Thursday, November 26, 2009

Remember when we were little...

Remember when we were little and we snuck some of Mom's home made bread, we took it upstairs and hid it behind that mirror that always leaned against the wall. We hid it there for how long before Mom found it and yelled at us, lol! Remember how we would pretend to be teachers teaching classes and we made up our own kind of math, and we found that old type writer suit case that made the perfect chalkboard. Remember playing house AKA umpichada. Remember how we pretended to have our own radio show where kids would call in with their idea of how to catch Santa. Remember how we used to plot about catching Santa and how we planned to pretend to be asleep in case he caught on to us. Remember how we had our own pretend company, Jobs and More, people would call us needing a job, they told us what job they wanted and how much they wanted to make and we would tell them when they could start. Remember how we did both our side of the conversations and the side of the callers for both our "company", and our "radio show". Remember how the other persons voice was always totally idiotic, lol! Remember "do you like my new hair do?" Remember how we would pretend to be Tiger Lily and how we wouldn't marry Captain Hook we would only marry Peter Pan. Remember that song we would sing about it, lol! Remember our signal for going upstairs so the little kids wouldn't follow us, motioning upwards with our pointer finger twice while making sure the little kids weren't looking and the sly face we made while signaling. Remember in Spanish immersion we were in the same class and we would only pick each other when the class played "heads up 7 up" remember how we shared one chap-stick. Remember how we used to bungee jump our barbies off the rail upstairs in the loft. Remember that time we had cleaned our room spotless and then because we were bored we messed it all up so we could clean it again and then lost interest before we finished. Remember how we had that bunk bed and it sat right next to those support beams in the ceiling, we would grab onto them and then try to climb out as far as we could onto them before falling off. Remember how we used that string to mark how far we'd gotten. Remember how it stayed up there for years before it finally got cut down. Remember our pet rocks "Jr." and oh yes I believe mine had the same name as yours because I had to be just like you. Remember how we packed those rocks and I think we brought them to Lake Tahoe that time and threw them into the lake, didn't we? Remember how we used to pack our selves and brought just about every unpractical thing we could. Remember that time you me and Mike Tingey scaled down the decks of Uncle Jim's cabin, how did no one see us and yell at us. Remember how we snuck those oreos from that room that we went through to get to the highest deck. Remember how when we were there, there was an out house set up outside, I thought that was the only bathroom so in the middle of the night when I had to pee I went all the way out side to that outhouse and was terrified and then found out the next morning that there was an indoor bathroom just down the hall from where I was sleeping, lol! Remember Thane and Mickey and Lance in grade school. Remember burying our "testimonies" (rocks) by the back porch. Remember that weird trampoline game we used to play with Bridget, I don't remember much, except that it was a stupid game and we lost interest quickly. Remember going to Wendy's and getting those bacon burgers with Tommy and then driving up to the pond and telling spooky stories, or the time we went to that burned down house and Tommy went out of the car and then came running back and it freaked us out. Remember that time we asked Wendy and Shayla what "bitch-en" meant and they told us it meant something that it totally didn't. And do I really need to bring up the Dr. Peppers? Why didn't I like it back then, probably because it was warm and it was diet. Remember Mountain Dew, Chris, and his peace sign. Do you think he knew we had a huge crush on him. Oh and best of all remember when we found your birth certificate and proved that we had been celebrating your birthday on the WRONG day. Lol!
Good times :D


Phil said...

Wow Cha ... you and Rose are pretty silly!
I now see Bear & Lyon doing similar things to what you guys did ;) LOL

Wendy and Michael said...

remember when we ran away and hid in the snow in the foothills with our barbies and you left me and cha cuz you were hungry and you came running back to us to tell us Grandpa was goingn to take us to McDs. Do you remember how we always wanted to name our husbands derek? Do you remember da hony braney or moo moo?? Do you remember how we proped your bed up on the side of chas and made you put it up every day!!! LOL do you remember when me and cha used to fight about having the light on in the morning?? Do you remember climbing the trees in the orchard and hanging out??