms out of the kitchen.

I really hope I haven't screwed up my kid :/

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The Mecham Family said...

Poor lil' Bear.. hahaha. practical is good...don't worry, i'm sure he'll do it again and you'll be driving around to various churches soon enough. haha